Bucks Boarding Centre : The UKs Premier skateboard and online snowboard shop. BBC MK is one of the largest independent snowboard...

Bucks Boarding Centre

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The UKs Premier skateboard and online snowboard shop. BBC MK is one of the largest independent snowboard shops in the UK and offers unparalleled customer service and advice based on our experience and the feedback we have received from our customers.
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Craig Schwartz
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604 2637 65
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Retail Store
Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd.)
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Bucks Boarding Centre
Duckworth Court Oldbrook
Milton Keynes MK62RX
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1908-540-180
52° 1' 45.1884" N, 0° 45' 39.384" W
Camber and concave between the kicks allows for carving and pumping
Handmade from sustainably harvested ecologically processed bamboo
Impact Plates - 2.5 times more anti compression protection under your feet
Atomic Mighty D Kids Snowboard
Trusted pack for serious riders. Solidly built with a rugged no frills design, functionality and multiple board carrying options
Mens DC Lowdown Mens Board Shorts - Electric Blue
Mens Enjoi Bed Wetter Crew Mens Jumper – Navy
Sean Malto Skateboard
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Sporting Goods

At BBC MK we believe that our service strategy and core values are aimed at you, the customer, and we will always listen and learn from your experiences. We understand the brands and the needs of our customers and always recommend what is best for our customers ability, not the product which is most expensive. We champion some of the very best brands such as Rome Snowboards, Lib Tech, Forum, Ride and many many more.

We are a growing business and will always put your needs first by taking time to find out as much as possible about you before offering any advice. We would like to be able to offer this same service to our online customers and are more than happy to chat on the phone or in the store before you choose to buy a product from us.

Here at BBC MK we walk the walk and talk the talk so will only give you advice that we would follow ourselves. We are all snowboarders who have done seasons and have a passion for the sport!

BBC MK Products<


Need a new snowboard for your next holiday? Want to upgrade on your old board? Then look no further because we have the very latest in brands such as Ride, Atomic, Rome Snowboards, Forum and many many more. Shopping for Snowboards at BBC MK When browsing through the huge range of snowboards available its important to know that the board is the second most important part of your equipment and it is very important to get the whole size, width and discipline of board for the type of riding you plan to do.

Your shape and size also make a big difference to the snowboard you choose. Firstly you need to the size of your snowboard boots. Anything up to a UK 10.5 will mean that you will ride a regular width board and anything upwards of a UK 11 you will mean a wide board. This is to ensure you get the correct toe and heel overhang.

Women require women-specific boards as the core is lighter and waist width is narrower. Ladies snowboards are specifically designed for women’s riding styles and build. Your weight will then determine what length of board you will need – NOT your height! The more you weigh the longer the board needs to be.

This will mean that your board is stable at speed, has a long enough carving edge and will float in powder. Types of Snowboards You need to consider the different types and styles of riding and the different snowboards which match these styles... All Mountain (the most common), Freeride (piste, back country or powder) or Freestyle (park riding which include, rails, boxes, kickers and jibbing). The length of All Mountain Snowboards are worked out on your weight (e.g. 12 stone = approximately 157cm – 160cm). The longer the board the more stability you will have at speed and the shorter the board, the more manoeuvrable it will be.

The nose will be slightly longer than the tail. This is called your set back stance which allows more stability at speed and will make it easier to initiate turns. This also offers longer nose for powder riding but still enable you to have a centred stance for more freestyle riding. Freeride Snowboards needs to be longer in length and have a much longer nose (a larger set back stance), this is to give even more stability at speed and will give you more lift in powder so that you do not sink. You will know NEVER know a burning sensation quite like it if your stance is wrong when you ride powder!

Powder riding is a bit like surfing and everything is in your back leg (steering, weight and manoeuvrability). A longer board, again will give more stability at speed, and give you a better edge to get a good grip on hard carves. Freestyle Snowboards will be much shorter and have a more centred stance (the same nose and tail length).

This will help with manoeuvrability and weight so that you’re putting in less effort and the board is lighter. This helps when you’re lugging the board around the parks. Never buy a snowboard or be pushed into buying a board that is too advanced for you. Only you will know when you have out-grown your board and it is not suiting your needs. A board that is too advanced for you will be too stiff, chew you up and spit you out and will stop your progression.

The correct stiffness and camber is very important - too soft and you will not get enough out of the board - too stiff and you will be punished. Your riding level is very important. Don’t be embarrassed to tell the Sales Person your true level of riding (we won’t reveal this to anyone, we promise!), we are always here to offer advice and give you an idea of what you should be looking for in a snowboard. If you have just finished your lessons, you will be at a beginner level, but if you are planning on doing a lot of riding it may be worth spending that little bit extra on your board to get something that will last you longer and see you through your progression.

Mens Snowboards

From Beginner to Pro we have just the right snowboard for you! If you’re looking to cruise the mountain, freeride or pull some awesome tricks in the park we offer unbiased information to help you choose the mens snowboard that will suit your riding style.

Women's Snowboards

We have a fantastic selection of ladies snowboards to suit any level of rider whether it’s your first time on a mountain or you’re a seasoned pro! Our range of ladies snowboards includes the ever popular [board/model] for beginners to the [board/model] for the hardcore lady riders out there!

