Dr.Pheelgood TZ ltd. : Custom t-shirt manufacturer. Fine Hemp and Bamboo Clothing and Products.

Dr.Pheelgood TZ ltd.

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Custom t-shirt manufacturer. Fine Hemp and Bamboo Clothing and Products.
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Steve Hirsch
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  • Hemp Industries Association
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Dr.Pheelgood TZ ltd.
15595 churchill downs BOX 9491
Rancho Santa Fe,, California 92067-4491
United States
Phone: (619)-471-4402
32° 54' 6.1704" N, 117° 40' 4.6848" W
Brick Hemp Shirt
Charcoal Hemp Shirt
Army Green Bamboo Shirt
70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton.

Spoken Language: English

Business: Clothing, Consumer Goods and Services

Because Hemp is such an amazing plant that lasts a lifetime. Because, as a Fabric, Hemp filters UV rays, so your skin is protected. Our Hemp products are soft, against the skin,  and resistant to bacterial growth, so you wont smell, but no guarantees according to your own personal hygene. Hemp has four times the strength of cotton.

Wash it forever. Hemp also has a porus personality, that allows it to breath, keeping you much cooler in the summertime, but like wool will keep you warmer in the cooler months. Again because we are all worried about our natural resouce Water, Hemp only uses 1/20th the amount of water as compared to regular cotton. (all Docs cotton products are organic, grown in fields that have been chemical free for at least three years) The cellulose level of Hemp is almost three times that of wood, which makes it a better choice than wood for paper products. ( Hemp turns out four times as much Pulp per acre over trees! ) This will leave us and our children with more forests for watershed, wildlife habitat and of course oxygen production.  Hemp can be recycled seven times as opposed to woods only four. And no pesticides or fertilizers needed! ( 50% of all the worlds pesticides are sprayed on industrial cotton )

We at Dr.Pheelgood are showing the world that there are many options to obtain the same goal. Lets consider Bamboo; Because Bamboo grows so quickly, it is a resource that is not only sustainable and renewable but it also gives back to the enviroment. You know the AIR we breath.

A Bamboo grove releases 35% more oxygen than the same size stand of trees and thats more air to breath. We all know about Bamboo floors, and how durable they are,  just check out your local Zoomba Dance Studio. As a fibre, there are many benifits to wearing Bamboo apparel. First you are going to feel good knowing you're not hurting the enviroment. Bamboo is fed by the rain! ( those little tiny drops from the sky ) Bamboo doesnt need to be drowned in water resources we cant afford to waste. It isn't saturated with pesticdes or fertilizers. In China Bamboo is known as " a friend of the people ". Bamboo is our friend, too. It grows everywere.

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