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Training that transforms, the best Leadership and Management Training in the UK
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Corporate Coach Group, Walcot House
Parton Road Churchdown
Gloucestershire GL3 2JJ
United Kingdom
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Education and Training, Management

Corporate Coach Group is a training company providing Leadership and Management Training< in the UK. Courses include:

  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Stress Management Training
  • Time Management Training

Corporate Coach Group works with individuals to develop the skills needed to be more confident and effective to ensure they get the best from themselves and other people.

The Corporate Coach Group is a training company whose purpose is:

“The presentation of a system that describes successful action to anyone in a management/leadership role, together with the complementary skills necessary to put the theory into practice.”

We draw the “system” from five sources:

  • 1. Philosophy.
  • 2. Psychology.
  • 3. Management theory.
  • 4. Real- life experiences of previous delegates
  • 5. Observations from business we work with.

The Corporate Coach Group management training courses are for anyone who needs to get the best from themselves and other people. We write our own material. We are able to design specific training programmes to exactly meet your individual needs.

  • Leadership and Management Training
    • Are some of your team leaders having management development problems? Some of your leader managers were promoted because of their technical ability, not their innate leadership and management skills.
  • Personal Development training
    • The purpose of this personal development course is to help you to develop your “professional skills” relating to: Communication, goal achievement, personal confidence, positive mental attitude, planning, prioritising and handling difficult people.
  • Communication Skills Training
    • Speaking, observing, listening and understanding are the most important skills to develop. You want better communication skills, which will mean greater personal understanding, more effective working relationships and a happy atmosphere.
  • Goal setting and SMART targets
    • The most important distinction that separates the successful and the non–successful is … Goal focus people who define what they want, who write plans, and back those plans with persistence, are more likely to succeed than those who do not.
  • Time Management
    • Do you ever have days when you're busy but not productive? Do you ever seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work? If yes: You need our training in time management that will make you: More productive but less busy. Impose order on chaos.
  • Conflict Management training
    • Is it true that some of your managers do not manage conflict very well? Instead, do they sometimes mis-manage conflict and make the situation worse? Conflict in your team is inevitable and could even be beneficial, but only if it is managed according to correct principles.
  • Sales
    • Your business is primarily a sales organisation, because without sales, you have nothing! Your business spends huge sums on marketing, which may be wasted by clumsy sales techniques. This one mistake costs countless sales.
  • Investigation Techniques
    • All levels of management can be involved in an 'investigation', usually in relation to a grievance or disciplinary issue. Whatever the reason, it is essential that your investigating managers are trained. Therefore they need training in investigation techniques, to prevent the loss of evidence, unfair or unethical practice.
  • Accelerated Learning
    • Mind mapping, mnemonics, improved recall techniques and accelerated learning, are techniques that enable rapid and effective learning. You live in a world where the ability to absorb and organise information and to think logically and creatively are the most important skills that you can possess.

There are four reasons why you should act now and make contact with us today.

  • 1. Our material is unique to The Corporate Coach Group. You will not have seen this approach before. It is based on the laws of reason and the philosophy of objectivism.
  • 2. The training style is practical, interactive and keeps the delegates involved throughout the whole training. (No dead spots).
  • 3. Our material is highly organised and memorable.
  • 4. The course material is written to satisfy the practical day-to-day problems and questions of leader managers, not the demands of a certification body (which may not relate to the managers actual needs).

This is not tick box training – This is the real thing!

Our courses are designed to give you both an effective theory together with the practical skills necessary to put the theory into practice.

The Corporate Coach Group training methods

The Corporate Coach Group provide a range of flexible training methods, tailored to each individual application.

  • Open Seminar TrainingOpen seminar training
    • Do you have people who need people management training?
    • If yes, then send them on our open seminar. Then your team will have the added advantage of learning from delegates from other sectors plus they will not be distracted by the day-to-day interruptions of the organisation. We have found the open seminar to be very popular with previous delegates.
  • Group TrainingGroups
    • We often work with groups of between 8 and 20 delegates within an organisation.
    • We present ideas and practice technique.
    • It is a good opportunity to clarify thinking by conversation with others.
    • We like this approach.
  • One to one coachingOne to one coaching
    • Individual coaching may be the best form of learning for certain people.
    • That way, a person can be totally free to address any issue that may be affecting performance without fear that others are judging.
  • Telephone CoachingTelephone coaching
    • Similar to “One to one coaching” except via telephone.
    • A real asset if people need to discuss issues with a person who is not directly associated with the team


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