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Leading precast concrete installation specialists across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With over 20 years experience in the building of precast concrete construction systems.
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Paul O'Mullan
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)


GPS Precast Concrete Specialists
28 Pulteney Road
London, London City of E18 1PS
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-8551-9973
51° 30' 44.3916" N, 0° 8' 10.3776" W
Pre-cast installation
Precast concrete
Precast concrete installation
Precast concrete construction

Spoken Language: English

Business: Building Designers, Commercial Contractors, Construction and Maintenance

GPS Precast concrete< has become a leading precast concrete component installer across the United Kingdom and Ireland. As precast concrete contractors, we have over 20 years experience in the building of prefabricated construction systems and precast concrete products, we excel in providing an individually tailored solution to each client.

GPS Precast offer on site erection of a broad spectrum of bespoke precast concrete products, ranging from precast concrete floors, and precast concrete stairs to complete precast structures. Our proven construction methods have enabled us to deliver some of the UK's major landmark developments including Epsom Race Course

GPS Precast directly employ their own trained and experienced fixing teams, to install the precast concrete products. By delivering each finished component to site, ready to install, on a just in time basis, we offer the most cost effective and efficient methods possible to deliver even the tightest programme.

Throughout the delivery and installation stages, GPS offers a collaborative and professional service. With the highest standards in both safety and quality. We take pride in providing customers with a totally reliable, cost effective package:

  • Experience of different construction sectors including custodial, commercial, industrial, lesuire, residential and infrastructure.
  • 100% service record of completion within budget and on time.
  • Efficient, cost effective programmes.
  • Directly employed NVQ-qualified and CITB-accredited workforce.
  • Highest standards in quality and safety.

GPS Ltd has experience of:

  • Structural and Architectural Precast concrete erection
  • Structural Steelwork erection
  • 'System build' construction systems
  • Fast track construction solutions
  • Hybrid solutions

Due to their excellent working practices and experience of constructing some of the UK’s major landmarks, GPS Ltd have earned a reputation for the high quality standard of their service.

We pride ourselves on the provision of comprehensive and effective safety procedures developed through years of experience in our field. Through ongoing adaptation and research our Health and Safety department ensure we meet and exceed the very latest legislation, reflected by our impeccable Health and Safety Record to date.

At GPS ltd, before we embark on a project, a detailed and in depth analysis will be carried out by our Contracts and H&S Departments. This allows GPS Ltd to ensure the Client has full awareness and understanding of our risk assessment<, method statement and Lift plan before any personnel commence any work. By doing so we can then adapt our H&S procedures to surpass not only current legislation, but any further requirements of our client, thus allowing harmonious cooperation throughout any project.

All GPS Ltd employees are in possession of the Site Installers Manual, which conforms with the Code of Practice for Safe Erection of Precast Concrete. In addition all site crane operations are supervised by our Appointed Persons (BS 7121 Safe Use of Cranes). Our work is carried out to site safety procedures included in the Site Installers Manual and in strict accordance with the job specific GPS Ltd method statement and risk assessment.

GPS Ltd Qualified Health & Safety Managers will also advise on safety matters and will monitor the day to day effectiveness of the health and safety arrangements.

Regular safety meetings are held with the GPS Ltd Site Foremen to establish and maintain effective safety procedures. Site safety inspections and toolbox talks are also carried out to monitor our safety performance on construction sites.

GPS Ltd consider the safety of all employees, on site personnel and the public to be of enormous importance. Health and Safety practices and procedures are continually reviewed to ensure the highest standards and to maintain our excellent reputation.

Environmentally Friendly Construction.

Utilising precast concrete building methods, GPS Ltd can deliver shorter construction time, less dust and noise, reduced waste and close to zero defects. They continually aim to recycle waste wherever possible and minimise traffic movements through coordinated site deliveries and grouped transport for workers helping to keep carbon footprint to a minimum.

GPS Ltd has also implemented an Environmental Policy to continually improve its environmental performance and aid the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities and services. In line with their Environmental Policy, GPS Ltd identify and assess all significant environmental aspects that may arise as a consequence of its services. GPS Ltd provide suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training to all employees to enable them to perform their job functions in an environmentally aware manner.

When working with GPS Ltd, your company can be in confident in the knowledge that the highest quality and safety standards will be delivered whilst maintaining environmentally responsible practices.

Technical Support

GPS Ltd can provide our clients with dedicated and professional technical support developed through years of practical experience. Our experience in this specialist field allows us to ensure that our clients receive advice and solutions that are unsurpassed by other firms.

By working closely with our clients we ensure that our industrial knowledge is applied in a manner that suits what our client wants and needs, not what we think they may need. It is from the unique standpoint of vast experience coupled with the ability to adapt solutions to suit any requirements that makes GPS a leader in the field of precast installation<.

GPS Ltd can work with clients from the earliest design and planning stages resulting in vast cost savings and reduction in construction time. GPS Ltd can help highlight potential commercial and technical issues at the earliest stage to ensure programmes are completed on time, on budget, safely and efficiently as possible.

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