Apply For A Credit Card : Credit card application made easy! A directory of credit card offers arranged by different criteria such as...

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Credit card application made easy! A directory of credit card offers arranged by different criteria such as types of benefits, APR or minimum credit score required for the application.
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At, our mission is simple. We want to give consumers free access to credit cards online. This is why we've developed this comprehensive online resource to shop, compare and apply for credit cards online quickly, easily, and absolutely free. We feature hundreds of credit cards from a variety of major U.S. banks and credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. Whether you are a student, family, or someone with bad credit, you can find the credit card you need at has in-depth articles, industry news, and a wide range of credit card offers for people of all walks of life and all levels of credit. Users can search for a card via bank name, credit card company, or even credit card type. Once you find the credit card you like, use our free online credit card application process. It takes just a few minutes, and of course, it's absolutely free.

At we feature credit card offers are from the major U.S. banks and credit card companies such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover Card. We outline all the details of the credit card offer, including Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the annual fee (if any), the rewards (if any), and cash back rate (if any). Plus, we detail the level of credit required for approval and other specifics about the credit card offer. Users can search for a credit card offer via bank, card company, or card type. These credit card types include:

  • Low Interest Credit Cards
    • Low interest credit cards offer a 0% introductory APR for the first year on new cards and balance transfers, and then offer a low regular APR for all subsequent years. Low interest credit cards are ideal for consumers who carry a balance from month-to-month, as it will reduce the money they pay in interest. To quality for a low interest credit card, you must have a good or excellent credit history.
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
    • Balance transfer credit cards allow consumers to transfer a balance from one credit card to another. Typically, this is done to save money on interest rates, as balance transfer credit cards usually offer a low introductory APR to attract consumers. Many people use balance transfer credit cards to move a large balance with high interest rates to a card with low interest rates, so they can pay down the balance more quickly. has several balance transfer credit cards available, that consumers can apply for online, absolutely free.
  • Cash Back Credit Cards
    • As their name implies, cash back credit cards reward cardholders by issuing cash back or rebates for purchases. Cardholders receive a rebate check periodically, or the cash back bonus is subtracted from your balance. The method of issuing cash back varies from company to company, with most offering an average of 1.5 to 5% cash back on all purchases. Search to find cash back credit cards quickly and easily.
  • Airline Miles Credit Cards
    • Perfect for business travelers and globe trekkers, airline miles credit cards reward cardholders with frequent flyer miles for every purchase. Consumers earn frequent flyer miles that can be used for discounts on flights, free flights, or in some cases redeemed for cash. has several airline miles cards available with various frequent flyer and rewards programs. Find the right card for you and apply online below.
  • Gas Credit Cards
    • Gas credit cards are ideal for any person that drives a car, truck, boat or any other vehicle. If you use gasoline, you'll benefit from this card. Gas credit cards reward cardholders with discounts on gas or cash-back on gas purchases. There are several gas credit cards available on
  • Rewards Credit Cards
    • If you are going to be using the credit card, you might as well be rewarded for it. With rewards credit cards consumers can earn cash back, rebates, goods, discounts and other rewards. Cardholders receive points each and every time they make a purchase. There are several rewards credit card offers available at Browse the selection to see which card offers the rewards that benefit your lifestyle.
  • Student Credit Cards
    • Student credit cards are available to college students, teenagers and other people just starting out in the world. Most student credit cards have low spending limits, and offer a 0% introductory APR for a short period. has several student credit cards available from national U.S. banks and major credit card companies such as American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Business Credit Cards
    • Business credit cards for businesses or companies.
  • Fair or Average Credit Cards
    • At, we have credit cards available for people with fair or average credit. They offer all the functions of a regular credit card, but they typically don't offer low introductory rates or high spending limits. Fair or average credit cards do have rewards programs in which cardholders can earn "entries" or "points" towards cash jackpots, travel discounts and other rewards. Just because you have a few smudges on your credit history, doesn't mean you can't get a credit card. Browse the fair or average credit cards at, find one that suits your lifestyle, and then apply online for free.
  • Credit Cards for Bad Credit
    • If you have a bankruptcy of other stain on your credit history, you can still get a credit card. There are several credit cards for bad credit on We feature cards issued by major U.S. banks and national credit card companies such as MasterCard and Visa. Credit cards for bad credit have all the same functionality of other credit cards, as they can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. Browse the credit cards for bad credit at, find one that suits your needs, and then apply online for free.
  • Charge Cards
    • Charge cards are different from credit cards, as charge cards do not allow cardholders to carry a balance from month to month. The term "Charge Cars" is sometimes used as a synonym for "Credit Card", but technically, they are different. Charge cards do not issue credit to the cardholder. The balance must be paid at the end of each month, or the cardholder is subject to stiff penalties and possible card cancellation. Charge cards are useful for businesses to track expenses, and they also offer higher spending limits than credit cards. At, you can apply for charge cards online, conveniently and hassle-free.
  • Retail Credit Cards
    • Retail credit cards are perfect for consumers who shop at the same store frequently, or shop at retail stores regularly. A retail credit card rewards cardholders with discounts at various retail stores, and even more rewards and discounts at the store tied to the credit card itself. For example, the TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express rewards its cardholders with bonus points and rewards for shopping at Costco. Some retail stores have in-house retail credit cards that you can apply for in person. At, you can apply for retail credit cards online, conveniently and hassle-free.
  • Instant Approval Credit Cards
    • When you apply for a credit card online, you typically have to wait a few minutes, hours or days to see if you qualify. This doesn't apply to instant approval credit cards, however. With instant approval credit cards, a consumer can fill out an application and know if they are approved or denied within seconds. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get approved for a credit card. So, for instant gratification on your search for a new credit card, try applying for one of the many instant approval credit cards on
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
    • Prepaid credit cards are growing in popularity, especially among college students, teenagers, and people wanting to control their personal spending. Prepaid credit cards do not issue credit to the cardholder, but rather require that you put money on the card prior to use, or have money is a specified account which the money can be debited from. Prepaid credit cards can be "recharged" at anytime, by adding more money to the card or the account from which it debits. has several prepaid credit cards available online. ranks credit card offers in an unbiased manner based on categories important to today's consumer. We want you to find the card that suits your needs, and equip you with the information to do so. For this reason we also provide you with in-depth articles and industry news, so you are an informed, educated and prepared consumer.

Once you decide on a credit card offer that is right for you, use our easy credit card application process that takes just a few minutes and is absolutely free. is truly the premier, online resource for free online credit card applications.

Our credit card advice blog contains insight in choosing credit cards, managing existing cards and taking care of credit card debt.

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