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Entertainment lawyers in Los Angeles with practice areas centered on music law, app law, video game law, and film law.
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Kamal Moo
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Johnson & Moo
5900 Wilshire Blvd Suite #2600
Los Angeles, California 90306
United States
Phone: 424-242-4061
Fax: 866-941-4745
34° 3' 43.8372" N, 118° 21' 30.618" W
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Business: Business and Society, Ethnicity and Business

Johnson & Moo primary practice areas are music law, entertainment law<, California Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and consumer law, in the heart of Los Angeles. Johnson & Moo aims to use extensive experience and creativity to help serve it's clients better.

Johnson & Moo understands that attorneys are nothing without it's clients. Johnson & Moo values it's clients. Johnson & Moo strives to make each of it's clients feel as if he or she is it's only client.

Music and Entertainment Law<

Entertainment contracts can be complex and intimidating and therefore it's important to have an attorney on your side who is thoroughly familiar with them. Kamal Moo is an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. He has spent several years in the music industry as an artist manager and is now drawing on his practical experience to help provide his entertainment law clients with the best guidance possible.

Entertainment encompasses a wide variety of creative industries:

  • Music
  • Motion picture
  • Visual arts

In this digital age, there are very few "standard" entertainment deals out there. The Internet has forever changed the way these deals are made. Entertainment agreements can be very complex and it is important you have an attorney on your side who can properly advise you.

At Johnson & Moo, our entertainment practice focuses primarily on music contracts, including recording, publishing, management, and producer agreements. However, we are ready and willing to consult with you regarding all your entertainment law needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Copyright Registration<

As an artist, it is important that you protect your intellectual property rights. Whether you've written a song, novel, or screenplay, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office is the best way to protect your work.

If you suspect that someone has stolen your work, a proper copyright registration will allow you bring a law suit against the infringing party and seek damages. You may have heard that you automatically receive a copyright upon creation of your work.

While this is true, if you are ever in a position to bring an infringement law suit against someone, you will need proof that the copyright exists, the best proof is a registration certificate by the U.S. Copyright Office. Johnson & Moo is ready and willing to help you register your copyrights and make sure your intellectual property rights are protected.

Publishing Contract Drafting / Negotiation<

A songwriter enters into a publishing deal wish a music publisher so that the songwriter can focus his or her energy on writing songs. Meanwhile, the publisher works behind the scenes to get those songs placed in commercials, TV shows, movies, etc.

Modern technology has created new revenue streams that didn't exist only a few short years ago, for example, it's not uncommon for a particular ringtone to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Given these advances in technology, it is important that you as a songwriter have an attorney on your side who is able to negotiate a deal that covers all the bases. Kamal Moo, partner at Johnson & Moo, has negotiated several typers of publishing agreements and is well aware of the issues affecting modern publishing contracts.

Record Contract Drafting / Negotiation<

Now more than ever you need a music attorney< on your side who is familiar with the ever-changing pace of the music industry. Due to the explosion of modern technology over the past decade, the traditional record company model has undergone an extreme makeover and this, of course, has affected the deals they offer to artists.

A newer buy increasingly more common type of contract is the 360 deal, which allows record companies to share in profits from all sources of an artist's income, including record sales, touring, merchandise, etc.

Because these deals are relatively new to the industry, you need at attorney who is thoroughly familiar with them. Kamal Moo, partner at Johnson & Moo, has negotiated several types of recording agreements, both traditional and 360, and unlike most attorneys Mr. Moo has also worked as an artist manager for years and thus understands how these contracts affect the day-to-day lives of artists.

Mr. Moo's unique experience as both an attorney and artist manager has helped and will continue to help our music clients secure the best deals possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Licensing Contract Drafting / Negotiation<

There are many types of music licenses. One of the most common types is the sync license (short for "synchronization license"), which is generally sought by film and TV producers whenever they want a particular song to appear in a movie or TV show.

Have you ever wondered why you don't hear too many Beatles songs in movies?

It's because they are very expensive to license, and without securing proper sync licenses the movie producers would be sued for copyright infringement. Another type of license is a grand rights license, which applies to musicals and dramatic plays containing music.

When a composer is hired to write music for a musical or play, the producers need to negotiate a deal that usually includes the payment of back-end royalties. When it comes to sync licenses and grand rights licenses, or any type of license for that matter, it is important that you have a music lawyer< that understands the ins and outs of those deals and what is at stake. Kamal Moo, partner at Johnson & Moo, has negotiated and drafted several types of licensing agreements and has the experience to help you secure the best deal possible.

Consumer Law<

Jovan Johnson has helped consumers with their debt for the past five years. He has done so on behalf of consumers who found themselves victims of price fixing by major monopolies and with individuals and couples experiencing personal debt problems. While Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a phrase that can make some people uncomfortable, Mr. Johnson understands that this process can help his clients reset their finances so they can focus on other, more important, areas of life.

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