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The premier market research company delivers business information and data for research, financial news, ECM, DCM, economic indicators, industry research & Shariah compliant Islamic finance in the markets of Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.
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James Hammond, Executive Vice President
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650 082 955
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Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd.)


ISI Emerging Markets - Corporate Headquarters
225 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10003
United States
Phone: 212-610-2900
Fax: 212-610-2950
40° 44' 14.2692" N, 73° 59' 17.664" W

Spoken Language: Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese

Business: Financial Services, Information Services

ISI Emerging Markets< delivers hard-to-get information on over 80 emerging markets through its flagship Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS). Available through fifteen different language interfaces, it aggregates and produces unique content including full-text news articles, financial statements, company information, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information.

EMIS tm offers companies powerful search capabilities with in-depth, timely and comprehensive coverage, which are derived directly from more than 20,000 local and global publications.

Internet Securities, Inc. (trading as ISI Emerging Markets) is a market research company<, was founded in 1994 and acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC in 1999. It delivers hard-to-get information on more than 80 emerging markets through its award-winning online Emerging Markets Information Service.

ISI Emerging Markets subscribers include top investment banks, corporations, law firms, consultants, investment and insurance companies, universities and libraries, multilateral organizations, and others.

ISI Emerging Markets delivers electronic information products by subscription to institutional customers around the world. Through its network of 30 worldwide locations, it provides hard-to-get information covering more than 80 emerging markets. Flagship products include:

  • CEIC Data
  • The Emerging Market Information Service (EMIS)
  • The Islamic Finance Information Service (IFIS)
  • IntelliNews
  • ISI Compliance Edition
  • ISI DealWatch

In addition to worldwide headquarters in New York and European headquarters in London, clients are served through 30 offices in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

ISI Emerging Markets Products<

Since 1994, ISI Emerging Markets' products and services have given professionals the means to stay ahead of competitors, spot opportunities and make more informed decision in markets where reliable information is hard to come by at best.

We aggregate content from over 3,900 data providers, representing more than 16,000 local and regional information sources. Our editorial staff and information professionals supplement this content with timely proprietary research and analysis and carefully compiled statistical data. All of this is integrated into our powerful internet-delivered information products.

Designed to fulfill the information needs of professionals seeking company and industry news and information, ISI products help thousands of analysts stay ahead of the headlines, and their competitors.

EMIS - Emerging Markets Information Service<

EMIS, the company's flagship product, delivers news, company and financial data direct from more than 80 emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It gives emerging market specialists worldwide one-stop Internet access to mission-critical information straight from the local markets and from over 20,000 publications. Whether they are looking for current news, hard-to-get company and industry information, financial markets data or macroeconomic analysis, EMIS offers the definitive solution for convenient access of emerging markets business intelligence.

CEIC Data<

Acquired by ISI Emerging Markets in March of 2005, CEIC Data Company Ltd specializes in providing high quality databases, and has built its reputation in the financial information service industry on accuracy, service and comprehensiveness. Today, we are the instrument of choice for economic research on Asia and the Emerging Markets by Economists around the globe.

CEIC implement meticulous measures to ensure accuracy and completeness of our data. We build databases in response to extensive market study by our data specialists and researchers. We cultivate and leverage relationships and direct data distribution arrangements with the prime national and regional statistical agencies and major industrial data issuing organizations of each country covered. CEIC has a coverage of more than 70 countries, with 40 countries in the pipeline.

The resulting time series data is ideal for trend monitoring, in-depth analysis and economic forecasting.


The comprehensive source for Emerging Market M&A and ECM transaction information from acclaimed information provider ISI Emerging Markets.

Designed to the exacting requirements of top M&A and ECM dealmakers, DealWatch gives M&A professionals tools to get to deals first, and to make better valuation decisions once they've gotten there. The DealWatch goal is to help you get help you build your business.

DealWatch currently covers Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Southeast Europe (SEE), Russia/CIS (including Central Asia and Caucasus), Greater China, India and Latin America.

Forward Looking information

Stories written by our own locally based editorial teams, reporting on rumored, pending, announced or completed M&A and ECM deals. Our reporters focus on sourcing exclusive information and comments from the markets' leading dealmakers, and add insightful comments about the purpose and prospects of a transaction, as well as background information about the companies involved in M&A deals.

