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Appleseed Expeditions trips for students, your best choice to take your students, high school or college, to the experience of their lives.
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Appleseed Expeditions
174 Watercolor Way #279
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459
United States
Phone: 877-889-7150
30° 22' 21.828" N, 86° 6' 36.9" W
School Costa Rica Trip
Exploring a reef in Florida
Mentoring Children
Marine Science Programs
Volunteering while on a school trip
Arenal Volcano
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Art, Education and Training

Appleseed Expeditions partners with educators to provide school trips< that incorporate learning, adventure and service.  Our guides teach on a range of subjects in the field such as ecological sustainability, rainforest symbiosis, and leadership through service.  Students have an adventurous time kayaking among bioluminescence organisms, snorkeling along coral reef, and canopy rides through the rainforest.

Appleseed Expeditions was named after John Chapman (also known as Johnny Appleseed), who used his passion as an orchardist to provide food for those in need. He planted nearly 100,000 acres of apple tree orchards in the NW territory of the US in the late 1700’s so new settlers and the impoverished would have food during harsh winters. He desired to use what he had been given (his passion & education) to improve the lives of people around him.

Like Johnny Appleseed, we too share in the same desire to help others. Appleseed Expeditions was birthed with a vision of providing an outlet for students to gain inspiration and passion for the world and the people in it. We are planting seeds of service in the lives of students so they too can use their passions, talents, and education to serve our global communities.

Appleseed Expeditions partners with educators to provide trips for students that incorporate learning, adventure and service. Our guides teach on a range of subjects in the field such as ecological sustainability, rainforest symbiosis, and leadership through service. Students have an adventurous time kayaking among bioluminescence organisms, snorkeling along coral reef, and canopy rides through the rainforest. Watch lives being changed as hope blooms when students assist our Appleseed service projects. They will be doing things like tutoring orphaned children, building daycare centers for impoverished communities, and planting coral that’s become endangered along the FL Keys.

Appleseed Expeditions trips for students<

At Appleseed Expeditions we take a close look at every detail of each trips for students to strive for excellence. This means we go to great lengths to make sure every aspect of our trips are of exceptional quality and professionalism. Every element is reviewed on a yearly basis to look for ways we can improve. Feedback is always encouraged and surveys are completed by our travelers to ensure we are exceeding their expectations.

Science Trips<

Our Science trips encourage others to be good stewards of the world we live in. By teaching preservation and sustainability, we can inspire generations to preserve our ecosystems. Additionally, our expeditions promote awareness for our global brothers and sisters in need.

During a typical science tour we will teach the importance of preservation and how we can educate and encourage others to use their ecosystem in a sustainable manner. Some of our groups help developing or poor communities by providing technology, education, or filtration systems that help with sanitation and thus aiding the people group while reducing waste and contamination.

American History<

Travel with us through history to see how self-sacrifice and community service has been engraved within the bedrock of our Nation. Our American History programs are designed to inspire leadership in the lives of students by connecting them to the past. Students will discover the purpose behind why our country was founded and what those founding fathers desired for future generations of Americans.

Our country was built on the shoulders of great men and women who understood how sacrifice could lead to positive change. It is our hope to motivate students to use their education and talents to do the same.

Class Trips<

Whether you're looking for skiing adventures in Colorado, the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, or a trip to California, Appleseed Expeditions has the right trip for you. When traveling on one of the Appleseed's class trips, you get to experience our unique philosophy of combining fellowship, adventure, and service opportunities all in the same trip!

Foreign Language Trips<

On an Appleseed educational language program to Latin America or Europe, students will become immersed in countries steeped in cultural and historical significance. From the history to their colorful culture, students will be able to learn and give of themselves with the gift language.

Students will have the opportunity to be involved in immersible language classes while serving these communities through reading, tutoring, and mentoring programs. Take away more than just a passport stamp and a souvenir - return with a deep connection to a global community and an appreciation of this new culture.

Alternative Breaks<

Appleseed Expeditions vision is to inspire students to make a positive global impact. As part of a quality Alternative Break experience, participants will become more educated about social, political, and environmental issues.

Upon return, they will be empowered to make more informed decisions and take meaningful action to change their global communities. They will become contributing members of society and will desire to use their academic knowledge to leave a heritage of kindness and compassion.

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