AirsoftRC : Airsoft shop offers large selection of airsoft guns for sale, remote control toys and accessories.


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Airsoft shop offers large selection of airsoft guns for sale, remote control toys and accessories.
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Double Eagle G36C Full Auto AEG 260-FPS Airsoft Rifle, Red Dot Scope, Flashlight, Laser Airsoft Gun
TSD Double Eagle Sawed Off Airsoft Shotgun 280-FPS Red Dot Crosshair, Flashlight, Airsoft Gun
CYMA CM022 AK47 Full Size Semi And Fully Automatic Airsoft AEG Rifle Electric Airsoft Gun
Dboys Airsoft 0581C Spring Shotgun W/ Laser and Retractable Stock Airsoft Gun
This is the latest 2011 Version of the Cobra RC 3.5CH RTF Remote Control Helicopter
Double Horse GYRO Metal Frame Craft 9074 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter Remote Control
Syma S018 Micro Mini Airwolf RTF 3CH RC Remote Control Helicopter
Syma S107 Metal RC Helicopter w/ Gyro (Blue) RTF RC Helicopter

Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Toys and Games

AirsoftRC is a newcomer in the field of Airsoft and RC Toys only in name only. AirsoftRC has an extensive catalog of Airsoft guns from spring, electric and gas airsoft in different price ranges. AirsoftRC offers both high end airsoft guns as well as cheap airsoft guns. It brings the finest quality airsoft guns to its customers.

AirsoftRC catalog also includes a large selection remote control toys such as rc helicopters, cars, trucks and rc boats. AirsoftRC is the first to bring the hottest remote control toys each season to our customers.

AirsoftRC inventory is truly all-encompassing. We at AirsoftRC make it a point to carry products of various price and quality, instead of concentrating only on high end products. We believe that offering a larger selection and conveying honest and clear information on the product, we can allow the customer to make a choice that is right for them. Bottom line is, we trust our customers, we like them and we want them to have the best experience we could possibly offer.

AirsoftRC Toys Categories<

Airsoft Guns<

At the moment our airsoft selection is perhaps the largest. Whether you’re looking for a starter spring pistol or a rifle for some regular weekend fun with friends, or a top of the line AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) for a serious airsoft rendezvous, you've come to the right place.

As mentioned above, we don’t simply concentrate on the high end products; however, we do have a full range of products from top quality manufacturers like Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, UTG, JG, Palco and G&G, among others. The airsoft guns, electric airsoft rifles and accessories from these brands are truly the best in the market. Any airsoft enthusiast will certainly find exactly what they're looking for in our store.

  • Airsoft Guns By FPS
    • Under 150-FPS
    • 150-FPS to 200-FPS
    • 200-FPS to 250-FPS
    • 250-FPS to 300-FPS
    • 300-FPS to 350-FPS
    • 350-FPS to 400-FPS
    • 400-FPS to 450-FPS
    • 450-FPS to 500-FPS
    • 500-FPS to 550-FPS
  • Spring Airsoft Guns
  • Cheap Airsoft Guns
  • Electric Airsoft Guns
    • M16 Electric Airsoft Guns
    • AK Electric Airsoft Guns
    • G36 Electric Airsoft Guns
    • Electric Airsoft Rifles
    • Electric Airsoft Pistols
  • Automatic Airsoft Guns
  • Airsoft Rifles
  • Airsoft Machine Guns
  • Airsoft Pistols
  • Airsoft Shotguns
  • Airsoft Sniper Rifles
  • High End Airsoft Guns
  • Gas Airsoft Pistols
  • Metal Airsoft Guns
  • Browse by Weapon Style
    • AK Airsoft Guns
    • G36 Airsoft Guns
    • L85/86 Airsoft Guns
    • M14 Airsoft Guns
    • M4 Airsoft Guns
    • M16 Airsoft Guns
    • Airsoft Pistols
    • SCAR Airsoft Guns
    • Sig Saur Airsoft Guns
    • Airsoft SMG's
    • Airsoft Shotguns
    • Airsoft Sniper Rifles
    • XM8 Airsoft Guns
    • Other Airsoft Rifles
  • Airsoft Accessories
    • Airsoft BB's

