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The leading providers of whole home energy efficiency retrofitting, home energy efficiency audit and home performance. Improve the Weather Inside.
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Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Contractor

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Masco Home Services, Inc.
2339 Beville Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32119
United States
Phone: 877-305-3011
29° 9' 32.7996" N, 81° 3' 52.0128" W
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Energy audit
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Home energy audit

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Business: Consulting, Energy

WellHome is a business of Masco Home Services, Inc. WellHome offers all-in-one service to improve home energy-efficiency and comfort. WellHome Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified advisors start by providing home performance assessments to owners of existing homes.

Advisors then offer home comfort improvement recommendations and implementation, and assistance in identifying rebates and incentives. WellHome launched in 2009 under the Masco Home Services name and launched the WellHome brand in the spring of 2010.

We assess your home using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, recommend options to improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency<, and handle the installations you select. And we guarantee your first year's energy savings with our whole home energy saving limited guarantee.

WellHome services<

A properly performing home is a great place for your family to live. A Whole-House Assessment is a smart, scientific approach to improving your comfort and energy efficiency.

  • WellHome Advisors guide you through the process, step by step.
    • Rest easy knowing that WellHome Advisors are Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified professionals who strive for the highest standards of excellence. Advisors complete rigorous training in home performance evaluation to better understand the dynamics of how homes should work as a system.
  • The thinking behind a Whole-House Assessment.
    • We study the systems in your home, how these systems function on their own, and how they contribute to your whole house comfort and energy efficiency. We test your home's air and duct sealing, insulation levels, and more. We also evaluate your home's energy consumption and heating and cooling efficiency.

Home insulation<

If ducts are not properly insulated or if air leaks out of your home, energy may be wasted. However, adding insulation without first pinpointing areas of air loss may not solve energy and comfort problems8. A WellHome Advisor looks for these areas and more.

We know where to look, and what to look for. Our infrared camera reveals where conditioned air is leaking through your attic, walls and basement. This data tells us exactly where and how much blown cellulose, blown fiberglass or fiberglass batts to add to improve your home’s insulation.

  • Attic insulation is effective
    • A home that has attic insulation is a much more energy-efficient home than one that doesn’t. After attic insulation is properly placed, a home’s utility bills will decline. A home’s specifications and location will determine what type of attic insulation is best suited for it
  • Insulation keeps you cool, too
    • Insulation keeps cool air inside during the summer the same way it keeps warm air inside during the winter. Sometimes the best time to install insulation is during the summer months.
  • Installing insulation can be fast and simple
    • Adding insulation to your home can be quick and clean. In many cases, installation can be performed in a single visit.

 Heating and cooling<

After a whole-house assessment, we’ll have exactly the information needed to determine the right-sized heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC) system for your home. It’s just one of the many steps to increasing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. WellHome’s HVAC services will position your home in the right direction.

  • Big appliances don't mean bigger performance
    • If an HVAC system is too large for a home, it may never run at optimum efficiency. If it’s too small, it might not keep you comfortable and frequent HVAC services may be needed. A right-sized7 heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC) system is the most energy-efficient and comfortable solution for your home.
  • Sometimes a new HVAC system isn't required - just simple HVAC services
    • Our Whole-House Assessment determines if replacing your furnace, boiler or air-conditioner will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. And whether duct tightening and insulation will make further energy-efficiency improvements. Big improvement project? Let us handle the details.
  • Big improvement project? Let us handle the details
    • Have confidence when WellHome handles larger home performance projects. We’ll recommend the right-sized7 unit equipment, handle installations and optimize energy savings by performing smaller HVAC services or improvements like duct tightening and air sealing.

Duct tightening<

Increasing comfort and energy efficiency doesn't always require extensive updates. The answer to better home performance could be basic, like tightening the duct work in your heating, ventilating, and cooling (HVAC) system. All parts of your home, furnaces, air conditioners, insulation and windows should work together to improve home performance.

