Copper Reflections Inc : Handmade jewelry handcrafted in unique jewelry designs. Shop for handmade earrings, handmade bracelets,...

Copper Reflections Inc

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Handmade jewelry handcrafted in unique jewelry designs. Shop for handmade earrings, handmade bracelets, handcrafted necklaces, unique lockets and rings. The place for unique handcrafted jewelry in wide selections of horse, wildlife and western.
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Tony Hisir
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Retail Store
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Copper Reflections Inc.
1145 Bellamy Rd. N Unit 14
Toronto, Ontario m1h1h5
Phone: 416-785-8618
Fax: 416-785-4531
43° 46' 41.1096" N, 79° 14' 34.8468" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Jewelry

Copper Reflections has been established in handmade jewelry< and wholesale jewelry business in the United States and Canada since 1985. With unique jewelry, unusual techniques, high quality craftsmanship and years of experience Copper Reflections has been the great source for unique handmade jewelry and wholesale jewelry gifts. Inspired by the beauty of animals, wildlife, nature and the Native Peoples of North America, each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted by the skilled artisans.

Find handmade earrings, handmade bracelets, handcrafted necklaces, rings, lockets and brooches all in matching jewelry sets. All the unique jewelry pieces are meticulously handmade by the skilled artisans. Copper Reflections has created the most unique jewelry and most original jewellery. Over the years as they come up with unique techniques and jewelry designs that has made this type of jewelry unique to them.

We are probably the only ones in the world making this type of handmade jewelry as each piece requires a special skill that can only be obtained from years of experience. You will love the simple elegance of the earth tone colors; copper, silver and black. The perfect choice for casual to elegant, this unique jewelry can be worn with anything from jeans to that little black dress, always the perfect accessory for any occasion!

The artisans of Copper Reflections have been aware of the importance of high quality, reasonable wholesale jewelry prices and the most unique jewelry. The reason that our handcrafted jewelry has been selling well in the United States and Canada for over 25 years is that we have very reasonable prices, high quality, unusual and unique jewelry as we are the only ones in the world making this type of handmade jewelry.

Our handmade gifts and artisan jewelry do not tarnish as we protect them with high quality finishes. We have a reputation for friendly customer service, a huge selection, fast shipping and great prices for our unique handcrafted jewelry. We always strive to create and develop the most original and unique jewelry ideas so our customers have new fresh lines to sell. Most of our wholesale jewelry and handmade gift orders come from customer re-orders who we have known for many years.

Copper Reflections offer earrings, necklaces, lockets and handmade bracelets that are the most unique jewelry you probably have ever seen. Handmade earrings are light weight so they do not hurt peoples ears like some heavy weight cast dangle earrings. We use only surgical steel hypo-allergenic ear wires on all our handmade dangle earrings.

Handmade bracelets are adjustable to the wrist and offered in cuff bracelets, wire bracelets, chain bracelets and bangle bracelets styles. Specializing in Canadian Jewelry and American jewelry designs, you will discover many North American wildlife jewelry designs on handcrafted jewelry and handmade gifts.

Animal jewelry is available in a wide assortment of horse jewelry, cat, hummingbird, butterfly, dolphin and dragonfly jewelry as well as large selections of Native American jewelry, Canadian and American Western Jewelry.

We design all our unique handmade jewelry so that they can be made into matching jewelry sets of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, lockets, brooches, hair clips, chokers and more. Setting standards high, the artisans of Copper Reflections strive to ensure that every customer is happy with their order when they receive it. We can also make custom jewelry to suit your market requirements. We are looking for gift stores, gift shops, trading posts and sales representatives in Canada, Australia, the United States, UK and Europe for our Handmade Jewelry and Handcrafted Jewelry Gifts lines.

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