Christos Paraskevas LLC : Professional Knowledge Actual Results. a leading Cyprus Law Firm, based in the business Centre of Nicosia,...

Christos Paraskevas LLC

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Professional Knowledge Actual Results. a leading Cyprus Law Firm, based in the business Centre of Nicosia, Cyprus. Our Cyprus lawyers in Limassol and Nicosia are dedicated to providing cost-effective legal advice.
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infoatparaskevasllc [dot] com
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Christos Paraskevas, Managing Director
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Privately Held


Christos Paraskevas LLC
11, Vyzantiou str., 3rd floor, Strovolos
Nicosia, Nicosia 2064
Phone: +35722432800
Fax: +35722432801
35° 9' 40.3668" N, 33° 20' 43.1376" E

Spoken Language: Dutch, English, French, German

Business: Anti-Corporate Activism, Business and Society

Christos Paraskevas LLC is a full-service Cyprus law firm, dedicated to providing its clients with professional, highly personalized legal services. Our Law firm is embracing diverse legal disciplines and practice areas according to the clients’ particular needs and objectives.

Our Cyprus law firm is registered with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, as a lawyers’ limited liability Company (LLC) with registration number ΗΕ 342520 and is a proud member of the Cyprus Bar Association. The head office of our Cyprus Law Firm is located at the business centre of Cyprus’ Capital, Nicosia.

Christos Paraskevas LLC, has firmly established itself as one of the leading and most reputable law firms in Cyprus. Our Law Firm’s lawyers in Limassol and Nicosia serve a vast range of clients both in Cyprus and at an international level including multinational and national corporations, private businesses and individuals.

Christos Paraskevas LLC has an international orientation and its vast majority of the clientele is of international origin. The Law Firm has close links and strong associations with reputable contacts and associates both in Cyprus and in many countries around the world such as U.K., Canada and  Russia.

Our Cyprus Law Firm has through the years enjoyed considerable success and achieved extensive growth by anticipating changes and trends in the legal industry, embracing technological and process innovation. Behind our success story is a team of qualified lawyers and associates, all possessing analytical skills. With their combined skills-set and knowledge can offer superior service and solutions to our clients, underpinned by integrity, professionalism and creativity

Christos Paraskevas LLC provides a variety of services to its clients, covering nearly all aspects of the Cyprus law. Some of them include Corporate and Commercial Law, Cyprus Real estate Law, Cyprus Property Law, Cyprus Tax law, General Litigation and Shipping Law.

All the associates and Lawyers of Christos Paraskevas LLC, consider the values of our Law Firm, such as quality, commitment, efficiency, and integrity, being the cornerstone of the success of our Law Firm. We pride ourselves on our professional work, legal knowledge, experience and responsive service to each client. We are confident that Christos Paraskevas LLC is the Cyprus law firm that every client may trust.

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