IFIS - Islamic Finance Information Service<

The No. 1 Reference Resource for the Global Islamic financial system
(IFIS) (Islamic Finance Information Service) is the most comprehensive online Islamic finance information portal with global coverage. It exclusively tracks the developments in the Islamic financial world, and is a significant source of information for industry participants, top investment banks, corporations, law firms, consultants, rating agencies, researchers, insurance companies, universities and libraries, multilateral organizations etc. IFIS focuses exclusively on the developments in the Islamic financial world.

BPR Benchmark<

BPR Benchmark provides an in-depth credit risk analysis of customers and prospects concluding on a individual risk rating for all companies in the database.

Data bases are updated permanently. The service is designed to speed and ease customers decisions to improve market response and optimize market share, reducing the credit risk attached to customers commercial operations.

Benchmark is being used by more than 150 large multinationals and local corporations, 30 banks and financial entities, and 15 universities in Colombia.

Screening and analysis tools within BPR allow extensive research. Construct cash flow statements, track company ownership, identify company executives and directors with data on over 80,000 companies in Colombia, and a sophisticated set of credit analysis and research features.

This application provides marketing and credit risk tools designed to help our customers develop a down to earth business plan, supported on reliable sectorial and company business information.

It is also useful in the implementation of individual customers business and commercial plans, and improving their understanding of risks and opportunities over 80 different economic activities.

IntelliNews - Electronic Newsletters and Reports<

The editorial arm of ISI Emerging Markets, IntelliNews delivers market moving news and reports in English for over 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as regionally for the Middle East/ North Africa, Nigeria/ Ivory Coast, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia.

At the core of the IntelliNews service are the daily reports. Each report is a two-page summary of the main market-moving events in a given country. Distributed 5 days a week, these dailies combine news, analyses, comments and forecasts, focusing on macroeconomics and country-specific politics, as well as major financial and corporate news. Born to meet the needs of top City analysts covering Central and Eastern Europe, IntelliNews daily reports provide a rapid and easily digested overview of key events, delivered by 07:00 GMT before the markets open.

Customers rely on IntelliNews

Customers rely on IntelliNews to report the stories the major wires miss, and to be available to explain why events are important. For specialists engaged directly or indirectly in the world's most unpredictable debt capital markets, IntelliNews gives vital local perspective and insight that only an autochthonous expert can provide.

IntelliNews Analysts

IntelliNews analysts are native to the regions about which they write and report. Trained as economists, they hail from top universities, and are stationed in site. They write from the frontlines. By first light, their dispatches are sent out to over hundreds of institutional subscribers. As events happen during the day, their updates keep subscribers ahead of the headlines, and ahead of the markets.

IntelliNews has Editorial desks in Warsaw, Sofia, Prague, Bucharest, and Moscow, Istanbul and Mumbai and analysts operating out of ISI offices in 13 countries.

In addition to the dailies, IntelliNews publishes over 64 weekly and monthly reports, country-specific overviews, as well as a variety of country sector reports.

EMIS Corporate<

Available for select country products including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, India, Mexico, Central America, Bolivia, Mercosur, Paraguay, Uruguay.

Relying on some of the same sources of information as is available on our Flagship product, EMIS corporate is an ideal tool for keeping track of company and industry developments, and less intensive research purposes. EMIS Corporate products are available as individual country subscription products.

EMIS Compliance<

Accurate information on key persons and companies is critical in order to verify customer identity. ISI Emerging Markets™ Compliance Edition takes an "in the trenches" approach to streamline the enhanced due diligence process - delivering thorough, hands-on research from emerging markets in an easy-to-use, online format.

Email Alert- The User-Defined Emerging Markets Alert Service<

EmailAlert™ combines the power of our search engines with the convenience of email to deliver highly customized alerts.

Unlike other email-delivered products, the content of each alert is defined by you the end-user. Available as an economical stand alone product or as an optional addition to EMIS™ (Emerging Markets Information Service) subscription, EmailAlert allows an extraordinary degree of customization.

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