Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs : Canine Scent Detection, Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs located in central New Jersey and offers certified Bedbug...

Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs

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Canine Scent Detection, Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs located in central New Jersey and offers certified Bedbug detection services throughout New Jersey, in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and Philadelphia.
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Marcia Brice, Owner
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESCDA)

  • New Jersey Pest Management Association
  • Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce
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Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs
22 Temple Terrace
Lawrence Township, New Jersey 08648
United States
Phone: 609-379-2888
40° 16' 40.6524" N, 74° 43' 2.6436" W
Jersey Dog "Jozy" alerting to begbugs in the couch.
Bed bug detection dog
Scent detection dog
Jersey Bed bug dog
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Home and Garden

Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs LCC, is an independent canine scent detection< company. Our mission is the earliest possible detection of bedbugs. This is key to minimizing treatment costs, business down time, pesticide exposure and of course the trauma of being bitten.

"Jozy" the Jersey Dog is smart, fast, and driven. She was trained at J&K Canine Academy, Inc., a leader in the industry and accredited by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). Both handler and dog are certified by NESDCA, and will be re-certified annually.

  • We are discreet, we wear no logos, or uniforms, and drive a small umarked sedan
  • The Jersey Dog team will perform a comprehensive search of the entire facility or home, paying particular attention to any areas and rooms in question
  • After the inspection, a confidential report documenting the team’s findings will be provided for your records
  • A follow-up inspection can be scheduled to determine the success of the treatment.

Our clients are residential and commercial they include: private home owners, apartment renters, facility management, hotels, motels, dormitories, schools, condominium complexes, hospitals, health clubs, assisted living facilities, storage units, moving vans, community centers, movie theaters, and even cruise ships. Call for a free consultation and estimate, our prices are very reasonable.

Residential Services<

We can provide fast and effective bedbug detection. Our trained bedbug dog can inspect a room in minutes, and is capable of finding infestations, as small as a single bedbug or viable egg, quickly and efficiently, before the problem spreads. Detecting the problem in its earliest stage is key to minimizing treatment costs, chemical pesticide exposure and, of course, the trauma of being bitten.

Bites, or is there another reason why you suspect that you may have bedbugs? Have you had house guests recently, or are your college kids out of the dorms and back home for the summer? If so, we’re here to help - call for an appointment! Once an appointment has been made, we will give you a short pre-inspection check list of things to do, to prepare for the inspection. Following the suggestions will ensure the best possible results.

We are discreet, and arrive at your home in an unmarked sedan, the handler will be dressed casually, with no visible company logos. We will review the check list, discuss your concerns and make a quick visual inspection to make sure there are no obstructions for the dog. Next, the handler will guide the dog through your home, searching for the scent of bedbugs. They will pay particular attention to those areas and rooms of maximum concern.

When the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a detailed confidential written report of our findings, which you may then provide to your pest control professional. This will allow your pest control professional to focus on the areas in the home that the dog alerted to, saving time and money, and reducing the need for chemical treatment.

After your pest control company has treated the infestation, you may wish to consider a follow-up visit, to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that the bedbugs are gone, or if additional treatments are needed.

Commercial Services<

Bedbugs a problem? Jersey Dog Seeks Bedbugs is here to help! We provide fast and effective bedbug detection to owners and managers of hotels, motels, schools and school dormitories, condominium complexes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, health clubs, community centers, movie theaters, public-function rooms, storage units, moving vans - anywhere that bedbugs might be hiding. Using a dog saves time, and avoids the need to move furniture, minimizing disruption to your business.

We are very discreet. Our handler and dog team arrive at your place of business in an unmarked sedan and, if necessary we can inspect your facility after hours. Our handler wears business casual attire, with no company logos. We will ask several assessment questions and quickly walk through the premises, before the bedbug inspection. The handler and dog team will then begin a comprehensive search of the entire building, paying particular attention to areas and rooms of maximum concern. Our trained bedbug dog will sniff her way through each area for the scent of live bedbugs, nymphs or viable eggs. Upon alerting to the presence of bedbugs, the handler will document the area.

Once our bedbug inspection is complete, the handler will provide a verbal report, and then mail or email a confidential written report documenting the results. If we have been alerted to the presence of bedbugs, you may then contact a pest control provider of your choosing. Or we will be happy to recommend a reputable company with experience in bedbug extermination.

Because our bedbug dog is trained to detect the presence of even a single bedbug in a room, many businesses choose to schedule routine monthly, or quarterly inspections of their premises. These routine or proactive inspections reduce the risk for major infestations, allowing for any small infestations to be controlled quickly before they have a chance to spread. The report that we provide after each inspection will reflect the diligence of your effort to ensure a bedbug-free environment to your customers.

Unfortunately, sometimes even an owner’s or manager’s best efforts are not enough to avoid bedbugs. If an infestation of a facility is suspected, we also offer one time inspections. The team can promptly and effectively inspect the areas in question and provide you with a written report to share with your pest control provider.

We recommend re-inspection after extermination, to provide you with assurance that the infestation has been successfully eliminated, or, if necessary, that further treatment is needed. Our dog does not alert to dead bedbugs, cast skins or fecal matter, which is especially important in post extermination inspections.

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