Expertly Fit : Expertly Fit is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest information on health, fitness, and...

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Expertly Fit is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest information on health, fitness, and nutrition.
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adminatexpertlyfit [dot] com
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Bryan P. Hollis, Managing Editor
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Expertly Fit Headquarters
273 Carolina Ridge Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29229
United States
Phone: (803) 513 - 0442
34° 9' 59.1948" N, 80° 53' 51.1836" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Healthcare, Healthcare Consulting, Magazines and E-zines, News and Media

Expertly Fit is a dynamic health, fitness, and nutrition blogsite. It was developed to fulfill several needs in the health community. Expertly Fit not only functions as a place to receive the most up-to-date information on health and fitness news and issues; it was also designed to be highly interactive with the viewers and subscribers of the blog. Unlike many sites, Expertly Fit strives to deliver information based on the feedback of our visitors and readers, not just what the editorial staff believes they should hear. Health, fitness, and nutrition issues are ever changing, and our goal is to keep up with those changes. We invite everyone to thoroughly browse the site, make comments on posts you find of interest, and give us ANY feedback that you feel is important to health, fitness, and nutrition related topics, products, and trends.

We will also keep you updated with events around the United States that concern health, fitness, and nutrition. Furthermore, we have established an Expertly Fit Contributions Center for various causes. As we continue to collect information and concerns from our readers, we will be adding causes to our list.

In addition to giving our patrons the best information, videos, and products on health, fitness, and nutrition, Expertly Fit was also developed to enlighten our readers about disease and illness related issues. Because of this, we have established an incredible relationship with many reputable non-profit organizations<. This aspect of Expertly Fit was designed to help generate revenue for non-profit organizations that have a direct impact on our readers and their friends and family members. Diseases and illnesses are serious health topics, and Expertly Fit will do everything we can to support such charities as The American Cancer Society, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, The American Red Cross, Autism Society of America, and much more. As with any health, fitness, and nutriton related topic, we invite our readers to make suggestions on how we can improve our non-profit organization efforts.

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