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Retrieve bankruptcy paperwork quickly, Bankruptcy Files sells copies of bankruptcy discharge paperwork, bankruptcy court records, bankruptcy schedules, list of creditors and final decree.
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Jovan Johnson, Partner
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Bankruptcy Files
6230 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1795
Los Angeles, California 90048
United States
Phone: 424-242-4061
Fax: 886-941-4745
34° 3' 50.8356" N, 118° 22' 4.8072" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Anti-Corporate Activism, Business and Society

Retrieve bankruptcy records<, including discharge paperwork, with ease. Affordable prices, trustworthy owners. Bankruptcy Files quickly retrieve and deliver these documents to you, making things easier for you and saving you time. Creditor disputes may arise if a creditor was overlooked and not included when you filed for bankruptcy.

Perhaps a creditor was mistakenly omitted from your paperwork. Perhaps you were unaware that a particular creditor owned your debt. Regardless of circumstances, showing proof of your filing and bankruptcy discharge may provide significant help in resolving the dispute.

What does Bankruptcy Files offer?<

We offer copies of your bankruptcy discharge papers, schedules, files, creditor lists and the complete bankruptcy file.

Why do you need it?<

Your records are necessary for all kinds of purposes, including credit issues, mortgage / home loan applications and car loan applications, or to settle disputes.

Can I Search For Any Bankruptcy Record, Or Just My Own?<

Bankruptcy records are classified as public information under the Freedom of Information Act. As long as you have the required search parameters, you will be able to access any record you search for.

When can I expect my Bankruptcy Documents?<

You will receive documentation within 24 hours of placing your order. Any files which have been archived by the courts will take longer. Any files that have been destroyed (25 years or more past filing) will not be available.

I want to buy or refinance my home. Do you know which records I need?<

Mortgage lenders often have different requirements for proof packages when financing a home. At the very least, you will need a copy of your Schedules and Discharge papers. Your lender will be able to advise you as to their preferences
and requirements.

I need to work with past creditors and clean up my credit rating now that I have filed for bankruptcy. What paperwork do I need?<

Your Schedules and Discharge papers are typically sufficient. However, in cases where there are discrepancies on your credit report or you need to provide additional proof to the bureaus, your entire file would be required.

Do you offer refunds?<

No. Once the documents have been emailed to you, you will not be able to obtain a refund.

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