  • Duct tightening can reduce temperature fluctuation
    • When ducts are tight, air pressure is consistent and an even amount of conditioned air enters all rooms of your house. So, duct tightening can help address room-to-room variations in temperature.
  • Tightening ducts requires smarts, but not sophistication
    • WellHome service providers know where and how to tighten duct work, update duct work, and make other simple fixes. Sometimes the smart solution is not necessarily expensive nor high-tech.
  • Enjoy greater comfort and energy efficiency, fast
    • Often, tightening duct work can be completed in a single visit, so you and your family will quickly enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Air sealing<

Home comfort and energy-efficiency improvements don't always require extensive updates. The answer to better home performance can be basic, like applying caulk to areas where conditioned air is escaping from your home. All parts of a house, including duct work, furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, and windows, should work together for maximum home performance.

  • How air sealing affects home performance
    • Conditioned air shouldn't escape through the space around where a water pipe leaves your home, through a gap in a door frame, or through a drafty window. Air should leave the rooms of your home the same way it came in, through a system of ducts.
  • How we assess air sealing
    • Our blower door test forces air through your home, revealing areas where conditioned air escapes. Then your WellHome Advisor does a visual, spot-test inspection of your home, looking for areas of air leakage that an untrained eye might miss. During installation, we stop air leaks with caulk, foam and other materials.
  • Seal in home comfort and energy efficiency, fast
    • In many cases, the WellHome team or one of our selected service providers can seal air leaks in a single visit, so you and your family can enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Installing replacement windows<

By performing a Whole-House Assessment before windows are installed, WellHome will identify how to optimize your energy-efficiency gains. In addition to installing replacement windows, we’ll handle air sealing, insulation and the other improvements that make the most of new windows. In some cases, we may even discover that you don’t need replacement windows, at all.

  • How windows affect comfort and energy-efficiency
    • Well-performing windows keep outside air outside and conditioned air inside. If there are gaps between windows and frames, comfort and energy efficiency may be compromised. Glazing and glass can also affect home performance. If your home’s windows aren’t doing their job, replacement windows may be best.
  • Install the right windows, the right way
    • Your advisor may recommend Low-E coated windows which reflect heat in summer, keep heat inside in winter and reduce UV rays. We also check for a tight fit between glass and frame. When installing replacement windows, sealing gaps can prevent air flow and thus conditioned air loss
  • New, replacement windows can improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home
    • When WellHome handles the assessment and installation of replacement windows, you can be confident that you’ll get the most out of your investment, because we also handle air sealing and insulation. We even guarantee your first year’s energy savings.

Replacing lights<

Replacing lights and fixtures with ENERGY STAR®9-compliant products is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure all parts of your home are working together for maximum energy efficiency. WellHome will assess your current lighting, then recommend and install the right improvements for the best home performance.

  • How much energy does a CFL bulb save?
    • Little changes make a big impact. An ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) will save about $30 over its lifetime, and pays for itself in about 6 months. Compared to an incandescent bulb, it uses 75% less energy and lasts about 10x longer.
  • How does a CFL bulb work?
    • CFLs produce light differently than incandescent bulbs. In an in candescent bulb, electricity heats a wire filament which starts to glow. In a CLF, an electric current is driven through a tube containing vapor, which excites a fluorescent coating that emits visible light.
  • There are right and wrong ways to install CFL lighting
    • CFLs aren't the best solution in every situation, WellHome handles the proper use and installation of CFL lighting to optimize your lighting quality and energy savings.

Green Home<

There are many simple ways to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle-recycling, purchasing reusable items and carpooling, to name a few. But when it comes to your home, do you know the best and most effective ways to turn it into a green house? Let's take a look at the top resources available for green homes.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating an older home or simply looking to update a few things in your current home, there are simple ways to achieve energy efficiency. Green homes use less energy and produce less waste than traditional homes.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy†, nearly half of the average household's energy bill goes to heating and cooling. This says a lot about your home's heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC) system and how its efficiency plays a big role in your home's energy consumption.

