Flyttefirma Sjælland : A leading company in relocating of your stuff with high performance, quality in Denmark. Flyttefirma,...

Flyttefirma Sjælland

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A leading company in relocating of your stuff with high performance, quality in Denmark. Flyttefirma, Flytning, Flytteforretning, Flyttelift & Flyttemand.
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kontaktatflyttefirmaet [dot] dk
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Thomas Mortensen
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Privately Held
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Flyttefirma Sjælland
Vibevej 5
Ringsted 4100
Phone: 50-999-999
55° 26' 32.2296" N, 11° 48' 0.2736" E
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Spoken Language: Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish

Business: Moving Services, Transportation and Logistics

Flyttefirma Sjælland is a leading company when it comes to offering the relocation of high performance, quality. Flyttefirma Sjælland strives every day to be one of Denmark leading removal companies. Flyttefirma Sjælland does with best move cars and the latest move equipments.

All of Flyttefirma Sjælland transfer personnel have been trained, where they received training in moving and packing techniques and handling of furniture goods. Flyttefirma Sjælland is the first company in the market that offers some additional relocation services< such as final cleaning and IT setup.

Flyttefirma Sjælland is a family owned business that puts great virtue in the care of our clients' belongings. Flyttefirma Sjælland is a successful growth company focused on both private, commercial and government clients.

Flyttefirma Sjælland operates a professional moving business that disposes of a wide range of specialized equipment for particular lifting heavy objects, move outside elevator, special wardrobe boxes and packaging of sensitive equipment, etc. In other words, Flyttefirma Sjælland can handle all types of relocations - large or small and we are one of Denmark dygtigeste removal companies.

Flyttefirma Sjælland has large heated warehouse. The warehouse is climate controlled, video surveillance, fenced and theft-proof for your safety. Flyttefirma Sjælland has again gone a step further and have custom built containers for the furniture store.

Further, Flyttefirma Sjælland signs a special agreement with Securitas, via video monitors inventory, meaning, if there were any signs of forced entry sends signals not just its own guards, but police are sent out all together by giving you the best and secure storage solution at the best possible price.

Flyttefirma Sjælland Services<

Private Relocation<

Flyttefirma Sjælland provides professional and flexible solutions to move all kinds of private transfers. With Flyttefirma Sjælland, your belongings will always be secured. We've moved everything from the room, apartment, house, villa, castle, there is no task we could not cope successfully with. Most Flyttefirma Sjælland staff consists of people who want a physical and active jobs, and our move boys ranging from former soldiers and artisans to young guys who train hard for the audition as ranger or the police entrance exam.


Safety and quality is something we are very focused on at Flyttefirma Sjælland and therefore our removal man attended a course or training before he is let loose by our many business customers, you can calmly and confidently use our removal man with the toughest moves.


When you need reassurance about your move, let us together find a sensible solution to your relocation, we have for many years taught and trained ourselves in special relocations and other core areas that make us specialists in our profession, we can perform all kinds of movements, let's hear about your move and let's find a reasonable solution together at Flyttefirma Sjælland. With Flyttefirma Sjælland you should not worry about anything, not even the price! Flyttefirma Sjælland has incomparable experience in relocation.

Moving trucks<

Flyttefirma Sjælland have moving trucks of all sizes, so if you are looking for a top modern moving trucks for your removal job don't hesitate to contact Flyttefirma Sjælland, we can certainly provide a modern moving trucks for you. All our moving trucks are Mercedes and all our beetles and trucks with automatic transmission of the savings drivers and climate as much as possible.

Business Relocation<

Flyttefirma Sjælland is a professional moving company which carries out professional removals of all sizes. Our moving consultants dropping by your business every day and review your business moving with you, the way we give advice and guidance regarding packing and special considerations must be taken in relation to your business relocation, we will considering opportunities to facilitate your move by lift moving, packing techniques, possibility of pallet packing and other things that will save time for your move.

Flyttefirma Sjælland holds a unique program to our corporate relocations, we will provide boxes, packing paper, special labels, floor plan with unique ID number, all as required.

