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Network and computer liquidators, cash for computer liquidation! We buy used computers, used cisco and network equipment liquidation.
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Rosemarie, Purchasing Manager
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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


A-Z Computer Liquidators
5150 East La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, California 92807
United States
Phone: 714-777-9611
33° 51' 35.316" N, 117° 47' 46.0464" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Computer Hardware, Consumer Goods and Services

A-Z Computer Liquidators specialize in computer wholesale remarketing solutions and computer liquidation< services to businesses closing their doors, undergoing bankruptcy, company restructuring, upgrading used computer equipment or corporate downsizing from poor economic conditions.

Clients utilizing our high tech liquidation services include folding dot-com startups, Fortune 500 US companies, universities, creditors and debtors, CIOs, MIS managers and IT business sectors.

A-Z computer liquidators services<

We function as full service nationwide PC liquidators in the technology secondary grey market. Our used computer resale marketplace features specials on surplus computer and network hardware.

A-Z Computer Liquidation offers closeout and discount prices on networking gear and surplus computers to wholesale buyers who browse our liquidation site periodically looking for bulk deals. Buy and sell used IT assets through our liquidation marketplace.

Our end-of sale (EOS), end-of-life (EOL) product asset management services are designed for business clients only. A-Z Liquidation does not buy from or sell to the general public - wholesalers and business only.

A-Z computer liquidators assist businesses, school, government agencies, insurance and financial institutions, in eliminating warehouse costs while recovering dollars in lost revenue for excess, discontinued, customer return, surplus computers, network and electronic equipment.

Buyers utilizing our business-only computer resale exchange typically are wholesale buyers, computer dealers, used computer resellers and technology purchasing directors of companies expecting below wholesale pricing on hot computer liquidation deals.

A-Z computer liquidators provide used computer liquidation, network asset recovery services to business, government & corporate institutions nationwide. Convert new, used, refurbished, surplus electronics, excess and idle technology assets into cash.

Data centers nationwide removing idle equipment utilize our asset recovery services. We buy used Cisco equipment, used computers, laptops, hard disk drives, motherboards, Pentiums and more.

We work with CIO's / CTO's, Sr. network engineers, MIS managers, resellers, system integrators and technology specialists in the liquidation, asset recovery and disposition of their excess computer and network equipment.

Our goal is to assist our corporate clients in removing idle surplus computers due to upgrades or downsizing, quickly and efficiently. Used computers and network equipment is made available for sale to a subscribed base of buyers of business liquidation lots.

A-Z asset recovery specialists specialize in technology remarketing of refurbished, off-lease surplus computer hardware from fortune-class companies nationwide. If the surplus computer assets being liquidated is complete & suitable for resale; we will make this equipment available to wholesale buyers around the world through our online computer exchange marketplace.

Upgrading Our business liquidation clients consist of (IT) information technology managers, (Oem's) original equipment manufacturers, distributors, Computer, hi-tech brokers, used computer dealers, electronics, network equipment resellers & secondary market wholesalers of surplus computers and technology equipment.

A-Z computer liquidators offer recycling options for large volume used computers, computer parts, peripherals, network equipment and electronic components. Our customers are larger businesses, manufacturers, and government institutions with over 100 units.

Our corporate asset recovery service ensures that retired technology is disposed of in a secure and eco-friendly manner. A-Z asset recovery specialist works with recyclers nationwide to dispose of technology equipment in accordance with local, state and federal EPA guidelines.

A-Z Computer Liquidators offer technology asset recovery and recycling solutions for retiring unwanted high tech assets. We handle the logistics (all pick-ups), hard drive shredding, destruction and wiping of sensitive data, and overall lower a companies total cost of ownership, while at the same time complying with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Our computer and electronic recycling asset retirement services to corporate America allows us to move and dispose of large quantities of end-of-life PC and Cisco Network equipment.

If you company is ready to disposing of obsolete electronic equipment CRT (Computer LCD Flat Panel Monitors); A-Z Computer Liquidators comprehensive IT/Computer Disposal Solutions has opportunities available for a ROI with our Revenue Share / Asset Management Program. This program is for enterprises needing a complete full service computer disposal solution.

A-Z Computer Liquidators also can remarket reusable IT equipment online to a subscribed base of 10,000 plus surplus buyers. Do you have retired computer assets for sale our computer network asset recovery partners and pool of e-waste buyers would like to bid and make offers on you excess equipment.

  • All computers, workstations, laptops, Mac desktop, towers, laptop parts and laptop accessories.
  • CPUs, keyboards, mice, hard drives, CD-ROMs, disc drives, PC boards, cards, cables, retail packaged and sealed software.
  • Monitors (CRTs) 1999 and newer 1998 & older - working only
  • Wire & Cable - All networking equipment - used Cisco, hubs, routers and Cisco switches
  • Mixed computer equipment - Computer peripherals
  • DIPs, EPROM, PCMCIA, SIPP & DRAM surplus new used ICs.
  • Televisions - TVs
  • Telecom - Recycling of Telephones.
  • Laboratory/test equipment all test equipment.

A-Z can recycle any manufacturer's PCs, including system units, monitors, printers and more. If we can not help you we will refer you to a recycling partner in your region. We take only working computer and test equipment. If you need a referral for your non working electronic and computer equipment we will assist you with a partner recycler.

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