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Promote your Australian events or venue, gain free exposure to people from within your local community and nationally and discover events, what's on and things to do on AroundYou.
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50 Margaret Street Suite 2, Level M
Sydney, New South Wales 2000
33° 51' 53.5068" S, 151° 12' 21.5568" E

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Business: Advertising, Marketing and Advertising

AroundYou is a unique online destination that helps people to discover what is happening locally in any area of Australia. Founded in 2009, AroundYou has become the largest provider of Australian event information in the country and thousands of people visit us each day to find Australian events, activities and other things to do in their community.

What distinguishes AroundYou is the vast array of local content you will find on the site. This can include things such as Australian community events, book clubs, music festivals, theater productions and much more. Not only does AroundYou cover the major cities, but we are in all towns and communities across Australia. Our mission is to provide a free service that helps Australians to better connect with their community.

AroundYou is always looking to build out its website with more locally relevant content. If you have an event or activity that you would like to submit to AroundYou. It is free to submit any event or venue to AroundYou and we strongly encourage you to do so. Promoting your event or venue on AroundYou is a great way to gain free exposure to people from within your local community.

AroundYou is on the lookout for organisations, associations or peak-body groups who we can partner with to aid our mission of helping Australians better connect with their community. If you believe that your organisation, association or group could stand to benefit by increasing its awareness within the community, then we want to hear from you.

Together with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, AroundYou may be able to help freely promote what you do and your associated events and activities. For our current list of partners, please head over to the partners section.

Grow your Business with AroundYou<

AroundYou is a local advertising platform that allows businesses to target local Australian consumers online. We help you to build a strong online presence that increases your brand awareness and allows you to engage with customers from within your local Australian area.

We understand that for most businesses, their customer base will come from a specific geographic radius. We help local Australian businesses to take advantage of this by running online advertising campaigns that are targeted to consumers from within a specific local region. This allows you to gain maximum impact from your online advertising campaign as you know that you are targeting your local customer base.

Targeting Local<

AroundYou allows you to target specific geographic regions. For example, you may decide that you want to target the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, or perhaps your customers come from the NSW Central Coast and you wish to target that region.

This ensures that you are able to deliver a highly targeted advertising campaign directed specifically at your local customer base. People come to AroundYou because they are interested in what is happening in their local area. By running a locally targeted advertising campaign to this audience of people, you are able to connect with them at a highly relevant and personalised level.

The benefit of being able to target specific geographic Australian regions is that it gives you the ability to hand pick where your ad is to be shown, thus enabling you to focus specifically on advertising to your target consumer base.

Five Things that AroundYou will do for your Business<

  1. Exposure to your local customer base: People come to looking for what’s on in their local area and this provides you with the perfect opportunity to get your business in front of your local customer base.
  2. Promote yourself with special offers: A special offer is the best way to grab a customer’s attention and gives them a reason to do business with you. Over 77% of people look for incentives when deciding to engage with a business online.
  3. Is your business ready to fly? Internet penetration is increasing and more and more people are spending time online. In Australia, people spend one third of their leisure time using the internet. The fact is, your customers are online and AroundYou gives you the opportunity to access them.
  4. Eliminate wasteful spending: AroundYou helps to take the risk out of your advertising campaign. You only pay for how many people actually see your ad. This means you can rest assured knowing that your advertising dollars are only being spent on your target customer base.
  5. Take your ROI with detailed analytics on your campaign: Every month you will be provided with detailed analytics to help you assess the performance of your advertising campaign. As well, you will have a dedicated account manager who is there to help you improve your return on investment and to attract new customers.

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