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Crawford Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgeon serving the greater Atlanta area specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including breast augmentation and breast reduction.
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Crawford Plastic Surgery
670 North Avenue Suite 300
Marietta, Georgia 30060
United States
Phone: 770-794-6643
33° 58' 11.6616" N, 84° 33' 19.6272" W
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Business: Healthcare, Healthcare Products and Services

At Crawford Plastic Surgery<, we never lose sight of your safety and emotional well being. Our approach combines excellent technique and artistry with a personal touch. We provide many cosmetic and reconstructive procedures such as breast implants, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation<, facelifts and more.

Plastic Surgery Procedures<

Plastic surgery is divided into two different categories: Cosmetic and Reconstructive

  • Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve the patient's appearance and self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, as it is an elective procedure. Some examples of cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation (implants), liposuction, facelifts, tummy tucks, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery).
  • Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body, caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease. It is generally performed to improve functions, but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery is generally covered by most health insurance policies, although coverage for specific procedures and levels of coverage may vary greatly. Some common reconstructive procedures include breast reconstructive after mastectomy, cleft lip and palate and skin cancer reconstruction.

Medical Aesthetician Services Include:

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion<

After a pretreatment with facial steam and alpha hydroxyl acids, debris and dead skin cells are sloughed off gently. The treatment is finished off with a luxurious face mask and SPF moisturizer. This treatment stimulates collagen production and healthy cell growth.

Oxygen Facial<

This facial is designed to rejuvenate the skin. Antioxidants are infused into the skin while purified oxygen aides in the absorption as well as the cell renewal process. This treatment is often combined with microdermabrasion to effectively rejuvenate the facial skin.

Vitalize Peel<

This peel is designed to stimulate healthy cell turnover. It is ideal for any skin type, even the most sensitive skin. It corrects fine lines, reduces acne and hyperpigmentation, sun damage and any other cell damage. It also stimulates collagen production in your skin.

Chemical Peel (TCA/Glycolic Acid)<

Chemical peels are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can greatly improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating the damaged outer layers. These peels treat acne and acne scars, fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation problems, superficial blemishes, surface wrinkles and other signs of aging. This type of peel is beneficial for people who have undergone superficial chemical peel treatments and require a deeper peel for more effective results.

Injectable Fillers<

We have a variety of soft-tissue fillers in the office to enhance the facial appearance. These substances are often used to add volume to the lips, naso-labial folds, and cheeks. Because no single substance is perfect for every form of facial contouring, we customize your treatment with our variety of fillers to give you the most natural-looking result possible.

Permanent Makeup<

This procedure is also known as micropigmentation. It is a sophisticated micro-procedure known as cosmetic tattooing. The colored organic pigments are specially formulated and deposited into the dermal layer of the skin.

Who benefits from Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

  • Anyone who wants to save time and money
  • Always look perfect
  • Never needs to be reapplied
  • No purchase of makeup again
  • People with certain Illnesses or Disabilities
  • Blind/Loss of vision
  • Vitligo
  • Burn Survivors
  • Alopecia (Loss of hair)
  • Allergies to conventional makeup
  • People with certain professions
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • People wanting to increase self-esteem
  • Asymmetrical facial or breast features
  • Camouflage scars (Biopsy Scars, Breast Implant Scars, Breast Reconstruction Scars, Surgical Scars, etc.)

At Crawford Plastic Surgery, we never lose sight of your safety and emotional well being. Our approach combines excellent technique and artistry with a personal touch.

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