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An industry leader in text messaging marketing, text messaging software and mobile marketing technology. iVision Mobile SMS solutions provides mobile marketing strategies for clients across all industries.
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Derek Simms, Owner
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A BBB Accredited business since 12/29/2009

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iVision Mobile, Inc.
9566 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Chatsworth, California 91311
United States
Phone: 866-655-5302
Fax: 818-812-6126
34° 14' 38.6988" N, 118° 36' 24.2172" W
iMessenger provides a built in CRM system to manager customer data.
iMessenger's CRM System is designed to allow users to customize their data settings.
The LIVE Message Monitor allows users to monitor a text message vote or poll in real-time and view results as they come in.
iMessenger's mobile campaign composer allows users to independently create, activate, Mobile Marketing Campaigns.
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Marketing and Advertising, Marketing Software

iVision Mobile is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, California, and has quickly made an impact on the industry with their innovative mobile messaging and mobile marketing solutions.

iVisionMobile was founded on the belief that mobile technology should be accessible to all. By combining a cost-effective, web-based software platform with world-class customer service, as well as an expansive knowledge of mobile marketing, iVisionMobile has generated significant attention for its easy to use text messaging platform.

iVision Mobile is the ONLY web-based messaging solution that allows users to create unique Interactive Replies. With iVision Mobile's patent-pending Interactive Replies feature, companies can create interactive & personalized messaging campaigns which stimulate consumer interaction and increase brand loyalty.

iVision Mobile has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all messages follow the Mobile Marketing Assocation's "Best Practices" for mobile campaigns. We have spent the past two years developing text messaging software< to strictly adhere to these important guidelines.

Each message sent from the iVision Mobile network is automatically formatted for proper "Double Opt-in" and "Message Flow" requirements. Proper messaging techniques are imperative to ensure that your end-users receive your messages in a non-invasive manner and enjoy a positive experience via your mobile campaign. iVision Mobile focuses on an optimal end-user experience which will leave your customers happy and excited for more!

Mobile Marketing Solutions<

iVision Mobile provides mobile marketing and text messaging software solutions for businesses, both large and small. Users can send text messages (SMS messages), mms messages, and create interactive mobile campaigns with iVision Mobile ’s easy to use web-based Text Messaging Software.

Our flexible and user-friendly text messaging software lets you send sms text messages and mobile alerts, conduct mobile advertising, engage customers with voting, polling, text to screens, surveys and mobile coupons. You can also deliver mobile content like ring tones, wallpapers, video, and much more..

iVision Mobile empowers companies across all industries including healthcare, automotive, sporting, religious, nightclubs/restaurants, debt collection, advertising agencies and more with innovative mobile marketing campaigns. iVision Mobile’s text messaging tools let users send one-on-one text messages and appointment reminders, manage interactive mobile campaigns, and launch bulk sms< messaging to opt-in lists.

iVision Mobile’s software is built with powerful reporting and a sophisticated CRM system to manage your data. Our text messaging software suite is comprised of several products, each providing a unique set of tools which enable quick and easy management of messaging campaigns. Select from the following:

Text Messaging Software (iMessenger)<

iMessenger is an easy to use text messaging software platform that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and control interactive mobile marketing campaigns. The patent-pending web-based software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of toolsets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company’s overall marketing strategy.

iMessenger empowers innovators and forward thinkers across multiple industries including professional sports, radio and communication, consumer brands, advertising agencies, automotive, entertainment, and nightlife.

The iMessenger text messaging software and mobile marketing platform includes powerful reporting for thorough analysis of mobile campaigns. Users can also download comprehensive sent and received messaging logs.

The iMessenger platform is augmented by a core set of products that target additional niche markets such as collections, automotive, real estate, healthcare and medicine.

Text Messaging Appointment Reminders & Notices (iTRS)<

The Text Reminder System (iTRS) is a two-way instant text messaging software workstation designed to help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests. Text messaging is increasingly used by busy people to help them communicate on the go when they are in meetings, on phone calls, or at other times when a phone conversation may not be appropriate.

Because there is no text spam, people actually read every text message they receive. Your business can benefit by using a computer to conduct mobile marketing and communicate to cell phones via text message. That’s right, with the iTRS text messaging software, you can send messages right from your desktop and receive them back the same way while your customers see them on their cell phones.

The text reminder system allows you to:

  • Communicate directly with cell phones from your computer
  • Conduct multiple one-on-one conversations at the same time
  • Maintain a complete messaging log of all conversations
  • Build and keep a database of contacts

Easy to use and secure:

  • Create multiple message templates and use them over and over
  • Secure, web-based application
  • Many people in your organization can use it at the same time
  • The manager dashboard provides monitoring and reporting

Text Messaging Software Solutions for Car Dealerships (iDealership)<

The rapid growth of cellphone technology has led the nation’s leading automobile dealerships to adopt innovative ways to reach prospects, service clientele, increase retention, and generate revenues. The iDealership mobile marketing and text messaging software solution increases customer retention and satisfaction by providing timely service alerts, mobilizes inventory using text messaging and mobile WAP pages, and generates sales leads using the power of cellular phones.

iDealership is a comprehensive set of mobile marketing and text messaging software tools for automobile dealerships to achieve maximum ROI on their overall marketing spend. Now car buyers can search new and used cars, locate dealerships, calculate payments, and get mobile specials, all from their cellular phones or PDA, while the dealership builds a targeted list of prospective car buyers.

