Hotel Accommodation Deals : Easy access the best up-to-the-minute hotel accommodation rates available by searching more than 2000k global...

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Easy access the best up-to-the-minute hotel accommodation rates available by searching more than 2000k global deals at once.
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Hotel Accommodation Deals is a meta-search engine for hotels which eliminates the need for travelers to search hotel accommodations providers one by one in order to compare hotel rates and availability.

Using our website you can make one step further in getting yourself the right accommodation at the best prices on the market with one simple search. Visit us at to access all features of our hotels search engine.

How to Use HotelAccommodationDeals Site?<

We do the Search so you don't have to! What does this mean? Well basically it means that we aggregate results from major travel sites such Expedia, Travelocity,,, Priceline, (and many more) into one simple and friendly interface.

We eliminate the hassle of searching hotel websites one by one looking for the perfect deal. Instead of one price we'll show you several prices for the same hotel, resort, apartment, vacation rental, b&b, inn or hostel from many suppliers, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your budget. We search the hotel websites directly and in real-time ensuring you receive the latest rates and availability.

Refine Your Search * Wait for our system to finish searching all the major travel providers. Browse the results and sort them according to your needs. Use the left side filters to narrow down the results. For eg. use "Location Distance" to choose a hotel near your desired landmark or point of interest. Deselect "hotels without prices" box if you do not want to include the properties unavailable for the selected period in the results.

View hotel accommodation prices in the "Currency" of your country or select from a list of other global currencies. If you already know to which chain or hotel brand your accommodation belongs to, use the "Hotel Brand" feature to filter the search. "Hotel Features" let you choose the minimal amenities your accommodation should have.

We recommend selecting a few major amenities from the list (eg. Airport shuttle, Fitness Room, High-speed Internet, Hotel Parking, Pets Allowed, Hotel Room Service) if there are to many results. Wheter you are looking for an apartment, bed & breakfast accommodation, vacation rental or discount hotel rooms< use the "Property Type" to filter this list.

  • Browse the hotels detail page and compare the descriptions, photos, maps and reviews. All reviews and ratings are from verified, paying customers. All the guest ratings has an average overall score based on hotel Cleanliness, Dining, Facilities, Location, Rooms and Service.
  • Compare accommodation rates from verified and trust-worthy travel providers. Compare side by side the cost of the hotel per night, taxes & fees applied by the booking site and total costs. Click the "Room Types" to view all the different rooms provided by every booking site.

Book directly at the source Finally, make use of all this information and choose the right hotel deals to make your reservation. We link you through to the supplier to book directly. From this point on, you're dealing directly with the travel site. Any queries you have regarding reservations, amendments, cancellations or hotel specific information must be directed to them. Plan now your holiday & spend less on accommodation & more on fun!

International Accommodation By Destination< is a comprehensive comparison engine covering over 200k hotels, motels, apartments, inns, B&Bs, holiday rental accommodation and more, anywhere in the world. Use our meta-search engine to compare prices and get up-to 75% off on your stay!

 Asia Pacific hotels<

• Australia hotels
• Bahrain hotels
• China hotels
• Fiji hotels
• Hong Kong hotels
• India hotels
• Indonesia hotels
• Japan hotels
• Lebanon hotels
• Malaysia hotels
• New Zealand hotels
• Philippines hotels
• Saudi Arabia hotels
• Singapore hotels
• South Korea hotels
• Taiwan hotels
• Thailand hotels
• Turkey hotels
• United Arab Emirates hotels
• Vietnam hotels

Americas hotels<

• Argentina hotels
• Brazil hotels
• Canada hotels
• Chile hotels
Dominican Republic hotels<
• Mexico hotels
• Peru hotels
• United States hotels

Europe hotels<

• Austria hotels
• Belgium hotels
• Croatia hotels
• Czech Republic hotels
• Denmark hotels
• Finland hotels
• France hotels
• Germany hotels
• Greece hotels
• Hungary hotels
• Iceland hotels
• Ireland hotels
Italy hotels<
• Netherlands hotels
• Norway hotels
• Poland hotels
• Portugal hotels
• Russia hotels
• Spain hotels
• Sweden hotels
• Switzerland hotels
• United Kingdom hotels

Africa hotels<

• Egypt hotels
• Morocco hotels
• South Africa hotels

Top Travel Destinations<

  • Las Vegas hotels
  • Miami Beach hotels
  • Acapulco, Mexico hotels
  • Cancun, Mexico hotels
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife hotels
  • Niagara Falls hotels
  • Honolulu, Hawaii hotels
  • Disney Parks hotels
  • Cabo San Lucas,Mexic hotels
  • Bali,Indonesia hotels
  • Punta Cana hotels

Popular Cities in United States<

  • Miami Beach hotels
  • Las Vegas hotels
  • Chicago hotels
  • New York City hotels
  • Kissimmee hotels
  • Los Angeles hotels
  • New Orleans hotels
  • Orlando hotels
  • Washington D.C. hotels
  • San Diego hotels
  • Phoenix hotels
  • Dallas hotels
  • Tampa hotels
  • Houston hotels
  • Indianapolis hotels
  • Austin hotels
  • Myrtle Beach hotels

HotelAccommodationDeals is a FREE tool that travelers can use to find hotel availability and rates and to compare prices and offers from over 200,000 hotels worldwide available on over 30 leading hotel reservation websites.

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