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Independent insurance agency specializing in business insurance, personal property insurance and casualty insurance. with over 30 years in the Northern Virginia and Charlottesville areas. The best coverage, the lowest price available.
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Brown's Insurance Agency Inc. (Manassas Branch)
9168 Prince William Street
Manassas, Virginia 20110
United States
Phone: 703-368-0333
Fax: 703-368-2742
38° 44' 57.1704" N, 77° 28' 33.924" W
Brown's Insurance Agency Inc. (Charlottesville Branch)
1710 Allied Street Suite 29
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
United States
Phone: 434-202-5445
38° 2' 28.2012" N, 78° 28' 39.8784" W

Spoken Language: English, Portuguese

Business: Financial Services, Insurance

Brown's Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency representing our customers and over thirty-five different insurance companies. We are licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and DC for most personal and commercial lines of business.

We also hold licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We are located in Old Town Manassas, and serve clients throughout Virginia. Brown's Insurance is a member of the Keystone Insurers Group which gives our agency access to over twenty additional insurance companies to handle special insurance needs.

Our job is to see that your insurance claim is handled quickly and fairly and that you are never out of the loop. Practices and procedures vary somewhat depending on the type of insurance and the insurance company, but you let us worry about that. In most cases we can let you know well in advance what to expect and will be able to make sure that everything is on track.

Brown's Insurance Agency Services<

At Brown's Insurance Agency, Inc. we take the time to understand your changing insurance needs, and will put a business insurance program in place that will deliver economy, superior protection, and risk management assistance.

Commercial Insurance (Business Insurance)<

Alternative Market

When traditional business insurance can't provide the solution for your risk management needs we have a number of alternative markets and options we can employ. We can different ways to retain risk intelligently through the use of higher retention, retention groups or captive insurance programs. Or we can use bonds and securities as an alternative means of transferring risk.


Bonds come in several different varieties to fit different needs and situations. In general, bonds are meant to guarantee that one individual or entity will perform according to the specifications of a contract, ordinance or other requirement. Common types are Surety Bonds, Contract Bonds, Judicial and Probate Bonds and License and Permit Bonds.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance is often used with a different term that describes what the insurance does, Course of Construction Insurance. Builders Risk Insurance covers a building, and typically all materials during construction. Protection can be extended for the work of individual contractors, architects and engineers. Optional coverage can often be added for costs not directly related to construction such as marketing, loss of income and delayed completion.

Business Auto Insurance<

Maybe your business owns vehicles or maybe you rent or lease them. Maybe you or your employees use personal vehicles to conduct business. If so, you need Business Auto Insurance. A Business Auto Insurance Policy protects your business against injury to others and damage to property as a result of business use of vehicles.

Business Owners Policy

Think of it as homeowner insurance for your business. This type of policy is appropriate for many small and medium sized businesses. It conveniently includes many types of coverage like liability, building, business property and loss of income.

Commercial General Liability

Your business faces exposure to loss from legal liability from a number of sources. The CGL provides broad protection from risks arising from your premises and operations, independent contractors and product liability, to name a few.

Commercial Package Policy

A Commercial Package is a type of business package policy that bundles coverage together for several things including liability, property, boiler and machinery, crime and other optional coverage. The options available create flexibility that allow a Package to be customized for most kinds of business.

Commercial Property Insurance<

This type of policy provides protection from loss, due to a variety of perils, to all kinds of business property including: building structures, furniture, inventory, equipment, and supplies, money and securities and business records. If you have a larger or more complex business you may need the flexibility of insuring your business property through a Commercial Property Policy.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is sometimes used interchangeably with Excess Liability Insurance. The two are really different; an umbrella insurance policy will 'reach down' to provide coverage in gaps between other business insurance policies while a true excess insurance policy is intended to provide extra limits of insurance on top of coverage provided by other business insurance policies that are in place.

Contractors Bonds (Contractors Surety Bonds)

There are several types of Surety Bonds for contractors: Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds, License Bonds and Supply Bonds are a few. In general, surety bonds assure a project owner that they can rely on contractor performance, ability to make payments to certain other parties (sub-contractors, e.g.), good faith bid submissions and so on.

The issuer of sureties, usually an insurance company subsidiary, investigates the abilities of a contractor and, in the event of a valid claim, will make reimbursement for non-performance according to the terms of the surety.

Information Needed for General Agreement of Indemnity:

  1. Federal ID Number of each corporation
  2. Full Name and Social Security Number of each stockholder and their spouses
  3. Home Address of each stockholder and their spouses
  4. Legal Name and Address of Corporation.
  5. For Bid Bond Purposes - State(s) of Incorporation

Contractors Liability

Contractors have liability insurance needs unique to the building trade. We understand those needs and can find insurance protection to fit the budget of your business.

Crime Insurance

Businesses are exposed to many types of loss not always covered in other types of business insurance policies. Crime Insurance indemnifies your business from embezzlement or theft by employees, forgery, hacking (electronic theft), theft of cash or securities by someone other than an employee or damage to your building or property caused by a burglary.

