DTI Data : One of the few data recovery companies that work as well in open source as in Windows for hard drive recovery...

DTI Data

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One of the few data recovery companies that work as well in open source as in Windows for hard drive recovery, RAID data recovery, and forensics.
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John Best, IT Director
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DTI Data
1155 Pasadena Ave South Suite H
South Pasadena, Florida 33707
United States
Phone: 727-345-9665
27° 45' 30.2076" N, 82° 44' 13.686" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Hardware, Information Technology

DTI Data is data recovery company authorized by hard drive manufacturers to perform data recovery. DTI Data specializes in hard drive recovery, RAID data recovery, data recovery software, and forensics. DTI offers flat-rate pricing and a no data no charge guarantee.

DTI Data understands the importance of your data. DTI Data staff has decades of experience in data recovery. You can be assured your needs will be met here. DTI Data is a data recovery destination. It provides software which will enable its customers to recover data from most logical crashes or deletion of data.

At DTI Data, data loss does not have to be permanent! Hard drive recovery performed by DTI Data is authorized by ALL major Hard Drive Manufacturers. DTI Data provides the fastest, cost effective hard drive recovery services in the industry.

Anybody can claim anything they want on the Internet. Data recovery is no different! To help you make the choice easy, DTI data recovery engineers work with all types of drive crashes and failures:

  • Malfunctioning Hard Drive Data Recovery<
  • RAID System Failures
  • Server Corruption and Failures
  • Virus Corruptions and Deletion
  • Damage from Lightning, Flood, and Fire
  • Employee Sabotage or Deletions
  • Power Supply Burn Out or Failure

DTI DATA Services<

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Freeware Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery Services: if you are unsure of what services you require visit our data recovery services page.
  • Data Recovery Software: if you have deleted files, formatted your hard disk, re-installed your OS or, need file recovery tools, visit our data recovery software undelete page. For flash media visit our digital picture recovery page. For Windows XP visit DART XP Data Recovery Partition Repair page, or DART XP File Undelete page.
  • Hard Drive Repair: the first part of data recovery on a damaged hard disk drive is hard drive repair.
  • RAID Data Recovery: if you have a RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 system that has suffered a hard disk failure visit our RAID Recovery Page. If your RAID array has another type of failure visit our RAID Restoration page.
  • RAID Data Recovery Freeware: RAID Diagnostic Toolkit - check drive order and parity before rebuilding your RAID array with this powerful full version freeware tool from DTI Data Recovery Services.
  • Exchange Server Recovery: if you are running Exchange server prior to 2000 visit our Exchange 5.5 support page, if not, visit our Exchange server data recovery page. If you are looking for specific problems, visit our Exchange Server error codes page.
  • SCSI Hard Drive Data Recovery: if you are having problems with a SCSI hard drive or controller card, visit our SCSI hard drive data recovery page.
  • Specific Data Recovery Needs: If you have a notebook visit our laptop data recovery page, If you have a WD hard disk visit our Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery page. If you sent your hard disk drive to another data recovery company and they could not recover your data please visit our adaptive logic data recovery page.
  • Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  • LaCie Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  • External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Firewire Disk
  • iPhone Data Recovery: Yes we can recover data from your iPhone! Like all our data recovery services, iPhone data recovery is no-data-no-charge!
  • Apple iPad Data Recovery: DTI is happy to announce successful recoveries of iPad tablets.
  • Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery: DTI specializes in Barracuda and Diamondmax firmware problems. The Seagate Fix does not always work, DTI can recover your Seagate hard drive.
  • SAN Data Recovery NAS Repair: DTI Data are experts at recovering data from both SAN and NAS RAID devices.

