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Art Gallery #1 Online: 20 years of experience. Where to Buy Contemporary Art? Artmajeur! Free delivery, Guaranteed Low Prices: with +1Million works for sale online by international artists
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Selena Mattei, Art Advisor
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Spoken Language: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Business: Visual Arts, Arts and Entertainment

Online Art Gallery with over 1 million original artworks for sale by 180,000 worldwide contemporary artists, cheap pricing guaranteed, free delivery, and a hassle-free 14-day return policy: Artmajeur Gallery is an online art store where you may buy all of your favorite works of art. Why is Artmajeur the safest site to purchase art? Artmajeur is the safest location to purchase art since we work with a huge number of sellers worldwide (approximately 200,000 sellers and dealers) and have been online for 20 years, so we have a lot of expertise selling art.

You can see from internet review sites that Artmajeur has already gotten hundreds of 5 star favorable ratings! Artmajeur has collaborated with over 200,000 market experts all around the globe to offer you with the finest possible buying experience. Our collaborators include significant cultural institutions and associations, cultural organizations, art dealers or agencies, and, of course, rising and established artists and designers.

When you search for art to buy on Artmajeur, you have unique access to millions of pieces worldwide that you can buy 100 percent safely and have delivered to your doorstep for free!

Purchase originals and prints with confidence

How can I buy art safely?<

When it comes to purchasing works, you may do it in a variety of physical places such as galleries and fairs, as well as online art shops and even directly from the artist. However, smart collectors always choose to purchase modern paintings and sculptures from a well-established marketplace such as Artmajeur since they feel more secure. They may choose a pop-art painting, a huge garden sculpture, or limited edition fine art prints from a wide selection of works in all styles, designs, and prices. More significantly, all transactions are guaranteed: Artmajeur protects transactions with sellers all over the globe, and they have 14 days to return the package. Furthermore, all purchases include a certificate of authenticity with internet monitoring to ensure the work is genuine!

Why is Artmajeur the most secure site to purchase art?<

Artmajeur is the most secure site to purchase art since we work with a huge number of sellers worldwide (approximately 200,000 sellers and dealers) and have been online for 20 years, so we have a lot of experience selling art.

You can see from internet review sites that Artmajeur has already earned hundreds of five-star ratings!

How does Artmajeur ensure transaction security?<

Artmajeur serves as a third party to safeguard the transaction: after Artmajeur has received the proceeds from a sale, the sellers send the works directly to the buyers. Sellers get paid only when the customer receives the works.

How does Artmajeur verify that the vendors are genuine?<

We exclusively work with sellers that are looking for a long-term connection. All of the seller's information is accessible on their profile, and you may check all of the information / pricing online. When it comes to professional sellers, the term "PRO" shows on their profile as well (you can search only for PRO artists, or works by PRO dealers if you prefer). If you have any concerns about a vendor, please contact us.

If a seller has an issue, they are instantly blacklisted, therefore all of the vendors you may explore on Artmajeur are members with only good feedback!

How does Artmajeur guarantee the authenticity of the works?<

Artmajeur vendors must be the authors (artists), agencies, or resellers (art galleries). If they are resellers, they must hold the resale rights as well as any certifications of authenticity. A seller must be able to give the necessary details about the artwork's history and background as an Artmajeur partner.

When you get a piece from Artmajeur, you may take it to any local art dealer or expert for a physical examination.
If you have any concerns about the work or are dissatisfied with it, you have 14 days to return it.
Your purchase on Artmajeur is completely safe!

Artmajeur is a 20-year-old pioneer in online artwork sales.
Allow our experts to make a recommendation especially for you!
You want to know what colors and designs will go well with the décor of your home? You want assistance in choosing a fashionable design with ready-to-hang modern photographs, abstract works for your wall, or big outdoor sculptures for your garden? Or maybe you need assistance in acquiring certain works within a particular budget while ensuring that the artists you purchase are a solid investment?

Expert-curated choices you will adore!<

Search engines and artificial intelligence are fantastic, but nothing beats the human sight and sensitivity! That is why we provide unique choices of diverse works, which have been meticulously gathered and elegantly arranged by our experts, market professionals, VIP guests, and seasoned collectors. So, if you are searching for inspiration or simply want to find some great chosen works, you may explore these unique choices!

Purchase an artwork at the guaranteed lowest price (artist value is provided by an expert)
In cooperation with our partner AKOUN, a global pioneer in market assessments and artist value information since 1985, Artmajeur provides artist value certification. You may see and download the artist certificate directly from their profile.

Artmajeur's innovative Visual Search function powered by AI has been backed up by renowned academics in order to build an Artificial Intelligence driven visual search engine. In fact, we were awarded a grant for our cutting-edge visual search module! The software allows you to search for comparable photos on the web among hundreds of images that have a similar style. When you go shopping for an artist you like and find an artwork to display on your wall, you can instantly check its pricing and make an offer, see the piece in a room to see if it matches your décor, and even explore each item in the same selection to choose the best addition to your collection!

On Artmajeur, you may buy art without risk!<

The Artmajeur Group

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