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The full-service direct marketing mailing list broker provider that supersedes the industry in turnaround time, quality, and experience. Marketing Lists Direct offers accurately targeted mailing lists and services at unbeatable prices.
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Marketing Lists Direct
2710 Del Prado Blvd #2-220
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
United States
Phone: 877-241-2718
Fax: 239-214-0267
26° 36' 5.364" N, 81° 56' 29.8572" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Mailing Lists, Marketing and Advertising

Marketing Lists Direct was founded on the principal of bringing quality lists and data services to all industries whether marketing to residents or businesses. They believe that providing solid customer service that is quick and reliable is an important corner stone of this principal.

Developing partnerships through understanding their clients' overall marketing needs and efforts, educating on all options available, and delivering on customer service, with creative thinking that is second to none, will bring about the desired goal of your marketing campaign. They have shown so many how fast and easy we can make the list purchasing process.

Marketing Lists Direct supersedes the industry in turnaround time, quality, and experience. Our specially tailored mailing lists< make it easy to grow your business. They pride themselves with:

  • Highest Quality of Data: The accuracy is guaranteed. All files are updated monthly and include all necessary postal paperwork. They use strict deliverability codes to ensure the accuracy and stand above our competition. Superior data brings superior results.
  • Experienced Reps: the staff has over 40 years of combined direct mail experience in the direct marketing industry.
  • Creating Partnerships: they partner with clients to become a part of their marketing process. They are not out to simply sell a list, like some competitors. With creative thinking and a developed synergy, they take the time to build a successful campaign for the present and the future.
  • Technology: Through professional associations, publications, and online sources, we keep in touch and utilize all of the newest and latest advances in technology. Our clients range from small- and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, so we must be able to recommend and provide the best solutions across a broad spectrum of technological avenues. We are so confident in our marketing lists and services.

Sales Leads are the lifeline to a successful growing business. Whether you run a one-person business or seek to improve the results of your nationwide sales representatives, Marketing Lists Direct works with clients to understand their goals and to analyze customer and respondent data to help deliver more qualified leads and a higher ROI.

After all, in today’s challenging economy, you need a competitive edge; you need professionals with knowledge of the industry, Government compliancy laws, and US Postal rules and regulations.

To help you achieve ultimate success, we focus on understanding your overall marketing efforts. Our educated team will listen carefully to help evaluate your needs and provide recommendations that will produce results and grow your business effectively. We are professionals that care about the success of your business because your success is our success.

By delivering content and technology know-how to the marketplace, we offer our clients a very different and unique approach to buying marketing lists. We will do the research for you to discover the best options that will focus on the market that is going to bring about the best results. Why waste time and money on trial and error methods when we can direct you to the individuals you need to be in contact with. No one can afford to lose precious dollars on any unsuccessful campaign.

We believe that a well planned and properly put together direct mail campaign can provide an advantage in today's ever-changing business world. All listings are updated in accordance set by the US Postal Service rules and regulations. This ensures the deliverability rates that are expected set by industry standards.

Direct marketing mailing lists<

Direct marketing Mailing Lists allow you to deliver your offer or message about your particular product, service, or event and it explains how, where, and when to get your product, service, or event. You can drive your message to a company’s top decision maker, targeted consumer, or an entire geographic area with a limited advertising budget and you do not need a well-known brand name.

Your request for a specific “Call To Action” can lead to a direct response to your message’s offer. Most databases have unlimited demographic selection criteria to target as specific as you need while others allow you to be as broad as you need when saturating an entire area.

We have access to a wide variety of marketing list databases to ensure we can provide the exact targeted audience that would best fit your marketing goals. Most databases are updated on a monthly basis against the National Change of Address database from the United States Postal Service.

This guarantees the highest deliverability rates for your direct mail campaigns. Some databases are derived from Government licensing and certification records, professional publications, professional Associations which only allow for that particular database to be updated quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Our databases reach nationwide with the ability to define your specific, targeted geography. Depending on your direct mail campaign goals, you can select your geography based on carrier routes within a particular:

  • Zip code
  • Zip codes
  • Cities
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • Counties
  • States
  • Regions
  • Nationwide

We can even provide a listing based on a radius around a zip code or provided address. However, we are just not limited to the United States. We also have the ability to access databases from most countries around the world.

Consumer Mailing Lists<

Marketing Lists Direct provides accurate and affordable consumer mailing lists to contact individuals at their residential addresses. With 135 million households and 200 million individuals available, you can identify quality prospective customers with over 100 demographic selections.

Consumer mailing lists allow you to focus on your main goals of your direct mail campaign to define exactly who and where you want to target. Geography, demographics, mortgage and housing information, and personal interests allow for a wide spectrum of options to filter and target your specific niche. We guarantee 95% deliverability and are updated regularly against the USPS National Change of Address updates. Available consumer demographics are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Homeowner/ Renter
  • Net Worth
  • Income Producing Assets
  • Household Income
  • Presence of Children
  • Children Age Ranges
  • Ethnicity
  • Ethnic Religion
  • Ethnic Language
  • Home Value
  • Length of Residency
  • Auto Make and Model
  • Mortgage Information
  • Credit Card Information and Habits
  • Mail Order Purchasers
  • Online Purchasers
  • Lifestyle Interests

Business Mailing Lists<

Our business data offers the highest level of accuracy and coverage with over 24 million business records. Compiled from multiple data sources such as telephone directories, government filings, business credit and annual reports, and with over 24 million phone calls made annually to verify the information, our B2B sales leads are guaranteed deliverable and accurate.