Internal relocation<

Flyttefirma Sjælland offers internal relocation to the large size and small business relocation, we have all the right equipment needed to lift your internal relocation. We handle every day many large commercial and government clients where we have responsibility for everything from planning, packing, computers, moving, unpacking and setup. With Flyttefirma Sjælland as a partner, you're always sure your job gets the most efficient movement.

Relocation of "Heavy stuff"<

Do you need a piano moving, piano transport, safe movement or similar? So here you can get a quote for your "heavy" movement, we have the equipment and expertise to manage most, so you can safely obtain a free, no obligation quote, we look forward to hearing from you. Heavy stuff such as:

  • Piano
  • Pianette
  • Pool Table
  • Safe
  • Gun Box
  • Oil burner
  • Stone slab
  • Statue
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Washing machine

Lift Moving<

Do you need a shift linkage for your move ? Flyttefirma Sjælland has specially constructed lift move  coming in everywhere.


Are your business and need a serious partner for daily transportation of various goods, pallets or packages? Flyttefirma Sjælland has solution for you, we have many corporate clients we daily operate with fixed daily commuting and transportation.
Should you have travelled abroad on pallets for long trips, then Flyttefirma Sjælland with many years of experience in transportation and abroad furniture transportation is a great choice.


We have signed contracts with Securitas as responsible for monitoring our top modern storage, all rooms, corridors and entrances. They will check and quickly judge whether there is intrusion and therefore have the right to send the police directly there, as well as their own guard cars.

Moving abroad<

Should you move abroad you have Flyttefirma Sjælland as an experienced partner who handles a wide range of tasks in international relocations, it is always, of course, to get from A to B, we do it the way that suits you best and always ensure that your items arrive safely and that you are fully insured under way, we have extensive experience in moving abroad, so if you are faced with a task that you must have coordinated, planned and have a price on, so Flyttefirma Sjælland people who have worked with movements abroad and international transport for many years are a great help. Our experience and industry knowledge, means that we have the best prices on international relocation and it will benefit you when you use us as a moving company for your international relocation.

Flyttefirma Sjælland Extra moving service<

The Flyttefirma Sjælland we have gone a step further and offers a lot of extra moving service in connection with our move tasks you can find a lot of moving services here on this page, you need additional relocation services. We are proud to be one of the leading moving companies in the offer additional relocation services, but strive each day to find innovative new solution modules.

Handy Man service for your move<

The Flyttefirma Sjælland, we have gone one step further and perform like handyman work. Do you want your washing machine to be removed before the transfer, a chandelier to be peeled off, etc Flyttefirma Sjælland will do it for you.

Cleaning Service<

Flyttefirma Sjælland is happy for final cleaning of your home / premises / office building, even when we say EXTRA service, we mean it! We are extremely skilful contest in this area, we wash both floors, cleans windows, cleans the floors, decorations waste washes down, yes we will even wash if it should be and much more. To ensure even cleaning equipment, we'll do EVERYTHING together, so just to concentrate on, to come into place in your new house / premises. Contact Flyttefirma Sjælland customer services today and tell us about your special wishes and we stand ready to make your move a good experience.

Computer Setup<

Flyttefirma Sjælland offers the setup of new office space, we are fortunate to have trained IT staff and help with setup, no extra charge! So they can easily get back on their feet and start with your thesis.

Packing and unpacking of your goods<

Flyttefirma Sjælland offers professional packing and unpacking of your goods to the markets lowest price. We pack your entire house down, "the right way", all porcelain are wrapped in wrapping paper, all electronics removed and packed securely into the plastic bubble that will be taken into account in particular. Chandeliers, mirrors, paintings, etc. When you order packing with Flyttefirma Sjælland you are assured all the way. We can proudly say that there is not a packing we could not cope with. We've packed everything from nursing home relocation and beach road villa for commercial enterprise. Simply select the packing / unpacking in "Get deals on household".

Waste Services<

Flyttefirma Sjælland offers recycling, landfill and waste services. Contact us if you have an old archive, attic, basement ethers brass med old garbage and easily Flyttefirma Sjælland takes care of it.

Caravan Storage<

In Flyttefirma Sjælland we are fortunate to have large outdoor areas around our store, the areas are video monitored and enclosed by fencing and barbed wire, in such area you have a caravan which you want to be safely stored.

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