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The industry standard in financial analytics providing derivative analytics tools and services to over 35,000 financial professionals and financial software builders around the world.
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FINCAD Corporate headquarters
13450 102nd Avenue Central City, Suite 1750
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5X3
Phone: 800-304-0702
Fax: 800-421-3968
49° 11' 14.4312" N, 122° 51' 1.4724" W
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Financial Services, Information Technology, Risk Management, Software

FinancialCAD Corporation (FINCAD) serves institutional and corporate participants in the global financial markets. FINCAD's mission is to make better decisions possible by making complex finance easy, affordable and widely available.

FINCAD has become the industry standard for financial analytics< providing derivative analytics tools and services to tens of thousands of financial professionals in more than 4,000 organizations located in over 80 countries around the globe. In addition, FINCAD's alliance partners embed FINCAD's financial analytics as a standard part of their more than 70 software solutions used by thousands more users in a wide range of financial organizations throughout the world.

We provide valuation, pricing, risk assessment<, cash flow forecasting and regulatory compliance tools to banks, investment fund companies, professional service firms, governments and others; helping them:

  • Better manage financial risks,
  • Increase investment returns,
  • Reduce the cost of borrowing,
  • Lower the cost of raw materials,
  • Compete more effectively in multiple currencies.

FINCAD is organized to be the most efficient vendor in its markets so that we can deliver unparalleled value and service to our clients:

  • We employ a high degree of automation in software building, quality assurance and delivery; and
  • We use an effective and economical sales and client services model that results in;
  • An unrivaled reputation for responsiveness and professionalism.

We enable our clients to satisfy their increasingly demanding trading, risk management< and regulatory requirements while also meeting their economic realities of limited internal resources and reduced budgets that are present in every industry sector today.

FINCAD's clients only pay for the technology they use and not for a vendor's expensive business model.

FINCAD Consulting provides a comprehensive discovery process to uncover the core business needs and identifies areas where FINCAD knowledge and resources can solve your derivatives valuation issues. Working with our team of FINCAD product experts, domain experts and premium quantitative research resources, we will help deliver the right solution for you. We offer these consulting services:

Custom Workbook Solutions

We work with you to custom-build one or more FINCAD Analytics Suite workbooks to address your specific valuation needs.

Co-development of Analytics

If you require analytics not covered by FINCAD’s extensive library, we can provide quantitative research and development resources to create a solution by building new analytics for you that are integrated directly into FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel and Developers.

Advisory Services

If you are looking for more than a new workbook or new math model to be integrated into your FINCAD product, FINCAD Consulting can provide the following types of advisory services:

  • Customized training, integrated with your data and instruments,
  • Applied quantitative knowledge,
  • Advice on how to build quantitative models,
  • Integration of FINCAD solutions with existing systems.

The FINCAD Alliance Program can help solve your derivatives analytics needs by providing you the tools to create, market, sell and support solutions based on FINCAD's industry standard derivatives analytics. The program enables companies like yours to compete more effectively by accelerating your time to market and reducing your development costs so you can focus on your core competencies.

FINCAD software products

FINCAD offers a number of software products and online valuation services designed to provide derivatives pricing analytics and risk measurement to finance professionals.

  • F3 Excel Edition
    • F3 Excel Edition gives you the ultimate flexibility to manage new complex products within Microsoft® Excel and obtain calculated first-order risk for individual trades or your entire
  • FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel
    • Financial derivatives pricing and risk analytics solution for Microsoft Excel users. Includes more than 1,600 financial functions and 200 pre-built workbooks to value and measure the risk of financial securities and derivatives.
  • F3 SDK
    • A next generation Software Development Kit for financial
      analytics. A stateful, object oriented library that provides
      the ultimate in modelling flexibility.
  • FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers
    • Programmatic access to FINCAD's comprehensive, industry standard, financial analytics library of over 1,600 functions for valuing and measuring the risk of financial securities and derivatives.
  •  Fair Value Insight
    • Fair Value Insight is an easy to use, cost-effective and secure web-based derivatives valuation solution built upon FINCAD's industry standard analytics and ICAP's unrivaled market data. Fair Value Insight is a robust solution for valuing interest rate, FX, commodities, OTC derivatives, structures and debt securities, ensuring valuations are independent, transparent and accurate.
  • The Perfect Hedge
    • A web-based hedge effectiveness solution designed to help companies comply with FAS 133, IAS 39 or CICA 3865.

Derivatives and Risk Assessment Solutions

FINCAD provides a range of financial risk analytics and risk assessment solutions to satisfy a variety of end-user needs. The right solution for you will depend on a number of factors.

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