BNI Financial Management : Taking a real approach to real estate. Provider in servicing your real estate needs, assistance with selling...

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Taking a real approach to real estate. Provider in servicing your real estate needs, assistance with selling your property, assistance with gathering qualified buyers and assistance with marketing your property for renter.
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Martin Suber
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)


BNI Financial Management
1308 Elaine Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43227
United States
Phone: 800-315-8139
Fax: 877-245-3779
39° 56' 50.5068" N, 82° 53' 9.0888" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Consulting, Real Estate

BNI Financial Management is a real estate management and consulting company< that provides solutions to your real estate needs. BNI Financial Management is designed to bridge the gap to your real estate needs.

Whatever the issue maybe, BNI Financial Management will assist you in solving the problem. During these times it has become extremely hard to close real estate deals. The main reason why deals can’t be closed is due to the buyer not qualifying, property not qualifying which could mean that the title is not clean, property value is not where it needs to be for the appraisal, property is not marketable to sell, and unforeseen repairs that cause the value to go down.

Considering that these are the most frequent issues that could prevent a deal from being closed, BNI Financial Management has established this company to help with that. The three areas of focus are:

  • Provide assistance with selling your property
  • Provide assistance with gathering QUALIFIED buyers
  • Provide assistance with marketing your property for renter

Understand that the purpose of the BNIFinancial is to contribute to the growth of the real estate market, and to provide assistance to investors, weather seasoned or not, so they can help revitalize the market to where it once was. The way we do that is by educating our investors on the multiple real estate investing strategies that are available to them, and how they can maximize their full potential with each strategy.

BNI Financial Management mission<

Provide solutions to your real estate needs. To contribute to the success of our clients we have put into place a Steps to Success Program. This program allows the client to speak to a senior analyst and they go over the vision the client has in real estate.

Based off the clients needs, we will determine what package will be best suited for the client. With each individual client we can provide you with a list of properties with details of how you can maximize your investment, and if you need qualified buyers or investors then we can provide you with that as well. We will walk you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure you that your real estate investment is prepared for success.

In the past the power and strength of the real estate market depended solely on the lenders. Since the huge decline in the market and the rise in foreclosures, lenders are somewhat restricted on what they can do.

Now savvy Investors that are resourceful have been able to make money during this time, but they have also been able to start the movement in the rebuilding process of our real estate economy. If you pay attention to trends, then you can definitely see the huge impact that they will have on the revitalization of our future real estate market. Work with us today to start the movement.

With BNIFinancial you will have the opportunity to experince one if not all of the three programs to get your deal closed. In this day and age real estate has been more harder to handle then ever. The main reasons why are due to the decline in property value, qualified buyers, and lender strict guidelines. Dealing with real estate on a daily basis give me the ability to be able to understand that real estate investors, real estate loan officers, etc. are growing more and more frustrated. With BNIFinancial, those issues aren't issues anymore.

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