Marketing Lists Direct offers the best available business records for your specific business objective, regardless of source, making us a trusted source for business mailing lists and sales leads. Choose from a large array of selection criteria such as:

  • Industry Type (SIC / NAICS Code)
  • Top Contact Name and Title
  • Employee Size
  • Sales Volume
  • Year Started
  • Location Type
  • Owner Ethnicity
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Public vs. Private
  • Owns / Rents Coding

Saturation Mailing Lists<

Our saturation list is a great way to ensure you are connecting with everyone, residents and/or businesses, by localizing and saturating an area by carrier route, zip code, radius, city, county, or state.

Our Saturation mailing lists is addressed to the "Resident" for all residential addresses, with the option to output names where available, and “Occupant” for all business addresses. We also have the ability to target neighborhoods with average incomes, average ages and even average home values. This helps to remove areas that may not be a right fit for your product or service. This list is compiled straight from the United States Post Office and is updated monthly from mail carriers information. This file includes every deliverable address.

A saturation mailing is simply any mailing campaign that mails to at least 90% of the addresses within a postal carrier route. Many mailers erroneously believe that a saturation mailing must be conducted by ZIP Code but the actual definitions from the USPS for the maximum saturation discount uses the carrier route as the defining region. Selection Options include:

  • Geography: Carrier Route, Zip Code, Radius, City, County, State
  • Demographics: averaged age, averaged income and averaged home value on a carrier route level (Rural Route, City Route, Highway Route, Box Route)
  • Dwelling Type: Single Family Dwelling Unit, Multi-Family Dwelling, Unit, Trailer, Business, and PO Box

New Movers Lists<

Marketing Lists Direct will allow you to reach new movers in any U.S. geographic area who are ready to start spending! The hotline new mover market has a higher propensity to make immediate purchases to enjoy their new household. These leads are available weekly or monthly. View our available New Mover database selects:

  • Geography
  • Address Type
  • Household Demographics
  • Telephone

Marketing Lists Direct can also help you reach new homeowners in any U.S. geographic area that have purchased in the past week, month or year. These new homeowners are ready to invest in their new home for decorating, furniture, improvements, and more. Subscriptions also available on a weekly or monthly basis. View our available New Homeowner database selects:

  • Geography
  • Hotlines
  • Primary Selections
  • Mortgage Information

Specialty Mailing Lists<

Marketing Lists Direct enables you to find and target consumers, professionals, and industries with greater accuracy and specificity that traditional compiled databases may not reach. These databases are created through online and product warranty registrations, surveys, trade and professional associations, government certifications and licenses, magazine subscribers, directories and other proprietary sources.

With our Medical Mailing List File, you can reach physicians by medical specialty or nurses by type within any U.S. geographic area. This file is compiled from over 40 sources including licensing and association data, professional and alumni directories, and public information sources. This is the most comprehensive Medical Information available in the market today.

Below are some of our most popular Specialty Mailing Lists among our clients. We can create any mailing list you need. If you do not see your target audience, most popular specialty mailing list files are:

  • Accountants / CPAs mailing list
  • Ailments mailing list
  • Bankruptcies mailing list
  • Boat/Yacht Owners mailing list
  • Brides-to-be mailing list
  • Canadian Businesses mailing list
  • Canadian Consumers mailing list
  • Churches mailing list
  • Clubs & Organizations mailing list
  • Colleges & Universities mailing list
  • Cosmetologists mailing list
  • Educators mailing list
  • Expectant Mothers mailing list
  • Financial Analysts mailing list
  • Fortune 1000 Companies mailing list
  • Home School Households mailing list
  • Insurance Agents mailing list
  • Lawyers mailing list
  • Medical Specialists mailing list
  • New Businesses mailing list
  • New Parents mailing list
  • Newlyweds mailing list
  • Non-Profit Organizations mailing list
  • Nurses mailing list
  • Nutritionists mailing list
  • Occupational Therapists mailing list
  • Pharmacists mailing list
  • Pilots mailing list
  • Pre-Movers mailing list
  • Professors mailing list
  • Psychologists mailing list
  • Real Estate Agents mailing list
  • Real Property Mortgage mailing list
  • Schools mailing list
  • Social Workers mailing list
  • Teachers mailing list
  • Timeshare Owners mailing list
  • Veterinarians mailing list
  • Voters mailing list

One of the most important aspects of any direct mail campaign is getting your mail piece to the right person who has knowledge of your product or service, has a need for your product or service, and has the authority to recommend or directly purchase your product or service. Marketing Lists Direct has access to the best business and professional databases on the market. We can provide a listing in any industry and at any level.

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