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Locksmith in New York and Brooklyn Locksmith NYC Emergency Services 24H.
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M & D Locks & Keys
552 Rugby Rd
Brooklyn, New York 11230
United States
Phone: 347-269-4018
40° 38' 9.618" N, 73° 57' 52.8444" W
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Business Services, Fire and Security

M&D Locksmith Services was established to bring quality and professional services, and to also improve the level of customer's services in the locksmith industry. We have been a dominating force in locksmith and security industry for more than 25 years now.

Locksmith offers different types of services within commercial and residential security, bring you the best in security systems. Our services also extend from NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. We use top end technology like lock picking to high security system installations to give you a quality service that you can not get else where.

Locksmith Professional

With a vast knowledge in locksmith, we have been able to break an edge in locksmith industry in terms of quality service delivery, and good customer relations. Today, we are called "the pace setters". We are certified locksmiths and we are also long standing members of The Associated Locksmiths of America which assures consumers that we uphold the highest business and ethical standards of practice. We have a strong understanding of all our clients needs and we know how best to satisfy them with all their security needs.

We have a low competitive pricing that every one can afford. So no more worries over security in your, home, offices and business. Our professional and quality service has earned our company the reputation of a diamond quality locksmith service provider in the industry.

Locksmith Services is fully equipped with the latest modern technology which enhances the level of security. We also use top quality bands in the security industry. We are always prepared and are ready for any emergency 24/7. We have unparalleled experience in locksmith needs like;

  • Locks installed in gates, windows, doors, etc.
  • Office and business locksmith security services.
  • New York residential locksmith security service.
  • Video equipment and security closed-circuit television (CCTV) services and lots more.

With more than twenty years in the field of locksmith, we have been able to establish a fact concerning the security of your homes and other properties and have concluded that the only solution to your security needs and for you to have rest of mind is when you use the best and the most reliable locksmith that will give you a professional security with new modern technology.

Our expert team is always ready to handle the security of your cars regardless of the model or brand. We have vast knowledge in the replacement of you cars and motorcycle keys. Locksmith has special treats for all our customers. We provide them with discount rates so that we can be able to meet your security needs.



M&D Locksmith Services is the master of al locks. We ensure that your life and properties are safe and secured with the help of special locks that are made with quality materials. Our task as a locksmith is vey essential and vital in today’s security. A lot of people can now increase their materialistic needs with the help of M&D Locksmith Services.

We have achieved fame due to our increasing necessity. M&D Locksmith Services has a sound knowledge in lock smiting. M&D Locksmith Services have been able to provide our customers with safe and sound locks so as to protect their precious materials and other properties.

With the introduction of modern technology, M&D Locksmith Services have utilized this opportunity to bring to you special locks that is made with high technology that can not be easily manipulated by any one. M&D Locksmith Services have some good quality lock that is suitable for all your security needs and they are as follows;

Key Retainer

Key retainer is a type of lock system that has a metal unit hat and it is being placed in the door or on a wall. It has two keys that work in correspondence with each other. One of the two keys is used for authorization while the other one is an interchangeable core. The key can be inserted in any these key retainers while the other part is held constant.

Mortise Lock

This is another type of lock that consists of a pocket. It can also contain a particular lock. The pocket is being connected to the door and even safes. This type of locks can be seen in old buildings but today, they have been reintroduced into the market. Mortise lock system is being used by many residents and market places. Mortise lock has four parts which are;

  • Keyed cylinder:
    • This acts or works as the locking or unlocking system in which the key is being placed in. Lock Body: this is the part of mortise lock system which is being placed inside the door. It can be cut into a considerable shape. Mortise lock has a tool that is called mortising jig that cuts the mortise lock pocket into accurate shape.
  • Lock Trim:
    • This is another part of mortise lock system which has a line frame or a smack that is associated through bolts and fixed as plate after the locks has been installed in the door or safe.
  • Love padlocks:
    • Love padlocks were first invented in china. They are also found abroad in eastern countries. This lock system is connected in public areas which is a symbol of love. They are also connected to the fence and the railings in the park.
  • Dead Bolt:
    • This can also be called dead locks. Dead locks are different from the cylinder they contain. It has a spring bolt lock that is different from its locking organism.


Locksmith in new york is a reliable service provider with highly trained professionals. They have skills and experience in the provision of high quality safe that is made with modern technology. We have experts who can get into a safe without using the key or a combination. There is no safe that M&D locksmith can not open even if they poof to be difficult.

Valuable Customers

The amount of people in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan who have important valuable like gold, diamonds and money always like to store these items in a safe.

Because of the increasing nature of acquiring these valuable items, M&D locksmith has devised a possible means of which these items can be kept more safe than it use to be. We have different verities of safe that are made with high quality materials combined with modern technology that can not be broken by any burglar.