Kids Snowboards

Kid's snowboards are lighter, smaller and easier to control than the adult versions and are made specifically for those littler snowboard enthusiasts out there! Whether you’re a kid racer who has ridden before or are looking for that perfect board to learn on we will help you find what you need to progress to a higher level.

Wide Snowboards

Snowboard Bindings<

Mens Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings, after your boots and snowboard, are an essential part of your set up. Snowboard bindings transfer your movements to your snowboard so whether you’re looking for an affordable entry level binding or need something super responsive and flexible we have plenty of options for you.

Womens Snowboard Bindings

Ladies bindings are designed to perfectly fit and meet female riding needs and have much of the same specifications and riding ability as men’s bindings.

Kids Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Boots<

Snowboard Clothing<

Having the right snowboard clothing on the mountain is important for warmth and protection, but also for looking good on the slopes whilst riding! Get your snowboard jackets, pants, gloves and thermals here.

Snowboard Jackets<

Snowboard Pants<

Snowboard Gloves<

Snowboard Accessories<

  • Snowboard Goggles and Replacement Lenses
    • When it comes to snowboard goggles, clarity, protection and comfort are key as well as the ever important anti-fog lenses many of the brands below offer. Choose the right goggles to fit your snowboard helmet and of course, to match your snowboard clothing!
  • Red, Demon, Giro, K2, Smith and Bern Snowboard Helmets
    • Protect your head on the slopes this winter by using a certified snowboard helmet. Choose from a selection of brands, and dont forget to buy the right snowboard goggles that will compliment your helmet selection.
  • Snowboard Safety Gear
  • Snowboard Bags
  • Snowboard Socks
  • Snowboard Servicing & Accessories
  • Snowboard Thermals
  • Neck Warmers


At BBC MK we try our best to have the latest and up to date range of Skateboard Decks, Trucks and Wheels as well as a selection of Bearings. We also have a huge range of Skate Shoes, T-Shits, Hoodies and Jeans.

  • Complete Skate Setups
  • Skateboard Decks
  • Skateboard Trucks
  • Skateboard Wheels
  • Skateboard Bearings
  • Skateboard Fixings
  • Longboards
  • Skateboard Accessories
  • Skateboard Safety Gear
  • Inline Skates


At BBC MK we have one of the largest ranges of Mens,Womens and Kids Clothing. Choose from brands like DC, Etnies, Element, Oakley, Volcom, Vans and many more. Why not check out are range of mens T-Shirts, Hoodies and even Underwear. While you are picking up something for yourself don't forget the kids!!!

Choose from Kids T-Shirts, Hoodies and Jeans. If you are after a bargain, there is always our Sale Section.

  • Mens Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Mens Jackets
  • Mens Jeans
  • Mens Polo Shirts
  • Mens Shirts
  • Mens Shorts
  • Mens Socks
  • Mens T-shirts
  • Mens Underwear

Kids Clothing<

  • Kids Shorts
  • Kids Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Kids Jeans
  • Kids T-shirts

Kids Socks


  • Complete Scooters
  • Scooter Accessories


While in our accessories department why not look for that something extra to glam up your look. Choose from a large selection of Nixon Watches & Headphones as well as Belts, Wallets, Backpacks and Sunglasses. Check out our wide range of Beanies and Baseball Caps from brands like DC, Etnies, 32, Bonfire, Oakley, Volcom and many more.


If you need to keep your pants up or just want to look cool, we have a wide selections of mens belts, womens belts and kids belts. We have everything from leather belts to rubber belts. Studded belts to snowboard tool belts. There is also a good selection of belt buckles if you need to spice up your existing belts. Choose from brands like Nixon, Element, Vans and many more.


If you need to keep your head warm, then this is where you need to look. Choose from our massive selection of mens and womens beanies. Some of our best sellers are from brands like New Era, Nixon, Westbeach, Element and many more.

Baseball Caps<

Baseball Caps and Hats from bucksboarding.co.uk. Whether your need protection from the summer sun or just want to look good, choose from our huge selection we have in stock ready for dispatch. Some of our biggest sellers are from brands like New Era, Etnies and Volcom. So if it's flat peaks or truckers, we are sure you will find something here you like.

Gift Ideas<

This is where you will find all those niche products, so if you are looking for birthday presents, Christmas presents or just want to surprise someone special then you are in the right section. Choose from a large selection of Iphone covers, key rings or BBQ sets. We even have branded ice trays. So you are sure to find that something unique.


We have some of the most funky earphones that will take your iPod or Iphone to a new level. Choose from a great selection of colours and styles. Whether it's mens earphones or womens earphones you are looking for, we have them all.


Here in our sunglasses section you can choose from a wide range to suit you. From polarized sunglasses to lifestyle sunglasses, all offer full UV protection and a manufactures warranty. So if you are heading down to the beach, or hitting the slopes at least you can do it in style.


Wallets are not just for holding your money and cards they are a fashion statement too. Have a look around in our wallet section and you are sure to find something that suites your taste. We have great selection of wallets from all the top brands.

Watches and Travel Bags<

Here in our travel bag section you can choose from a wide range of bags that suit all your travel needs. From duffel bags to airline hand luggage. We have split roller travel bags for both men and women, so if you are heading away on holiday pick up a travel bag from us before you leave.


We have a great range of backpacks to suit every need . . . whether you're heading off to the skate park, the snowy mountains, down to the beach or just want a school bag to store all your items we have the perfect backpack just for you. Choose from brands like Dakine, Element, Hurley and many more.

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