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Sound and vibration engineering and consulting company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Independent acoustical engineers specialized in sound assessment, noise control & other environmental fields who provide natural solutions to environmental problems.
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Michel Rosmolen MSc, Director
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Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd.)


Geonoise Thailand Co. Ltd (Udon Thani office)
330/47-48 Ban Jan Thanadorn Homeplace
Udon Thani, Udon Thani 41000
Phone: +66-42-340-444
Fax: +66-42-341-668
17° 23' 40.902" N, 102° 48' 25.3584" E
Geonoise Thailand Co. Ltd (Bangkok office)
723 Supakarn Bldg. Suite 4C-02
Bangkok, Bangkok 10600
Phone: +66-28-602-699
Fax: +66-28-603-600
13° 46' 27.4584" N, 100° 30' 22.824" E

Spoken Language: English, Thai

Business: Environment, Noise and Vibration Control

Geonoise Thailand is an engineering company specialized in noise control< and environmental engineering in Thailand. it has over 20 years of experience with sound and vibration measurements<, calculations and consulting in the fields of noise control, air pollution, vibration control, dust control and light pollution.

Geonoise is an independent noise consulting company based in Thailand (Bangkok, Udon Thani) also performing noise and vibration measurements in Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Fully licensed acoustical engineer from The Netherlands, UK and Thailand. Sound and vibration measurements, sound-mapping, mitigation etc. Some of the specialized fields for noise control are:

  • Industrial noise control (plants, factories, machineries)
  • Building acoustics (houses, hotels, disco's, offices)
  • Traffic noise control (rail traffic, road traffic, air traffic, subway, ships)
  • Recreational noise control (pop concert, exhibition center, outdoor evenements)
  • Reverberation control (cinema, auditoria, church, meeting rooms)
  • Construction noise control (building sites for houses, roads, industrial plants etc.)

We have very experienced engineers (members of INCE USA) here in Thailand. We are using the latest noise control software to make precision calculations. Our engineers all have worked 'in the field' so they know what they are talking about and this makes them all very pragmatic consultants. Apart from calculation software we also supply various meters like sound level meters (SLM), light meters (LUX), wind velocity meters (Anemo meter) etc. For all disciplines we can work in different situations like:

  • Before any constructions are build (from drawings) to make sure when the i.e. a plant is build it will respect all noise (environmental) demands.
  • Within a given situation, to check for example in a factory if employees are not exposed to too much noise with health risks.
  • Within a given situation, to check for example if a discoteque does not pose any hinder to surrounding houses or hotel rooms.
  • Within a given situation, to check if the construction of a new road does not pose any risks of high vibration levels with possible damage to surrounding buildings.
  • If in any situation there are problem with noise or vibration levels, our engineers will come up with the most economical and practical solutions.

Geonoise Thailand services<

At Geonoise Thailand we have very pragmatic and independent acoustical consultants working for you. We have internationally accredited noise control engineers from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom as well as from Thailand. We have all Type 1 calibrated measuring instruments< for sound and vibration measurements and monitoring and using fully licensed Sound-plan software for sound-mapping and sound mitigation models.


Environmental acoustics include the measurements and analysis of noise and vibration in the environment. These noise and vibrations measurements in the environment are performed to enable mediation and mitigation of all types of environmental noise and vibration sources, ranging from transportation and industrial sources to outdoor entertainment facilities. In this field we can perform the following activities:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Noise barrier design
  • Site suitability studies
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Applications for site plan approval
  • Aircraft an ground transportation planning
  • Ground borne and structure borne vibrations assessment
  • Analysis, mediation and mitigation of environmental noise sources

Site surveys can be performed to determine the noise levels at the boundaries. Diagnostic tests can be conducted to determine the primary noise and vibration source(s). Resulting noise levels can be compared to local, provincial or federal requirements. Geonoise can help you to evaluate whether the noise could or should be considered annoying.

Predictions can be carried out to determine if the noise radiated from stacks, openings or external equipment can contribute to excessive noise. For construction sites or outdoor activities we can assist in determining the noise levels resulting from the operation of various construction equipment and supply guidance on the optimum noise control approach. Controls can be applied to the construction equipment or by means of barriers.


We have a very large database with vibration reduction figures from laboratories and in situ measurements. We use this database as the basis for our calculations. Once we have all the vibration reduction values from all the involved materials we also have to know how they are connected.

Especially this part (connections between various building materials) requires a lot of experience. Once we have all the ingredients, we use software to calculate and predict the vibration isolation. The vibration isolation can be calculated for existing as well as new to build constructios/buildings.

In more complex situations we use infinit element methods to determine the vibrations isolation. Examples are highly precision equipment that cannot be exposed to vibrations, reconding studio's etc.


Thansmission of sound from a source room to adjacent rooms and to the outdoor environment (or vice versa) is a major concern in the design and planning of industrial premises and residential properties alike.

Air-borne transmission has been studied extensively at Geonoise Thailand. We have performed many studies, managed the implementation of the measures and performed noise control measurements afterwards to check the results and get the optimum correlation between calculations and results.

From this practical approach we can predict very accurate what the outcome will be of the building acoustical projects that we handle. If you want to consider improving noise control of a single room in a house or in a hospital, residential (mixed with offices, parking, shopping etc.), we are the right consultants for you.


For soundplanning purposes we are using the professional and fully licensed SoundPLAN® software. With this software we are able to calculate any adjustments in road trajects, industrial zones and make predictions for new to establish roads, railways, airports, industries or MRT's.

It's easy to make readable soundmaps where directly the sound impact can be seen from any changes on a road(i.e. bypass of a road).

Of course we can also make soundmaps of an entire area or even complete city with various sound sources such as traffic noise, MRT noise, industrial noise, horeca noise etc. Soundmapping will create easy to locate zoning which can be used for issuing future building licenses or area usage in a city or zone.

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