With M&D locksmith, all valuable items which run into thousands and hundreds of thousand of dollars can be protected to avoid intruders. All our safes can not be easily cracked or opened. We believe that a well made safe can always protect your valuables and that is why we are being called "the safe masters". We take charge of the delivery of all purchased safes and ensure that they get to your home or office safely.

Professionl Safes Locksmith Servcie

Most people who may have one problem or the other with their safe may want to use a drill machine to open it and by doing this, they might end up destroying the valuable items that are stored in the safe. But when this is being handled by a professional locksmith who knows the exact points to drill the safe, all your valuables that are being stored in the safe will be saved. We also ensure that no further damage is done on your safe when trying to open it. You will not loose any of those precious items. This can only be achieved with the help of a professional M&D locksmith services.

There are so many reasons will you must use M&D locksmith services. We are among the first ten accredited locksmith service providers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. Our quality service delivery has booked us a top position in the locksmith industry.

Safes Maintenance Service

Maintenance of your safe is very important and this is why we at M&D locksmith services have really taken it upon our self to ensure that all our customers safe are always checked periodically so that they will not develop a fault unknowingly. The installation is being done by our experts. When you buy safe from M&D locksmith services, our professionals always make sure that your safe is installed in any place you want.


M&D Locksmith Services has quality doors in stock that is suitable for your home security needs. Doors are very important when it comes to the security of your home and properties. M&D Locksmith Services offers you with verities of doors that are made with high quality materials for durability and for your comfort. We try as much as possible to provide our customers with good doors that meet the security requirements of your homes, offices and commercial places.

Large Selection

M&D Locksmith Services have been providing high quality doors that are made with standard materials for many years now. Our standard has greatly increased and this has really brought an increase in terms of sales. It has also increased our reputation in locksmith industry. M&D Locksmith Services have been able to prove to the world that a high quality door that is made with standard materials saves life and properties.

We have verities of quality doors like metal doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, interiors and exterior doors. Our wooden doors are made from hard wood materials which make it durable and hard for burglars to penetrate. M&D Locksmith Services also have the best aluminum doors that are made with high quality materials. It has a good artistic design that makes it look very beautiful. M&D Locksmith Services has some high quality interior and exterior doors that is made modern technology for maximum security.

All our doors have good handles and locks that make it secure. Hinges are very important in doors because, without a hinge, it will be very difficult to open or close the door. Our hinges are manufactured with standard materials that make it stronger. Our doors have a realistic minimum of two to four hinges for better security. M&D Locksmith Services aluminum door hinges are made with the doors so that burglars can not have access to break in.

A to Z Doors Installation Service

M&D Locksmith Services also offers installation services to its customers. We make sure that all your doors are being installed perfectly so as to avoid Security Bridge. Our professionals make sure that all hinges on installed doors are properly balanced on its frame. We also have good customized doors at moderate prices. Generally, doors are very essential for security and privacy. No house is built without a door.

With M&D Locksmith Services, the main purpose of a door is achieved. With M&D Locksmith Services, you can save a lot of money because; you will be able to get doors at cheaper rates. Your security and privacy is guaranteed with M&D Locksmith Services. Our products are the best because they are made with standard materials. We have most of the beautify doors that you can not get else where. Our doors are very strong and last longer.


When it comes to high quality durable gates, M&D Locksmith Services is the master of them all. We have been into locks smiting for several years now. We have a sound knowledge and experience when it comes to the installation of various types of gates. M&D Locksmith Services undertakes a range of different ironworks in and around the area of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. There is no job that is too small or too difficult for M&D Locksmith Services when it comes to gates and custom iron work in and around New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Installation and Maintenance

Our professionals are well trained to handle any type of gate installations like building entrance gates, tree guards, window gates, stair rails and so many others but to mention a few. We carry out installations in areas like New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. Our installation is the best.

Our experts are always ready to help you with the maintenance of the gates.
However, M&D Locksmith Services is also ready to install gates on fire escapes when it is being approved by the fire department. We also have products like; aluminum gates, iron gates, stainless steel gates, openers for electric gates, Bi-fold, chain link gates, swing, vertical and slide lift gates.

Professional Team

Our well trained staffs will be pleased to help you with what ever is your problem as regarding gates. M&D Locksmith Services also assist customers to select the correct product to suit their requirements and specifications. M&D Locksmith Services has verities of stocks in other to meet your needs. We also help our customers to make decisions regarding New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan gates. M&D Locksmith Service custom gates and iron work are made with standard materials that make it last the taste of time.

