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ClearSounds Amplified Cordless Bundle A600 and A600E CLS-A600BUNDLE
DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
Intellitouch SBC-6028-2HC DECT6.0 dual handset cordless with MP3 Player
Clarity 76565 Amplified Telephone 60dB WHITE XL-50

Spoken Language: English

Business: Electronics and Electrical, Telecommunications pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best-quality products and personal service. stocks many Consumer Electronics products.

Our current top products are Cordless Telephones, Corded Telephones, and Alarm Clocks.

Please feel free to look around the site, if you cannot find a product visit the Special Order page. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please contact us using our Contact Us form, or Live Chat, or by emailing us.

Our Mission/Goals are:

  • To make your shopping experience more enjoyable.
  • To assist you in selecting your product.
  • To provide the best customer service available.
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.

Cordless Phones are really a fun thing to have and can save you a lot of time. The trick is knowing what the good and the bad is with them. You may be wondering what that means. If this is the case, read on.

What Is So Good About Cordless Phones?

These phones do have some really good things about them and these are the reasons that most people buy them. The first one is that they are very portable. You can take them all over the house and still keep your conversation going. This can be a big plus when you are looking at them.

Another good thing about them is that the features can be customized to your needs. You may be able to have a fast redial or change the color of the phone easy. It also makes things a lot more fun.

What's Not So Good About Cordless Phones?

There are a few things that are not so good about these kinds of phones. The first is that the battery may not charge as fast as you would like. This can make things hard and you may end up hooking up a corded phone for those days.

Another not so good thing is that you can lose them. They are not attached to anything and it can be easy to just forget where you put them. A page button is on most bases, but may not help all the time.

Cordless phones are really a great thing to have if you are able to get passed the bad things that may happen. Take your time to fully understand what it is that you want and what it is that you think you will need for your family. This is going to be the way that you can talk to the world so you want to make it good.

Waking Up With Alarm Clocks

A lot of people wake up every day using an alarm clock. While most people don't have any problems, there are others who sleep right through their alarm clocks, putting their jobs in jeopardy or missing an important appointment. If you have a problem waking up when your alarm clock goes off, try one or more of the following tips.

If your alarm clock is electric, make sure it has a battery back-up. If you happen to lose electricity during the night you won't have to worry about oversleeping.

Make sure you get enough sleep each night. It helps if you can have a set time for going to bed and waking up. Try to get up at the same time each morning, even if you don't have to get up for any specific reason. Your body will adjust easier if you have a set routine and there will be less chance that you will sleep through your alarm.

If you sleep right through the radio coming on, try an alarm clock that has a loud ring or buzz. There are also alarm clocks shaped like animals that make animal noise.

Some people turn their alarm off without fully waking up and then later don't even remember that the alarm went off. If this is a problem for you, try setting your alarm clock across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you are on your feet, resist the temptation to go back to bed.

If setting the clock across the room doesn't do the trick, you can also try setting more than one alarm. Set them to play different sounds and to go off at different times. Chances are if you sleep through the first one, the second one will wake you up.

There are also now alarm clocks that simulate sunshine rays to help you wake up naturally. You may find it easier to wake up if it feels like it is later than it really is.

Experiment with the above tips to find one that works well for you so that you don't miss an important meeting again!

Never Get Lost Again With GPS Units

With the use of today's technology people can now take a world map with them wherever they go. GPS Units have been around for years and people are catching on to how much they can do for you. Whether you are travelling around the globe or just around your own city the right GPS unit is sure to come in handy!

These units were originally created for military use, but have definitely become a very large money maker when released to the public. These systems are designed to give you incredibly accurate and proper directions wherever you go. They use satellites set up in space in order to retrieve the information that you are in need of.

Never getting lost ever again is a great advantage of these GPS units. Those who do not have time to fumble around with maps or get directions ahead of time simply need an address or business name and they are good to go. Even the most simplest of units can give you key information so that you will always know where to go!

