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Refine and Simplify the Spaces in which we Live and Work, Hopfoot specializes in providing residential and commercial customers with unique, stylish and contemporary products, such as glass doors and panels, bathroom faucets and accessories.
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Sandi Flordeliza
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Hopfoot, LLC (Chicago Office)
30 W. Huron Ste 2e
Chicago, Illinois 60610
United States
Phone: (312) 698-0236
41° 54' 20.3112" N, 87° 37' 56.4888" W
Hopfoot, LLC (Head Office)
11937 Tivoli Park Row Ste.3
San Diego, California 92128
United States
Phone: (310) 499-0870
Fax: (858) 716-1208
32° 58' 34.7808" N, 117° 4' 23.0196" W
Hopfoot, LLC (Italy Office)
Via Trebbio 17, 50025 San Quirico in Collina
Montespertoli, Firenze
43° 39' 15.0444" N, 11° 7' 26.2128" E
Adamas spiral helix series in handmade optical crystal glass
Half spherical washbasin in wood with vegetable oil based sealant and water repellent treatments
Single curved standard door panel with Fragments theme.
Sexy stool made with rotational-molding polyethylene which has an anti-UV treatment. Column, footrest and base, made with chrome

Spoken Language: English, Italian

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Furniture

Hopfoot, is product design firm representing a small consortium of fine product manufacturers Our company, established by Cristina Zazzeri, Sandi Flordeliza and myself, was founded on the simple desire to refine the living and working experiences of all people. The principles we adopted to turn our ambitious goals into realities are equally as simple:

  • Build strong and lasting relationships based on trust
  • Move in harmony with our environment
  • Provide the very best quality, workmanship and price for all our products
  • Keep the long-term term view in mind in everything we do (quality-over-quantity)
  • Stand behind our products and services forever

All our efforts stem from our desire to provide products and designs which allow people to be in harmony with the spaces in which they live and work, a sentiment captured by our company's Mission: "To Offer Products and Design Solutions which Refine and Simplify the Spaces in which we Live and Work."

Over the past quarter-century, individuals from all walks of life have been traveling further abroad, experiencing new ideas, products and cultures that have, until recently, remained relatively inaccessible. With this increased exposure to these cultures, emerging markets have evolved in the new world which yearn for high quality, stylish products.

These products not only make bold fashion statements but in the simplest terms, refine and simplify the spaces in which we live.

Hopfoot fulfills this mission by understanding these niche markets, designing the spaces which contain them and identifying unique and beautiful products to complement them. Focusing on interior and exterior spaces both residential living and commercial applications, we provide products which meet our demanding standards of excellence and characterized by the following:

  • Design & Fashion Italian designs in the latest in interior decor styles
  • Made-In-Italy (MII) Conceptualized, designed, created in italy
  • Made-In-US (MITUS) Conceptualized, designed and created in the USA
  • Form & Function Synthesis of refined form and simplified function
  • Quality Long term, sustainable materials and designs
  • Environment Looking after Gaia by using non-endangered materials

We achieve this, in part, by being selective in how and with whom we develop partnerships. As a result we ensure that our partners are companies which share our values of excellence. We are also careful in how and to whom we sell. Offering products that are unmatched in design and quality, we believe that working with our clients at the design level is key to building trust and long term relationships.

We embrace the concept of quality-over-quantity and believe it to be a universal truth. It is this belief, the premise from which hopfoot operates. The practical benefits of this philosophy ensure that we provide products that last generations, and by their nature mitigate the "disposable instant-gratification lifestyle" all too prevalent nowadays. In addition, we are an environmentally friendly group of people, keeping in mind the effects the products we provide have on the immediate environment.

Our clients understand that the right products are essential to driving and sustaining their design businesses. They also realize that in order to succeed, materials and products need to be in harmony with their mind's work. We empower our clients with the means to do this by allowing them to tap into our creative wells to provide them with masterpieces of design.

Hopfoot, a family owned company based in San Diego California with offices in Chicago, provides high end products from a consortium of high class, artistic designers and manufacturers. Hopfoot was established as a proprietorship in 2000 and in 2004 was registered as a limited liability company in the state of California.

Hopfoot provides high end products, product designs and related design services focusing on residential and commercial interior-exterior spaces.

Hopfoot's markets extend throughout the United States and currently operates in the States of California, Illinois, Florida and New York."

The solutions we offer strike the perfect balance of form & function. We achieve this by providing ultra-high end products at competitive prices, from a consortium of small artisan-type companies [from the United states and Italy] whose creations complement our clients' functional interior-exterior design projects.

Hopfoot partners with only the finest US and Italian artisans and manufacturers - small creative companies, passionate about their work who share our philosophy of extraordinary product design and the ultimate in quality. Interacting at the design level, we work closely with our manufacturers to discover new trends in product design and creative ways to ensure that all our products exceed the expectations of our clients.

Product design is the heart of what Hopfoot is all about. What drives us is our passion to channel beautifully designed products to receptive markets in residential living and commercial spaces.

With a team of licensed architects and designers available to support you at each stage of your design or renovation project, we are able to provide the best of both worlds - fine products combined with outstanding design solutions.

Our professional design team is conversant in CAD and fully capable to support you through the entire design cycle - from planning to product selection to implementation and product support; we are with you at every step of the way.

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