Brian Longwell : Mr. Corporate Comedian. If you are looking for a Corporate event entertainer in Boston, Brian Longwell is a...

Brian Longwell

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Mr. Corporate Comedian. If you are looking for a Corporate event entertainer in Boston, Brian Longwell is a brilliant comedian entertainer.
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Corporate comedian on state
andy Kaufman award winner
beat out luis ck and tom cotter
Mr. Brian Longwell
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The e-mail memo comes through and announces the annual sales meeting, training seminar or other corporate key event. Although employees won’t admit it, that e-mail is often greeted with internal groans and sighs. This is especially true of long-term employees who have attended many corporate-sponsored meeting events and listened to any number of motivational speakers. So, imagine the audience’s reaction when a man in business attire walks on the stage, turns on the overhead projector and presents his first slide – a stick figure image of a guy behind a desk and the words “Why Work?” Welcome to the world of Brian Longwell, Corporate Comedian.

Longwell is everything the audience does not expect. With deft timing, he sets up the audience with realistic references to their daily lives in the corporate world. He peppers his ongoing monologue with terms and phrases that everyone recognizes. “Team building,” “goal setting,” “brainstorming” are just three of the corporate linguistic currency he uses before he delivers punch lines that manage to land with unerring accuracy. Suddenly, the room erupts in laughter. Brian Longwell has done it again.

Versatile and truly hilarious, Longwell offers a creative alternative to the typical motivational speaker who tries to pump up the audience. Longwell successfully engages with event attendees using pointed humor that is relevant and very, very funny. His deadpan delivery and stick-figure drawings are unparalleled in getting the point across while also offering audiences welcome, and unexpected, humor.

Despite his ability to tickle a funny bone, Brian Longwell is a true professional. He can do everything from taking on the persona of a corporate spy playing jokes on unwary employees to delivering a top-notch, customized-to-your-business stage performance that corporate event attendees will remember long after the event has ended.

Brian Longwell offers a unique alternative to the mundane corporate event speaker or guest. Including this “Corporate Comedian” as part of corporate seminars would be a stroke of genius for an event planner or whoever is tasked with making the event as successful as possible. Whether they are top corporate officers or “cube dwellers,” meeting attendees will appreciate Longwell’s inimitable brand of humor and leave the meeting feeling recharged as well as informed.

Everyone has heard the adage, “Expect the unexpected.” With Brian Longwell, Corporate Comedian, that adage comes alive as a savvy presenter with kindergarten drawing skills who can make the event the best ever.

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