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Manufacturer of automatic aqueous-based industrial parts washers. Better Engineering's products are used throughout the world. There are BE distributors/service centers in over 15 countries and machines being used in at least 35 different countries.
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Judi Fisher, Marketing Director
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Better Engineering Mfg., Inc.
8361 Town Center Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21236
United States
Phone: 800-229-3380
Fax: 410-931-0053
39° 22' 29.334" N, 76° 27' 28.4076" W
This giant parts washer has a 132" diameter turntable, 130" working height, and a 25,000 weight capacity.
Three stage rotary drum washer
24" Wide belt return conveyor part washer
F-6000LX-P-SS Front Loading Stainless Steel Turntable Parts Washer
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Industrial Goods and Services, Machinery and Tools

Better Engineering has been automating the parts washing process for nearly 50 years. More than 15,000 of our parts washers are in service today. We offer a variety of solvent-free ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

While Better Engineering has over 50 turntable, tumbling, conveyor, return-to-operator, and ultrasonic standard models of industrial parts washers<, at least half of the systems that we build are modified or completely custom.

The standard parts washing models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which Better Engineering builds outstanding, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

Better Engineering Parts Washers are the very best ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, and immersion parts cleaning systems available today. Better Engineering’s line of industrial parts washers include:

Better Engineering Mfg, Inc. products<

Turntable Parts Washing Systems<

In regards to turntable style parts washing systems , Better Engineering is world renowned. Choose from over 30 standard models or have Better Engineering custom build your parts washer. The spectrum of parts cleaning systems ranges from small, wash only units, to huge systems with turntable capacities in excess of 30,000 lbs. - to more complex parts cleaning systems that automatically progress through several wash, rinse, and dry stages.

With these parts washing systems, the operator simply loads parts onto the turntable, shuts the door (or lid) , and presses the cycle start switch. The rest is fully automatic. In all units, parts are spray washed with a heated, re-circulated solution (water-based of course). For more critical applications, parts are rinsed one or more times and then dried.

Tumbling Parts Washer Systems<

Using detergents and water, the CYCLOJETS clean and dry parts that other parts washers can’t – complex screw machine parts and larger parts with blind holes and intricate passage ways. Parts that can tumble are put in covered baskets. Parts that need to orbit without tumbling are “locked” into covered racks or a fixture.

  • Easy Loading, Rotary Action
    • The operator simply slides the baskets (fixtures) into the parts washer's rotor (no bending or lifting), presses the palm buttons to close the door, and then presses the touch screen to start the cleaning cycle. When the rotor starts to turn, the patented auto latch feature holds the baskets in place.
    • In cycle, the baskets orbit around a horizontal axis (the rotation speed is variable). During the immersion stages, the baskets come completely out of the solution and then are completely immersed again to rip away contaminants and flush out passageways.
  • Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonics
    • Usually, you have to choose between these cleaning methods but with a Cyclojet parts washer you can have it all! In a given cycle, you can wash your parts with spray, immersion, and ultrasonic actions and do the same during the rinse phase of the cleaning cycle.
  • Total Cycle Flexibility
    • Better Engineering’s PLC software offers incredible flexibility. Choosing from a library of nine (9) cleaning stages, you can create and pre-program any cycle you want. Choose as many stages as you want, put them in any order you want, repeat a stage if you like, and select any stage duration. The fresh rinse water can go to any tank or drain you wish.
  • The Immersion Stages
    • During the immersion stages, filtered water is continuously being pumped into the cleaning chamber at 60 – 100 GPM. This same amount of water overflows the cleaning chamber of the parts washer, flushing out floating oils and suspended chips. In effect, the immersion bath is being changed over with filtered solution every thirty (30) seconds.
    • The “immersion wash” stage has spray under immersion for additional cleaning action. The 60 – 100 GPM input is blasting beneath the submerge baskets, creating what amounts to a boiling cauldron.
  • Two Models
    • The first model is the Cyclojet 2 parts washer which holds two(2) baskets. The 2nd model is the Cyclojet 4 parts washer which holds four(4) baskets. Otherwise, these models have the same sleek look and have the same great features which include a convenient loading deck, slide-in baskets, two(2) large solution tanks, auto latching, stainless steel construction, PLC controls, etc.

Conveyorized Parts Washing Systems<

Better Engineering is leading the way when it comes to conveyorized parts cleaning systems. BE's conveyor wash-ers are smartly engineered, elegantly designed, and ruggedly constructed.

Choose from a wide variety of parts washers that include belt washers, monorail systems, miniaturized units, units with spray/immersion/ultrasonics, etc. Our engineering staff and test lab personnel will make sure that your Better Engineering parts washer will meet or exceed your expectations.

Return-to-Operator (RTO) Cleaning Systems<

Better Engineering's RTO systems are designed for work cells and lean manufacturing centers, these sytems are super compact, especially the front width... parts are loaded and unloaded from the same end, every 30-60 seconds (typical process times), the operator delivers 1-2 dirty parts and picks-up 1-2 clean parts, parts are washed, rinsed, and/or dried in one revolution.

Custom Parts Cleaning Systems<

While Better Engineering has over fifty (50) standard models, half of the systems we build are modified or completely custom. The standard models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which Better Engineering builds great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

Better Engineering Parts Washers are solvent-free. Parts are automatically cleaned with a recirculated detergent and water solution, providing a “greener” solution to your parts cleaning needs.

Better Engineering industrial parts washers are used in various industries including aerospace, general processing, metalworking and machining, surface finishing, food and pharmaceutical plants, military, and automobile manufacturing.

A Better Engineering parts washer can be used to remove paint, soil, grease, oil and other contaminants from the surfaces of different parts. Parts Washers are constructed of either mild steel or stainless steel. Better Engineering offers over 50 standard models, or our engineering team can customize a parts washer specifically for your application.

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