WellHome Advisors can help you determine ways to achieve a green house, including:

  • Is your HVAC system too large, too small or just the right size7?
    • Green homes perform well and conserve energy by utilizing an HVAC system that is appropriately sized for the home. Our trained professionals can determine this for you.
  • Are there any leaks in your green house or air ducts?
    • One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your home's energy efficiency is by fixing areas where conditioned air escapes. This could be as simple as applying caulk, foam or other materials to a gap in a door frame or the space around a water pipe. Duct tightening is another simple method used by green homes and supported by WellHome.
  • Do you find yourself frequently changing light bulbs?
    • Not only are incandescent bulbs wasteful and inconvenient, but they cost you more in the long run. Green homes take advantage of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), which use 75% less energy and last 10x longer than incandescent bulbs. However, CFLs aren't always the best solution in every situation. A professionally trained WellHome Advisor can guide you to proper usage and installation so that your green house's light bulbs are up to par.
  • A green home reduces your carbon footprint.
    • If you own a green house, you are conserving energy and producing less carbon dioxide. We all know that CO2 is harmful for our environment, and if everyone owned green homes the positive impact on our planet would be extraordinary.
    • For example, if everyone in America replaced one incandescent light bulb with a CFL, $700 million would be saved annually and 9 billion pound of greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented††. Also, for every 10 degrees you lower your hot water heater, CO2 emissions are reduced by 3-4 percent, or 733 pounds per year†††.
    • As you can see, conserving the environment can start at home by owning a green house. Every day, WellHome is creating green homes by offering Whole-House Assessments, which lead directly to energy efficiency and, ultimately, change that can be seen throughout the world.

Home energy efficiency audit<

There are many simple ways to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle-recycling, purchasing reusable items and carpooling, to name a few. But when it comes to your home, do you know the best and most effective ways to turn it into a green house? Let's take a look at the top resources available for green homes.

Understand how energy can be conserved

A home energy efficiency audit of your home uses a smart, scientific approach to determine areas of your home that can be improved so that less energy is used and more is conserved.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and a vast knowledge of energy-saving techniques, a WellHome energy auditor comes to your home and does a complete inspection. Some of the equipment we use includes our blower door test and infrared camera, which tell us how much conditioned air is escaping and where that air is leaking.
Here are a few of the items we look at when doing a home energy audit:

  • Insulation -Is there an appropriate amount, if any, and is it properly placed?
  • Heating and Cooling - Is your HVAC system the right size7 for your home?
  • Duct Tightening - Is this simple, fast modification all that your home needs to save energy?
  • Air Sealing - Will our proven technology find places where conditioned air is leaking?
  • Windows - Are your home's windows efficient at keeping conditioned air inside and protecting from outside air?
  • Lighting - Will simple changes to your home's lighting make a noticeable change on your utility bills?

Follow your personalized energy audit's recommendations

Once our highly trained energy auditor completes your home's energy audit, you will receive the complete results that detail what needs to be done next to start saving energy. Many times a home energy audit reveals that only simple and relatively low-cost fixes are necessary.

Should moderate to major updates be needed, you can rest assured that our installation specialists and service providers will be focused on quality to get the job done correctly. This all-in-one solution removes all the work and stress from you and assures that contractors, schedules and installations are handled properly by WellHome's team.

See the savings right away

When a home's energy is saved, money is saved. Depending on your home's specific energy audit results and what service recommendations are completed, you may see your utility bill go down the very first month.

WellHome even guarantees first-year energy savings3, so there is simply no drawback to having a home energy audit done. Additional savings may be seen with tax credits, utility rebates and other incentives.

WellHome provides home energy audits< or assessments with the ability to upgrade HVAC, Windows, and Home Insulation, and perform duct tightening and air sealing  to create a comfortable more well balanced home that performs at its best level.

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