The Bar Method Boulder : The Safest, Most Effective and Inpsiring Barre Workout. Improve your strength and flexibility at Bar Method...

The Bar Method Boulder

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The Safest, Most Effective and Inpsiring Barre Workout. Improve your strength and flexibility at Bar Method Boulder. Skilled instructors guide you through a fun and effective workout.
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The Bar Method Boulder Studio
2425 Canyon Blvd.
Boulder, Colorado 80302
United States
Phone: 303-443-9191
The Bar Method Boulder
The Bar Method Boulder
The Bar Method Boulder
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Healthcare, Healthcare Products and Services

Our mission is to provide consistently top quality, full body workouts to students who attend our classes and to make every workout mindful, challenging, expertly taught, fun, empowering and highly effective at toning, slimming down and strengthening our students bodies.

The Bar Method, Boulder first opened its doors in 2009 and rapidly built a following of faithful clients who enjoy the studios welcoming atmosphere and unparalleled results.  Our exceptionally trained instructors love what they do and are well versed in the fundamentals, modifications and powerful results of The Bar Method.  Their training is an ongoing process as they continually strive to push each student to their potential while mindfully working with any students with injuries or special concerns. This barre-style workout is a distinctive exercise experience where clients are immersed in our fine tuned attention to alignment, posture, proper technique and safety while getting amazing physical results.  Students who build a practice at The Bar Method experience improved posture, alignment and strength.  Many also tell us that The Bar Method is an indispensable tool for cross training and report improved performance in running, skiing, yoga, dance and other sports. The Bar Method workout targets and tones all major muscle groups with small isometric movements that are nothing less than transformational.

Let some of our reviews tell you more:

“Excellent program to get your body and mind in shape!” Y.P.

“I began Bar Method about four months ago after a few friends encouraged me to give it a try. I have seen big changes in my body; toned arms, leaner, stronger legs and I think I may actually have abs for the first time since pregnancy which was a long, long time ago! It's a challenging workout that gets harder as you get more experienced. The instructors are very knowledgeable, using hands on corrections to position as needed so no one gets injured. And the bonus was the realization that I was a stronger, more solid snowboarder after a couple months of Bar!” L.N.

“I've never liked exercising until I found "The Bar" !!!! Hard and fun at the same time. Is it even possible? Love it !!!”  R.V.

“For the best classes, stellar instructors, great environment-nothing beats the Bar Method in Boulder for value and results. The classes are tailored for all levels and everyone feels welcome. You'll be shocked, amazed and very pleased at how many push-ups you're able to do after just a few short weeks -It's officially my favorite addiction!” C.C.

“Best. Workout. Ever. Why? Go check it out. See for yourself how addicting this one hour workout is. Beautiful clean studio, friendly instructors and students, big results!”   A.F.

“AMAZING. I was a little hesitant at first as this was all completely new to me  but once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. And I still am. It is the most amazing, incredible workout I have ever done in my entire life. Your entire body burns during and after, and it's an incredible feeling. I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible with each class, being able to perfect moves that a few weeks ago I could barely do. After only three weeks of class, I have already noticed a difference and it feels great.   The teachers are great, super friendly, and extremely helpful. There is never a judgment for lack of performance and/or skill.”  B.S.

“I first stepped foot in Bar Method because I had my wedding to get ready for and I had plateaued with running, After my first class I was hooked. So with my fingers crossed I began to add Bar Method into my normal exercise routine 4-5 times a week. I started to see results extremely quickly, probably within a month. I use to have pain in my hips and knees all day after a long run, but soon my pain vanished and I became a faster and stronger runner. I started to look leaner and toned in my stomach, arms and legs. Now the best part; I had to have my wedding dress taken in and dropped two pant sizes! I was able to wear everything I always wanted and love the way I looked in clothes. My biggest success though is having confidence in my self and meeting a strong wonderful community of women. The instructors and students are amazing. They encourage me every time I step through those doors. To all you new ladies sitting on the wooden benches right now reading these stories hoping that soon you too can be the next archetype for success, you can! Bar Method isn't a magic pill you take and all the fat melts away-- its an amazing workout that achieves great things when this simple formula is done correctly: take class consistently, work hard when in class and have a healthy diet.” B.P.

“Bar Method is a very effective workout, working all the core muscles, helping with core strength and alignment. It's been one year since I started and the results are amazing. Thanks to the great staff at Bar Method Boulder for creating a safe, fun and kick-butt environment.” C.D.


Inspired to give us a try? You should be!
The Boulder studio is open seven days a week, so there is ample opportunity to kick your “seat” into gear! Come in, be part of our community, and be amazed as you transform your body one class at a time.

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