Business Directory Listing`s SERP Benefits

Business Directory Listing`s SERP Benefits

With no doubts internet has become a great source of information since decades ago and web directories have become essential part of Word Wide Web. In fact internet directories have got an important role in WWW. For business owners top business directories are the best places for online business advertising . Business owners are realizing the importance of these channels as they are taking over the other channels for advertising their business services so start your online intelligent advertising today, ever seen small amount of money changes your business. How small business listings in important business directories can help your business?

  • The significant role of search engines like Google
    • If you are going to start a website try to get listed in recognized directories by Google. Important business directories are crawled by Google bots regularly, meaning that Google finds your new websites to index and it will be shown in the next searches. Google is the number one traffic source for every website that can help you to improve and expand your business, connects you with potential customers, and finds your target market. Even statistics shows such results.
  • Increase your Google rank
    • Get the excellent and related back links from famous business directories, results in higher Google search engine results page (SERP). Business owners try to increase their website ranks in order to get the benefits. Web directories are the great place for getting related back links. These quality paid directories are human edited. The administrators go through your site's title and content and place your back links in suitable category related to your site content, resulting in higher ranking in related searches.
  • Getting listed in the good directories is the point
    • One of the most important features of the good web directories is they are human edited. If directory moderator checks the content of your site for placing in the best suitable classes is much more valuable and precise than the automatic moderator. Furthermore, if your web site does not have the necessary conditions (good content, directory’s quality principles) then it won’t be listed.
    • The hint which might be helpful for distinguishing human moderated web directories from those that are not, is: if there are many website are in the list of being reviewed, this web directory does not have the value for submitting your site.
    • Good web directories pass the Google page rank to you website though the back links to your website. Good web directories do not accept the websites with cheep and invaluable content. Moreover if you would like to submit your website to top web directories, it would be a manual procedure and you should avoid the automatic directory submissions.
  • Do manual directory submission
    • Manual directory submissions are time consuming. But you should know even if you spend a lot of time for that, actually it is worth doing it, because you know the best categories and the descriptions which match to your website.
  • Drive traffic to you website
    • Getting listed in a good web directory would also help you to have more traffic to your site. This can be simply found by getting listed in outstanding business directories.

Directory arranges links in different business lists

Generally Google does not like the paid links. However, according to Matt Cut who is one of the Google employees known as Google speaker, “The money you spend for getting listed in web directories is not considered as paid links”. So if you pay for getting listed in top internet directories you pay for being reviewed by a SEO expert for the possibility of listing inclusion. Google actually likes good quality directories simply because they can use them to help their algorithm figure out which sites are in which niche.

For some people this might be a question: What is the difference between search engines like Google, Bing, AltaVista and web directories?

The fact is that a search engine like Google, index all the web sites in its database and suggests you the best choice for your search while a web directory arranges links in different business list and categories.

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