Crop Hail

Annual crop losses due to hail are estimated at over $1 billion; one storm can wipe out an entire season's harvest making hail damage one of the most serious risks to farm income. Crop Hail insurance is an effective way to mitigate hail damage risk to all or some of your farm production.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance covers a range of loss exposures including damages due to loss or theft of client data, introducing a virus into another businesses' network, and email transmitted libel. Your business may not be a 'technology business', but if you use technology to run your business - like email, networks, and the web, you have Cyber Liability exposures. Risk posed by cyber exposures changes quickly, and traditional insurance policies often are designed to protect your business from this new threat to your financial welfare. Talk to us about ways we can identify and cover your business' cyber risks.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

D & O Insurance, as it is commonly called, is essential to attracting, retaining top business management talent. Lawsuits against a business and its management for negligent or wrongful acts can be brought by any number of constituents like shareholders, customers or regulatory bodies. D & O Insurance will fill in gaps in primary business liability insurance and will protect the personal assets of the directors and officers.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

This kind of insurance provides insurance against liability for, as the name implies, employment practices. Protection, which will vary from policy to policy, covers a broad range of claims or lawsuits that might be brought by current or former employees or employment candidates. Just a few examples include sexual harassment<, wrongful termination or discipline, wrongful failure to promote or hire, emotional distress, discrimination and invasion of privacy. Recent growth in employment practice litigation makes review of employment practices and insurance protection a necessity for most businesses today.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm and ranch insurance can be tailored to protect the part-time gentleman farmer to the full scale agribusiness. Plans can include protection for your personal and business assets and legal liability insurance for both personal and farming pursuits. To get a proposal suited to your individual needs, complete our Farm Quote Request form or use the contact link below. And of course, you can always call or stop by to learn more.

Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance

General liability insurance policies, and even Garage Liability insurance policies are not intended to provide insurance protection for damage or loss to vehicles that have been left with your business (the legal wording: in your care, custody, or control). That's where Garagekeepers liability coverage comes in; it is meant to protect a business from negligence causing damage to a customer’s vehicle. Some businesses that commonly need Garagekeepers liability insurance include auto dealers and repair shops, parking lots, hotels and restaurants with valet parking services, and towing services.

Garagekeepers Liability

This is a comprehensive insurance product designed for businesses that sell, service, store or park road use vehicles. It includes liability insurance protection for damage to vehicles left in the care of the business. This protection extends to customer and non-customer vehicles. In addition, this type of insurance policy provides comprehensive liability for non-vehicle damages and injuries occurring on the business property.

Inland Marine Insurance

Insurance for a variety of property in land transit as well as instrumentalities of transportation such as bridges or tunnels would seem to fit the name, Inland Marine Insurance, and this kind of property is in fact insured by this class of insurance. But the policies in this category also provide coverage for property under construction, construction equipment, scheduled property like jewelry, furs, tools and more that move about or fluctuate in value as well as instrumentalities of communication like broadcast towers.

Landlord Package Insurance

Landlord's face special risks that require special insurance protection. A few examples of losses or exposures that are covered in a Landlord Package Policy include: Loss of rent resulting from an insured loss; Buildings with one or several units; Varied residential or commercial occupancies; Legal liability resulting from the activities of tenants; and Uninsured or under-insured repairmen. Even though Landlord Package Insurance is primarily designed to protect you from loss to rental property it can, and should provide adequate insurance limits to protect your other assets from legal liability arising from rental activities.

Ocean Marine Insurance

A wide variety of 'ocean' risks can be protected by this policy form. Both inland and ocean going vessels and their cargo can be covered under Ocean Marine Insurance. Working boats and ships as well as pleasure craft and even offshore oil rigs fall under this category of protection. Coverage extends to vessels themselves as well as cargo and liability and can be purchased not only by the vessel or cargo owner but often by anyone with an interest in or responsibility for insurable property.

Professional Liability Insurance

Any professional in any field is expected to possess skills and knowledge resulting from specialized training and experience. When a client or customer believes you have not conducted yourself according the standards of your profession or that you have been negligent in some way you can be sued. Standard business liability policies do not cover these situations. To supplement general liability protection you may need a specialty coverage known as Professional Liability Insurance or sometimes Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Public Entity Programs

Cities, towns, counties, state and federal government entities face substantial risks that are unique. Fire and police departments, public recreation areas and equipment and road maintenance pose vastly different and challenging risk and insurance issues. We have the expertise and programs to find the right solution.

Trucking Insurance

A trucking operation may need insurance for Physical Damage to trucks and trailers, Primary Auto Liability - even on leased rigs, General Liability for property damage or personal injury when a truck is not involved, Non-Trucking Liability for drivers and trucks not under dispatch and Non-Owned Trailer Liability. We can handle it all.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

This type of insurance pays for medical and rehabilitation expenses for workers injured on the job. Lost wages are also covered. Each state governs the compensation details, including the amounts paid. This is often a mandatory type of insurance.

Auto/Homeowner Package<

One policy, one bill equals convenience and enhanced protection. We can combine your auto, home and other coverage in one comprehensive policy. We can start now with just your auto or home and 'package' the other coverage when your current policy expires.

Homeowner Insurance<

One little policy does a lot. A homeowner policy reimburses you for damage to your home from a variety of causes. If your home is totally destroyed or you cannot use it for a period of time, your homeowner policy will also cover that. The insurance extends to your home's contents and liability for damage to property of others or injury caused to someone by you or a family member. Your policy can be personalized to include greater levels of protection for important property, home office situations, liability for boat ownership and additions and alterations to your residence.

Automobile Insurance<

You need to protect yourself should your vehicle be damaged or stolen. Just as important, you need insurance for liability - property damage or injury to others caused by you and other household members as a result of operating a motor vehicle. Other policy features include medical payment reimbursement and reimbursement for injury caused to you by an uninsured or inadequately insured driver. There are many special situations where you may need to customize your policy; examples include installation of custom audio equipment, business use of your auto and teenage and guest drivers, to name a few.

Workers Compensation<

This type of insurance pays for medical and rehabilitation expenses for workers injured on the job. Lost wages are also covered. Each state governs the compensation details, including the amounts paid. This is often a mandatory type of insurance.

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