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Home inspection companies nationwide, list of home inspection companies in your area. Select the inspection company that you would like to receive a quote from.
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The American Home Inspector Directory is a database of experienced home inspectors< all across the United States of America. The directory was designed by home inspectors to give home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals a resource for locating home inspectors.

This directory is aggressively supporting legislation that will some day stop real estate agents from using their back pocket home inspectors and let the consumer choose an unbiased home inspector.

Let's face it: there are real estate agents that will not use an inspector who is known as a deal killer. The client is paying for a service and should receive that service regardless of the outcome.

This legislation has passed in a few states and is pending in others. The directory networks with real estate offices across the country to provide their clients the American Home Inspector Directory web address through web printed business cards.

We also convince them to print a list of inspectors in their area for those clients who do not have web access. We do accept feedback and encourage it. We send out questionnaires to your clients and report the feedback to you.

American Home Inspector Directory offers an easy way to locate independent certified home inspectors near you. To locate a home inspector enter your zip code and click submit. You will see a list of home inspection companies in your area.

Select the home inspection company that you would like to receive a quote from. You can choose as many inspectors as you want. Once you have selected a inspector fill out a free inspection request form and click submit.

Receive quotes from multiple inspectors by choosing another inspection company. You will not need to fill out the home inspection request form again. The inspector will contact you within 24 hours with your free quote and answer any pre-inspection questions you may have.

Home inspections are now considered so routine that an estimated 77 percent of all buyers invest in one. Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Like any investment, you will want to know as much information about your purchase as possible. Comprehensive professional home inspections are designed to help you with that effort.

Our home inspection companies agree to conduct home inspections according to their home inspector association's Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics. These professional home inspection standards provide a minimum guideline for conducting home inspections.

Find a home inspector<

It is often said that buying a home is one of the most expensive investments you will ever make. The best way to protect your investment is to have a professional home inspection before you buy. When you buy, own, or sell a home, you have literally hundreds of choices when it comes to selecting a home inspector.

You may have your realtor or relocation company choose your home inspector. Or you may shop around and choose an inspector based on cost or availability. You may even try to inspect the home yourself to save money. This is not a job you should try yourself. Leave this one to the professionals. An investment in a quality home inspection is an investment in your future.

Home inspectors vary widely with respect to the quality of the inspection and dedication to the home buyer. By researching your options, you will realize that there are basically three types of home inspectors available:

  • Full-time serious professional home inspectors
  • Semi-retired individuals that are looking for occasional work
  • Part-time home inspectors that work other jobs and are looking to supplement their income.

Many home inspectors rely on realtors to serve as their primary source of business and referrals. If you choose the home inspector your realtor recommends, you may wind up with what is commonly referred to as an "easy inspector" or"drive-by inspector" that is "realtor friendly." These home inspectors rarely risk reporting something that might "kill the deal." Their loyalty lies with the realtor, not the home buyer or seller.

If your home inspector does not encourage you to attend the inspection and follow them around the home, ask yourself why. Detail-oriented, thorough home inspectors are proud of their work. They typically encourage buyers to attend and follow them around the home.

For many clients, their home inspection can be one of the most informative half days they have ever spent. Buying a home is such an enormous investment; it is certainly worth a few hours to view the home through the inspector's eyes.

Becoming a home inspector can be relatively painless and inexpensive. In 25 states, there is no state licensing board. In these states, it doesn't take much more than a business card and a screw driver to carry the title of "home inspector." In contrast, full-time, dedicated home inspectors spend thousands of dollars on gear, instruments,tools, ladders, cameras, computers, and licenses to perform home inspections. They undergo extensive training and continuing education, while meeting state expectations for licensure. Additionally, serious home inspectors spend thousands of dollars on insurance to protect themselves on the job site.

Dedicated home inspectors join credible home inspection associations, such as:

  • The American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI)
  • National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)
  • National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI)
  • Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI)

They may also form smaller local associations to train and learn form other tenured colleagues. Mature home inspectors spend numerous hours reviewing new construction techniques and new products, while stay abreast of situations with respect to product recalls. Professional home inspectors spend many hour sand thousands of dollars every year taking continuing education courses to constantly improve their knowledge base and keep themselves at the top of their profession.

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