If you’re a starter, taking an interest in airsoft, then we have you covered as well. We’re stocked with a full assortment of mid to lower price products from CYMA, WELL, Double Eagle, YIKA, Both Elephant, HTC, UHC and others. If you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun or rifle, these are the perfect alternatives for you. To further ensure that we keep our promise of offering a one-stop experience we also provide all the accessories you would ever need:

Safety Equipment

  • vests
  • goggles
  • helmets

Spare Parts and additions

  • magazines
  • scopes
  • lasers
  • batteries
  • CO2 and green gas

And of course we have BB’s and pallets of different sizes, diameters, weight, material and color. We will also periodically add information and instruction guides and reviews/previews on the site, so make sure to check back for any updates. In the near future we plan to offer upgrades on many of our products as well.

RC Toys<

We carry different size replicas of many of the popular cars of various makes and models. Many of our RC cars are highly detailed, realistic, and officially licensed models. Some are great for maneuvering around self-made obstacle courses, others can be used for speed competition, and yet some can be used simply as decoration.

The decision is entirely up to you. In addition we also carry products that are great for children. Fun little RC fire trucks and police cars, with moving components and lights and sounds can provide hours of entertainment. Our transforming toys are especially fun. Very cool looking concept vehicles turn into projectile-launching little robots at moment’s notice. Once again our inventory covers all price ranges.

RC Helicopters have become quite popular in the last few years and to meet customer demands we always carry a full assortment. We have everything from small indoor models to very large outdoor RC helicopters. Some are custom designs while others are RC replicas of their real world counterparts. In addition we have RC airplanes and very cool RC UFO’s and futuristic looking RC flying machines.

All models come in different rechargeable battery types, most of them are 3-channel and up, and many are equipped with GYRO to give the user a more stabilized flight experience. We also provide a selection of spare parts for our RC products, including helicopter blades, batteries and battery chargers. It is our goal to ultimately offer upgrades on many of the models we carry in our inventory.

  • RC Helicopters
    • Cobra Viefly Micro RC Helicopter Remote Control Helicopter
    • Micro Mini Airwolf RC Remote Control Helicopter
    • Mini Black Hawk RC Helicopter Military Army Heli Infrared Remote Control Helicopter
    • Double Horse GYRO Metal Frame Craft RC Helicopter Remote Control
    • Metal RC Helicopter Gyro (Yellow) RTF RC Helicopter
    • Metal RC Helicopter Gyro (Red) RTF RC Helicopter
    • Metal RC Helicopter Gyro (Blue) RTF RC Helicopter
  • RC Cars
    • RC Drift Cars
    • RC Stunt Cars
    • RC Motorcycles
  • RC Airplanes
  • RC Boats
  • RC Tanks
  • RC Construction
  • RC Trucks
  • RC Flying Saucers


  • Toy Guns
    • Toy Gun Accessories
    • AK Toy Guns
    • M16 Toy Guns
    • G36 toy Guns
    • AK47 Toy Guns
    • Toy Guns with Bipods
    • Toy Machine Guns
  • 2 Toy Dart Guns
  • 3 Toy Cap Guns
  • 4 Toy Gun Combos
  • 5 Kids Water Guns
  • 6 Toy Soldiers
  • 7 Educational Toy

While our airsoft selection is the largest, our RC selection isn’t that far behind. At AirsoftRC we firmly believe in unleashing your inner child, and to make it easier for you, we offer RC versions of any vehicle you can think of, be it airborne, ground or aquatic. Some of the more famous brands we carry are SYMA, Maisto, Double Horse and RASTAR.

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