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Small business internet marketing and search engine optimization from Madd Web, lower cost, fewer clients and quicker results.
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Brooke Klepper, owner
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Business: Internet Marketing, Marketing and Advertising

Search engine marketing< has become something that almost every business online needs, but doesn't want to face. The majority of consumers will not search past the first page in any search engine, which makes being on the first page extremely important.

Madd Web SEO believes that search engine marketing and  doesn't have to cost a fortune. We strive for less clients, lower cost and quicker results. Online competition has reached an all time high with so many businesses competing for customers.

Not only do the majority of consumers purchase many of their products online, but they research prior to purchasing. In order to make a successful online business, being on page 1 of the search engines and small business internet marketing< is a must. Madd Web can do this for your business without breaking your marketing budget.

About Brooke Klepper, the owner of Madd Web SEO<

I am originally from Missoula, MT. and recently moved to Fort Myers Beach, FL. My education background is in Information Systems from The University Of Montana. I previously worked as the Marketing Director for a credit card company. In this position I had the opportunity to reasearch SEO companies< in hopes of finding one to hire.

I quickly found the task to be frustrating and daunting. The SEO companies I spoke with all promised the same results and gave the same information, but the cost was outrageous. I then decided to work on the search engine optimization and marketing inhouse.

This is where my passion and excitement for search engine optimization and marketing came from.This prompted me to open my own small business to give me the opportunity to help small to mid-size businesses gain online visibility and grow their company and clientele.

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