RAID Data Recovery<

Over the years large corporations, home grown businesses, and end users have migrated their data storage needs from a single hard drive solution, to high speed, multi-cached, distributed I/O configurations. Redundant Array Of Independent Disks or RAID technology has been available for many years its prevalence has become increasingly significant due to larger operating systems, more robust applications, and a myriad of graphic and sound storage requirements. At DTI we understand all of these needs and address them on a personal level. The following are a list of action points that will help you, as well as us perform RAID Data recovery to recover your precious data.

  1. Do not run chkdsk. Chkdsk is not a data recovery tool, its sole purpose is to align the file system so that it can be accessible by the operating system. In order to achieve this goal it will delete index data, and reassign data pointers, and destroy raw data. RAIDs are especially susceptible to this utility because of the striping technologies used.
  2. Check all connectors on all hardware. Vibrations due to fans, air conditioners, drive warbling, and other outside factors can slowly erode cable connectors.
  3. Heat plays a major role in the destruction of hard drives, memory, CPU, and various ICs. Heat will also degrade cabling and fans. Make sure that the room is cool, as well as all case fans are in working order and have the proper RPMs.
  4. Dust adds to poor connectivity as well as restricted air flow which will cause damaging heat. Using a can of air clear all vents, fans, bus ports, and casing to make sure that all dust has been removed.
  5. Do not move drives around in the enclosure. If the drive order is lost then the recovery becomes exponentially more difficult.

DTI DATA Data Recovery Software<

DTI Data offers a full line of data recovery software products for all Microsoft operating systems and other operating systems. DTI Data software is used and tested in its data recovery labs.

D.A.R.T. XP Data Recovery - (NTFS)

NEW! The next generation of data recovery software has arrived! DART XP recovers your precious data from virtually ANY catastrophic situation. Accidental deletion, virus attack, hard disk crash, no problem! DART XP will even recover data after a repartition and format! Designed exclusively for Windows XP Home and Professional, and Windows Server 2003 using the NTFS file system. Introductory Sale Price!

D.A.R.T. File Undelete Software v2007 - (NTFS)

DART File Undelete will recover accidentally deleted important files from your hard drive, or if your hard drive becomes corrupted, or you have mistakenly formatted your drive losing all or some of your important data, files, and folders.

Recover It All - Windows

Recover It All! is an effective, easy to use, powerful data recovery software program. Recover data lost due to accidental format, deleted files, and virus attacks.

Digital Picture Recovery - (2 Versions)

Recover lost, deleted, and formatted digital pictures on removable media. And it works with every type of digital card reader appearing as a drive letter in your local PC!

e-Recovery for Outlook Express

Recovers deleted e-mail messages even after you have emptied your “deleted items” folder. And recovering e-mails from damaged/corrupted *.DBX files in which Microsoft Outlook Express stores messages on the local drive.

Fast File Undelete

Fast File Undelete is a quick and effective way to retrieve valuable data lost due to deletion.

Fast File Finder Raw Recovery

Fast File Finder RAW File Extractor is a file image data recovery solution for almost all catastrophic instances of file and or data loss. Whether files has been deleted, drive formatted, or file system corrupted.

Speed Clone - Hard Drive Duplication Clone Hard Drive Cloner

Clone your hard drive and make an exact duplicate. Makes sector by sector clone of hard drives. Watch video on How To Slave A Hard Drive which shows you how to hook up a hard drive to use Speed Clone.

DTI DATA Exchange Server<

Microsoft Exchange Servers have become popular with many businesses, because of their expansive communication and planning features. So when an Exchange Server goes down, the effects on a company can be dramatic. Suddenly, all email communications cease, meetings schedules become inaccessible and client lists lost. This is a scenario which requires fast action, and a quick return to regular service.

Dtidata can help you get your Exchange Server back online immediately, and get your company up and running again. Our Exchange data recovery engineers have years of experience repairing Exchange Server databases, including damaged Priv.edb and pub.edb files. Using proprietary tools, we also can recover damaged mailboxes from IS database files(usually resulting from"Jet Engine Errors"), repair database corruption or "Read Verification Error" issues. 

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