eBulb, Inc : Looking for energy saving light bulbs, GE bulbs or other light bulbs such as philips LED bulbs, HID bulbs,...

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Looking for energy saving light bulbs, GE bulbs or other light bulbs such as philips LED bulbs, HID bulbs, Osram Bulbs or Ushio Halogen Bulbs? Look no further than Bulb America!
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cosminatbulbamerica [dot] com
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Cosmin Nistor
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eBulb, Inc.
425 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11222
United States
Phone: 718-707-0400
Fax: 718-707-0404
40° 44' 2.364" N, 73° 56' 21.9696" W
Optima 17w PAR56 LED RGB Lamp w/ remote controller
Mini Twists 13W Yellow Bug Bulb compact fluorescent lamp medium screw base
USHIO 150W 120V DNE MR18 G7.9 Halogen Bulb
GE 40w 120v G25 Crystal Reveal Halogen light bulb

Spoken Language: English, Spanish

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Electronics

eBulb, Inc is the largest wholesaler provider of quality lighting fixtures, energy saving light bulbs and light bulbs in the US market since 2003. Our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers by offering quality products at competitive prices along with top notch honest and upfront customer service. Bulb America offers a variety of lighting options including fluorescent bulbs, halogen light bulbs, incandescent bulbs, projector lamps, CFL bulbs, and various LED lighting options including LED bulbs and LED strips.

BulbAmerica stocks thousands of light bulbs in nearly every type, wattage, voltage, shape, base, and color temperature imaginable. We offer a wide selection of light bulbs for every application including stage & studio, home, outdoor, display, and many more.

BulbAmerica offers the latest in lighting technology including AluPAR lamps and IR MR16 halogen "Osram bulbs" and high performing MSD and MSR bulbs from Philips to name just a few. From projection, to medical applications, and automobiles, we offer light bulbs for all specialty applications.

Consumers trying to save on their energy costs and consumption will find our selection of high performance halogen, CFL, and LED, and metal halide light bulbs perfect for reducing energy draws while maintaining excellent light quality and desirable color temperature. For parties, creative lighting, and specialty outdoor lighting<, check out our colored and color changing LED light bulbs< to add a splash of color wherever you need it. In addition to light bulbs, we have a large catalog of light bulb accessories which include chain switches, DYS bulb reflectors, drop lights, night lights, lamp starters, and sockets so you can perfect your lighting

Anyone in the lighting industry will tell you that LED lighting is changing the way the world is lit. LED lighting is more energy efficient than other lighting technologies because of the way that LEDs produce light. LED lighting, including Stage LED lighting and Consumer LED lighting, produces light by passing electric current over the positively and negatively charged sides of a semiconducting material, resulting in the direct transformation of the electric current into light.

Traditional bulbs that produce heat, such as incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, or UV light, such as compact fluorescent bulbs. Traditional light bulbs waste energy through the production of heat and UV light, while LED lighting produces no heat or UV light and therefore no energy is wasted. The cool light provided by LED lighting allows consumers to save on the home and business costs normally associated with traditional bulbs.

LEDs have revolutionized the world of stage lighting. Stage LED lighting including, LED PAR cans, are increasingly common and popular in church lighting and DJ lighting rigs. LED lighting effects have allowed DJs to provide the same great light without the heavy lighting fixtures known to lighting rigs. LED lighting will reduce energy and maintenance costs while supplying with high quality light for longer periods of time.

When it comes to LED lighting, stage LED lighting and consumer LED lighting disposal, LED lighting does not burden the environment with toxic chemicals like mercury and because of their compact construction and lack of harmful chemicals, excess metal and glass. The future of lighting and the health of our planet can be greatly impacted by choosing LED lighting.

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