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Technology + Creative - Unified. Correlative provides technology and creative marketing solutions that coexists naturally within your workplace and are elegant.
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Chris Leone, President
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  • IBM/Lotus Partner/Reseller
  • Novell Partner/Reseller
  • Cisco Partner/Reseller
  • SuSE Linux Partner/Reseller
  • Scala Parnter/Reseller


Correlative Incorporated
1 Eves Drive Suite 111
Marlton, New Jersey 08053-3125
United States
Phone: 856-810-0411
39° 54' 37.4796" N, 74° 56' 4.0704" W
Scala and SignChannel Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage / Internet / Broadcast / Sound Engineering
Integration / Consolidation / Project Management / Development

Spoken Language: English

Business: Consulting, Information Technology

Correlative provides innovative technology and creative marketing solutions that are done right the first time, well integrated with your business and cost-effective.

Since 1997, Correlative has been building proven business-class IT solutions for the corporate, legal and government sectors. In concurrency, our digital content subsidiary provided ground-breaking creative solutions for the broadcast and advertising industries.

Along the way, we at Correlative learned that there was a growing need to offer solutions that integrated both the technical with the creative. So now our technology and creative groups have merged into one unified organization under Correlative.

With our unique blend of expertise, Correlative team offers solutions spanning the areas of: computer networking, server infrastructure, security, collaboration, application development, Internet, digital signage and digital content.

Creative Content for Creative Communications<

Correlative provides creative digital content solutions for your organization's marketing, Internet, digital signage, presentation and training communications.

Video and media-rich content is converging more and more with traditional IT networking and computer technologies. Content needs to be delivered across the Internet, over your LAN / WAN / wireless infrastructure and played back on a variety of devices including networked displays, user workstations, telepresence devices and smart phones.The Glue that Binds Your IT, Training, Marketing and Facility Management Departments

Most content providers don't really understand IT networking, security and application support that well. That's where we shine. Since we specialize in both technology and creative, we bridge those departmental gaps that tend to mean the difference between success and failure of a project that requires digital content.

Elegant Technology for an Elegant Workplace<

Correlative specializes in providing unique technologies that coexists naturally within your workplace and are, well elegant. We have proved to our customers that the more costly and complex solution is not always the better solution. We are not trying to be the largest firm on the block, only the best.

You are selective as to who you do business with, so are we. We are much more focused on quality rather than quantity: quality of the relationships we forge with our customers, quality of the services we can provide to you and quality of the mutual benefit that our relationship offers both you and us. Because in the end, one quality long-term business relationship is worth more than 5 short-lived and unfulfilled relationships.

Technology Solutions

Correlative believes in letting your desktop, server and network people do their jobs. Where we really shine is taking care of all the rest. We work across vendor boundaries and gets the big picture. And we routinely simplify the technology and save you money in the process.

We like to think of ourselves as the Glue in your technology initiatives. We specialize in bridging the gaps that commonly exist at the junctions where your various technologies need to meet and seamlessly interoperate.

These days, it seems that every vendor specializes in either Microsoft, HP or Cisco technologies. We too are proven in these and other technologies. But unlike most of the players, we shine in making everything work together in cost-efficient harmony.

  • Identity Management
    • Consolidated multiple directories and authentication systems into single identity management solutions that simplify management overhead and end-user experience.
  • Content Management
    • Deployed open source content management solutions to eliminate costly Microsoft Sharepoint licensing while opening access to a wider range of clients including MS Office, web, Windows shares, FTP and WebDav.
  • Open Source
    • Helped make sense of practically combining both commercial and open source technologies into well integrated solutions that are more capable and less costly.
  • Digital Content
    • Built digital signage and distance learning networks that respected LAN and WAN bandwidth constraints while offering exceptional playback and management.

Project Management<

We know that a poorly-managed project will easily yield unsuccessful or costly results. We designed Correlative from the ground up with a strong emphasis on proven project management practices in all services we provide. We are always evaluating new project management practices and tools to better serve our customers.

  • Coordinating Staff Resources, Vendors and the Technology
    • Our project team is experienced in coordinating the diverse aspects of a complex project--from the detailed technical to the highly administrative. Our project managers are focused in providing a high degree of coordination between management, technical staff, vendors and the end-users.
    • These project managers are focused in driving a project to successful completion, on-time and in the most cost-effective manner--all with the highest level of customer satisfaction. This is the total solution that we provide.
  • Documentation and Communication
    • No complex project can be successful without strong communication between the project team members and management.
    • Our project managers are required to possess strong documentation and communication skills. Regardless of the project’s objectives, you can expect comprehensive documentation accompanying a successful project completion.
  • Tools
    • Our project managers and staff are focused in leveraging the right project management tools to match the project’s and your requirements. We apply the right project management tools to aid the project team and management methodologies selected.


We have extensive experience developing reliable, scalable and mission-critical applications for web, server and desktop.

  • Business-Class Web Development
    • We provide real, business-class web application development. We have proven experience in web technologies including XHTML, Java, Javascript / AJAX, Flash / ActionScript, MySQL and content management systems.
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Using the latest development practices, we can extend your web presence onto mobile phones and tablets.
  • Desktop Application Development
    • Using both traditional and emerging development tools, we build reliable applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Our management team is comprised of leaders coming to us from the corporate, government and creative professions. Combined, our team offers a unique blend of experience and understanding required to lead of company that spans both the technology and creative industries.

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