The iDealership solution also includes the Text Reminder System (iTRS) which is used by service departments nationwide to notify customers of upcoming appointments or when their vehicles are ready for pickup.

Real-Time Text to Screen<

Engage your audience with real time Text to Screen and voting/polling capabilities using the iMessenger platform. Provide instant gratification to participants of a text to vote/poll by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities. Quickly build an opt-in list while providing audience members with an interactive medium for participation at events.

Unique text to screen campaigns can be implemented at a live event, embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or incorporated into live broadcast television. Custom text voting/polling applications can be created and launched quickly and effortlessly with minimal up front costs.

Text to screen allows audience members to send text messages which are then displayed on a projection device. Projection devices can include flat/plasma screens, jumbotrons or arena vision displays, and computers integrated with video mixing systems.

Text to screen displays can be customized with any graphics, static or animated, and can display single or multiple messages at one time. Our Text to screen display can be virtually deployed anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. The iMessenger text messaging software and mobile marketing platform provides a moderator function for easy management and control of a text to screen campaign. Real-time text to screen technology:

  • Real-time text to vote
  • Real-time text to screen, single message scroll
  • Real-time text to screen, multiple message wal

Mobile Marketing For Enterprise Clients (Drop & Go)<

The Drop & Go text messaging software system is a turnkey solution for deploying enterprise-level messaging to pre-specified contacts lists. The Drop & Go system uses a 6 step automated process that can be initiated with an easy FTP file drop to iVision Mobile’s servers. Once iVision Mobile has received the data file, Drop & Go will be set into motion. The Turnkey Drop & Go System Includes:

  • Parsing and processing of the data file to extract the message data components
  • Performing a carrier lookup on mobile numbers that are new to the system
  • Compiling of each outbound message using data provided in the file
  • Sending of the custom messages using iVision Mobile's sms messaging gateway
  • Gathering of delivery receipts and confirmations for compilation into delivery report
  • Collection of incoming messages for compilation into received message report
  • FTP of incoming and sent message delivery reports to client

With the Drop & Go text messaging software, enterprise level mobile marketing and communications campaigns can be implemented easily and effortlessly.

Mobile Marketing mCommerce System (iPayText Mobile Commerce)<

iVision Mobile's iPayText payment solution and text messaging software enables secure and easy ordering and/or purchasing from your mobile phone.

Pay by Phone” is popping up all over the place these days - in magazines, on posters, on billboards and TV. With mobile payments you can safely and securely pay for things like clothes, movie tickets, coffee, food and more on the go, simply by sending a text message. These mobile payments are far more secure than traditional on-site credit card transactions which can result in vital information being released to unauthorized parties.

This text messaging software can also be utilized for creating interactive mobile marketing campaigns, or as an ordering mechanism for tickets, parking, and concessions at live events. Now, wherever you are - on a sidewalk, on a couch, or on vacation - you can make purchases by sending a simple text message.

Free to End User text messaging (FTEU)<

FTEU  has been long discussed in the mobile industry as a necessary component to help spur growth and adoption of SMS campaigns. However, carrier adoption has been slow to non-existent. Currently, only AT&T/Cingular and T-Mobile support FTEU and Verizon Wireless has agreed to this, and there’s no guarantee the other carriers will follow suit any time soon.

FTEU essentially requires mobile marketers to pay the carrier a higher per message fee and text messages are then sent to the consumer, free of charge, regardless of their text messaging plan. This adds a new layer to existing carrier billing systems and one of the major stumbling blocks has been the carriers’ ability to implement new billing gateways. This, understandably, has slowed down the process to get FTEU up and running within most of the big carriers.

Still, it is somewhat surprising carriers haven’t fully embraced FTEU, given how lucrative text messaging has become to their bottom lines. FTEU has tremendous implications in certain business sectors including healthcare, financing, government, emergency response, and appointment reminders and notices.

Yet, as more companies start to delve into mobile marketing and text messaging communications and consumers start to receive many potential messages per day, FTEU support from each carrier will become that much more important. For example, financial institutions, anxious to cut down on paper costs, would like to send billing notices/past due warnings via text message. However, without FTEU in place, sending even one message (regardless of intent) that the consumer has to pay for could lead to trouble for the company, including potential law suits.

The bottom line is that FTEU is long overdue and becoming increasingly important to help ensure that mobile marketing and communications continues to flourish. It is iVision Mobile’s goal to be at the forefront of FTEU technology and to leverage the delivery method on behalf of our clients.

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