ComTec Audience Response System : Audience Response System for Management Meetings the Choice of Professionals, find out exactly what they...

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Audience Response System for Management Meetings the Choice of Professionals, find out exactly what they think, but are afraod to say.
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Communications Technology International Incorporated
100 Union Avenue - Suite Two
Cresskill, New Jersey
United States
40° 56' 27.24" N, 73° 57' 31.6368" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Communication Skills, Management

ComTec is a full service audience response company and developers of professional grade software for Fleetwood's Reply product line.  We package our software products with Fleetwood's wireless voting equipment, offering complete audience response systems for sale and rent.

These systems are sold in various sizes, and each comes with training options and a two year hardware warranty.

Developer of audience polling software provides tools for communicating with large audiences in business meetings and effecting organizational change through instant opinion polling.

ComTec rental services are professionally delivered with modules that include all voting equipment, computers, software, and a veteran technical staff.  

Quite often customers come to us not knowing whether they wish to rent or purchase an audience polling system.  Since we do both, your best interest is always our goal.  We'll help you make the right decision for your organization and budget.

What sets Communications Technology apart from most other audience response companies is the fact that our software products are proven to be the most stable and reliable in the industry.  Because of this, our software is used by more professional service providers than any other brand. 

As a result, we've been able to partner with many of these service providers, which allows us to call upon them for services in their local markets.  So, as a ComTec rental client, your New York City rental would be handled by us directly. However, if your meeting is in London you can expect the same level of quality service from one of our EU partners. 

In either case, you deal with us directly but receive services from a partner who is local to your meeting site, when it makes sense to do so.

Audience Response Polling Software

We offer three separate and distinct software platforms that are compatible with Fleetwood Reply products. The first platform, ComTec XPw, includes Unity, Synthesis, and Elect. This platform is designed specifically for use with Reply Worldwide and Standard Reply, both of which are single digit entry hardware systems.

The second platform, ComTec Plus includes Unity Plus, Synthesis Plus, and Elect Plus. These applications are designed for the Reply Plus hardware platform which features a high quality LCD and multi-digit input.

ComTec XP-IQ includes Unity, Synthesis and Elect designed specifically for Reply IQ, a multi-digit entry system that allows custom feature expansion through the use of Feature Connector technology.

Regardless of the platform, our three software products target three distinct real world voting applications. That is; Unity, Synthesis and Elect target; Decision Making, Learning, and Parliamentary proceedings respectively. You can of course own more than one software package. In fact doing so maximizes the value of your hardware investment since it can be used in different types of interactive meetings.

Fleetwood Reply Audience Response & Classroom Student Response Systems

If you are considering the purchase of an audience response system or classroom student response system, we suggest that you first determine whether you need a multi-digit system, or the typical single digit. Our user data indicates that about 15% of those who purchase an audience response system have a true need for multi-digit input.

Once you have decided on a hardware platform, we suggest you then decide which software to use along with it.

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