Not only are these units used for traveling around in the car, but hikers and other explorers find these units useful as well. The units that you will use for exploring will be handheld and very easy to travel around with. These units also help to find missing hikers or skiers that get lost on slopes each year.

When it comes to safety on the road you want to make sure that you have on of these units at all times. If you were to get into some sort of trouble or accident you will want to know that help is on the way. These units will allow authorities to help track you down and find you if you find yourself in some trouble.

If you are looking for a smart investment for all of your future endeavors then check out the best GPS units you can find. Once you install the unit into your car or take it with you on a hiking trip you will be able to get moving without asking for directions. See how you can improve your travels today with one of these units!

Tips For Going Green While Using Home Electronics

At some point in every conversation or in the magazines we read the topic of going green comes up. Saving our environment is important in many ways, but the question on many minds is can we have home electronics and still go green?

Keeping the electronics many of us have come to depend on is still possible while attempting to improve the environment. The easiest way to start conserving energy is by unplugging all electrical appliances not in use. These items continue to burn energy while turned off so unplugging will save energy and reduce the electric bill.

Another simple solution is to change the light bulbs to those that are energy efficient. These bulbs will also decrease the electric bill. Outside lightening could be transferred to energy efficient bulbs as well or using solar powered lighted. There are many decorative solar lights that will work great for illuminating a walkway or porch.

Next time there is a need to go to the market, purchase items in paper containers when possible. The paper is much easier on the environment than plastic jugs or metal cans. If you have a space in the yard to grow a garden this will be not only environmentally good but will save a lot of money on the weekly groceries.

Attempting to save the planet and going green takes starting in small steps. There are numerous informational pieces on the internet with easy tricks to go green. The majority of people cannot make the first attempt to save the environment by buying a new energy conservative vehicle; it is done with things such as unplugging unused items and buying in paper instead of plastic.

The majority of us rely on a coffee maker to get us through the day or a toaster to make our breakfast. We do not have to give these items or any other home electronics up; we simply need to use them wisely.

The Growth Of Cellular Telephone Accessories

As society becomes more dependent on mobile technology in everyday life, cellular telephone accessories have become more important than ever. Fortunately, there are so many available that nearly every need imaginable is being addressed.

It's easy to see how some of these supplements are useful. Cell phone chargers and batteries are typical necessities. They add life to the phone and the batteries, respectively, which makes any work or activity more mobile than ever.

Hands-free, phone holders for the car, and customized car kits make driving easier. Of course, and more importantly, they make driving and talking on the phone safer. Additionally, chargers for the car plug into the lighter and charge the phone while the car is on and running.

Some people are even more concerned about the legal implications of using these types of technology. As the laws change, more drivers are becoming cognizant about using these so as not to incur tickets or other reprimands from the law.

Some accoutrements are for convenience's sake. Carrying cases, belt clips or holsters, and skin cases make for easier carrying. With bright colors and varying cover materials, smaller cell phones are more difficult to lose now. With some of these additions, a cell phone can become a fashion statement.

Technology enhancers include memory cards, data cables, and Bluetooth headsets and kits. Small, efficient, and designed to enhance convenience, these headsets and kits are seen all around town these days. These kinds of additions allow for more data storage in a smaller device.

There are even antennas and styluses available. The antennas eliminate dead space so often found in cars, offices, and residences. They can also help when traveling in areas where dead space is common, such as in the mountains or desert or on an isolated beach. The styluses make for easier note-taking or typing out messages or reports on your phone.

As phones have evolved into the mobile forces they are today, the marketplace for accessories and phone complements has exploded. Buying a cell phone means having to give thought to the intended use of the phone so as to choose the right extras.

It is true that some mobile telephone accessories might seem superfluous. But accessories are not necessarily created or designed to always be utilitarian. True, many of these enhancements make life, work, or school more convenient. But many simply make a fashion statement or show off one's style. And that is what an accessory is meant to be ' an object or objects that improve your quality of life, however that is quantified.

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