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Compare free prices from several moving companies and save up to 70% on your move.
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Compare free prices from several moving companies and save up to 70% on your move. You can also save money if you have stored your furniture. do its best to check that there is order in the insurance papers of our registered Moving Companies. But for safety's sake, you should always check for yourself before you say yes to let the moving company to perform your move.

Moving Tips<

Moving Company - It does not cost much money at move with a professional moving company. If only you know how to do, you can easily find a cheap moving company . You can pack it all down yourself and get friends to help you carry it down to move the man. Then cut your expenses significantly.

You can also select a total removals where a professional inexpensive moving company doing everything from A to Z. Moving Company packages and wrap all your furniture, and carries it inside out and put everything in place according to your instructions in your new home. This saves you much time and effort.

The best thing for you would be to choose some experienced movers who pack the vulnerable things down for you, thus you are so insured by the removal firm. A good rule of thumb, always make sure you get confirmation, that even a cheap moving company has policy of insurance paper!

50,000 dollars is usually the maximum limit of compensation per thing! Remember not to overfill the moving boxes<. It's also a super good idea to write what is inside moving boxes outside of the moving boxes, so it easier to unpack when you arrive at your new home.

A verbal agreement is fine. But few ALWAYS! a written offer from the moving company that will conduct the move before your move begins! Ensure that the contract including is how many movers agreed to and help with relocation. Whether it is a fixed price or price is hourly. Regardless, make sure that the amounts are entered in the written offer.


  1. Turn in all keys!
  2. Always have keys to your new home with you when you move!
  3. Register the move on time!
  4. Read the electricity, gas, water, heat, and turn off all equipment before departure!
  5. Tell family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, perhaps. girlfriend / wife / husband that you move :-)
  6. Cancel landline phone, Internet, antenna, and a provider of television channels.
  7. Remember to return your laundry card, etc.
  8. Drain your basement or attic.
  9. Ensure that your / your possible pets also get a gentle and safe movement!
  10. Clean the place / home you move from!
  11. Always make sure you typed your new address down right zip code and city name.

  Moving Company<

Yes what moving company you choose for your move? Are they to be trusted? Are they on time? Do they control what they should do? At all moving companies are checked before they are allowed to be part of We will in fact be sure of giving you the best experience when you find a moving company through

Moving Company with many moving trucks of various sizes is not something strange sight of our registered movers. All movements require not always the same van. It is important that your furniture will be transported properly and not to damage it during the move. Top professional movers make sure that your stuff will be brought safely from A to Z with moving blankets, boxes, and other professional moving equipment.

Moving Company mediation page is the largest moving mediation page. Each day, many people from around Denmark visit to find a cheap moving company. It is possible to find a cheap moving company through because we minimize shifting of shops' marketing costs.


Relocation is not always best when it is most expensive. It is teeming with moving companies that are ready to move your stuff. But price and quality are not always together. Moving cheaply can therefore easily be a super good idea without having to worry about his move. And when you choose to use to find a moving company for your move, you are sure to save a lot of money on your move.

This is important! you register your removals to the National Register:

It is very important to register your new address to the National Register. When you are in Denmark are obliged to register your new address to the municipality you are moving to or within the context of your move.

Notification of removal must be maximum five days after you have put your relocation. In the worst case, you forget to notify your movement to register, you are at risk of being charged and fined.


Removal - Find the cheapest removal man for your move through - FREE!
All you do is fill out our form over the various icons over here.Then you will receive between 3-5 offers via e-mail or phone from different movers

What are the movers are at

At we make sure to check every moving company before we approve it. This implies in particular that you must not have pending cases running at the National Consumer Agency. As a removal must also have order in his insurance papers, etc. We do this to ensure you always a serious movement from a professional removal man.

Can moving man clear storage?

Many of the movers we are dealing with can also handle professional storage of furniture, etc. at competitive prices.


Move, we should all meet at a country and time during our lives. can get you the cheapest moving company prices from top professional removal companies when you move house in Denmark or to / from abroad! Move out or home? No matter where you move over, we can help you to find a good moving company which saves you money and time.

Moving yourself? It can be very expensive!

Many believe that it is much cheaper to move themselves but often it becomes a very expensive business to relocate themselves. One maybe left with damaged furniture because you do not have the right experience when it comes to move. It requires i.e. more professions than what you think to move. There are so many techniques in connection with the move. For example if you have to move up or down stairs. Now, there is a professional moving company.

Professional removal companies are moving platforms that can reach up to 5 floor height.
It often makes it somewhat better experience to move div. stuff from the street and up or down. This also applies when the sofa to be moved up or down. It is also important to take care of themselves. The movements you make with your body may get you a sore back.

Therefore take advantage of our nationwide for free! Once you have completed our move schedule we will send your removal job in competition among our affiliated moving companies that are located in the area you live in and you move from.

Moving abroad<

You can save lots of money to obtain quotes on your move when you must cross the Danish border.
Many of our affiliated moving companies have extensive experience in moving people and their stuff abroad.

They know the quickest way and they know which days you should not run to avoid too much traffic.
Moreover, they also know all about where and when to pay tolls to be some places in Europe.
Our affiliated moving companies can move your belongings 7 days a week. So it's up to you when you want to move.

The dream of moving is too many people into reality after such that they have seen bidders on TV 2
During this broadcast, there are many who dream far away from Denmark and the conversation goes immediately on whether we should live his dream and move abroad.

It's a big leap for many to move abroad. There are many things that things that need doing before you can move and also when you are moved and arrived there is much to think about. But there is help available on the Internet. There are plenty of forums advices on everything from taking livestock to find a school for the children.

It is extremely rare to hear about people who regret that they are moved abroad. No doubt there are many bumps on the road when you move outside Denmark. But it seems that 99% of the time it's all worth it.

Tips and relocation abroad<

If you have decided to try their luck abroad, remember before you begin to move to get notified your relocation to the population register of the municipality. Anyone who chooses to try luck abroad should remember to register as a departure in the CPR. before the transfer.

You and I should remember to notify the movement of people registered within 5 days after the transfer occurred. If you choos to move to one of our neighbouring countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe Islands from Denmark, always remember to report it to the municipality of residence and tax work in the country you choos to move to.

You and I should remember to bring valid identification such as passports. You should also tell your personal identification number and your previous address in Denmark. National Register of the municipality can only register you as being raised out of the country when they were told from the population register in your new receiving municipality.

Piano Moving<

Piano Moving is one thing to leave to professional movers. Piano moving may leave you sour and with a broken piano just because you yourself just wanted to play a removal. Get rather large and powerful movers to move your piano.

Piano Moving requires extensive experience and the right moving equipment such as baby carriers and possible, a special wagon to run on the piano. Request a quote on your piano move from multiple move operations with extensive experience in piano removals.

Piano Moving price can vary greatly, so check the offers you get from the various shops move carefully and see if there is a piano removals offer you wish to avail yourself of.

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