M&D Locksmith Services staffs within the company are fully qualified. They are ready to carry out New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan gates and iron work services any time any day so that you will experience peace of mind. We ensure that all our customers have a maximum security. M&D Locksmith Services are carried out with the specified requirements to ensue that all our clients are satisfied.

M&D Locksmith work Services is done by our professional technicians who are all trained and qualified to do the work. We carry out a regular inspection of all our installed gates in residential and commercial buildings so as to avoid unforeseen damage. We at M&D Locksmith Services are willing to give you advice on our custom iron work and gates. We will also provide you with a free estimation on the work that you want completed.

We at M&D Locksmith Services are proud of our professional and quick service delivery to all our customers in and around New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. Therefore if you want a professional service delivery with quality gates that is made with standard materials then, you should rely on M&D Locksmith Services. We are very reliable. We have the best customer relation ever.

Intercom System<

M&D locksmith services have good stocks of intercom systems for your homes and offices. The intercom system is basically a dedicated phone line between two fixed points. Our intercom system is very easy to use. The intercom system enables you to communicate to the person outside wile you are inside before you can open the door for the individual to come in. with M&D locksmith intercom system, not only can you verify who is outside the door, but it will give you peace of mind. M&D locksmith offers intercom system in places like, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

For Your Safety

Our intercom system provides you with the facility of knowing who is outside the door before you will open it. The security of your life and properties is very important to us because security is wealth. We are always looking for every possible means to ensure that you are protected. M&D locksmith intercom system is the most basic security measures for your homes, offices and other commercial places.

M&D locksmith services have the best intercom facilities that suite all your security needs. Our intercom system have effectively replaced the conventional bell that most home use. With our intercom system, customers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan have enjoyed a greater security with a rest of mind.

Residential & Commercial Service

We offer intercom security services to both commercial and residential buildings in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. M&D locksmith service have experts who have sound knowledge in intercom security system. M&D locksmith services provide special intercom security system to individuals, companies, factories and different market sectors.

M&D locksmith services always carry out a constant research on how to improve its security system. Through our continuous research, we have been able to establish a wireless and video intercom system. Our years of experience have immensely helped us in providing quality intercom system to our esteemed customers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Wide Range Intercom System Selection

All our customers can easily access our verities of intercom system so that they can make their choice. We can also help our customers to make some decisions on the type of intercom system that will be suitable for their security needs. M&D locksmith have some diverse intercom systems which includes, AM490, master to sub system, CP202SS, 142 and the advanced dial video intercom system.

All these intercom system are available at M&D locksmith services for residential and commercial buildings. We provide emergency services to our customers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. We have trained professionals who are always ready to handle the installations of the intercom systems in commercial and residential buildings.

Intercom System Maintenance

M&D locksmith services also offers after sales services in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. This help to ensure that your intercom systems are in a healthy condition. We also repairs damaged or broken intercom systems in residential and commercial buildings. M&D locksmith service is a reliable intercom system provider you can trust for maximum security and and your satisfaction is guaranteed as well.

Access Controls<

M&D locksmith access control system is a security device that can allow an individual to gain access to a particular home, office or a motel with the use of keycard or keypad access control. These access control cards are made with high technology which makes it very hard for anyone to penetrate. Access cards can only grant access to those with the appropriate keycard.

However, M&D locksmith access control system offers home owners multiple benefits including key control which are pick proof. We offer access control security system in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. Our access cards are programmed to a code system which enables it to time out after three to four failed attempts. This system can prevent a burglar with hundred of thousands of possible entry codes.

This makes commercial and residential home more secure as burglar can not have an access of entering your house or office. We have highly trained professionals who can handle the programming of your access card security systems codes with a much more manageable number so that it can not be easily hacked by burglars.

M&D locksmith also has access control remotes for cars. The access control remotes are connected to an alarm system which alerts you when an individual try to steal or get away with the car. This is a very good security system in cars. Due to the advancement in technology, the access control remote system can not be easily duplicated or broken.

As homes, cars and businesses are going more and higher in terms of technology, M&D locksmith has boosted its capabilities with advances in locks and security technology. With M&D keyless lock set, you have nothing to worry about in terms of security. Valuable properties are safe with M&D access card security system.

We have well trained technicians who are experts in access control security system. They handle the installations of any type of access control system locks in these locations; New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. M&D locksmith also carry out a periodic maintenance on all installed security systems in commercial and residential homes. M&D locksmith technicians can also repair any damaged access control security locks. When ever you feel that your access code has been compromised, our experts can change it in minutes.

M&D locksmith has various access control system which customers can choose from. We also help customers in making decisions on the type of access control system that will be suitable for their homes and offices. We offer discount rates to all our customers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Our professionals are always ready to help customers when there is an emergency. We respond very fast to emergency calls. M&D locksmith 24 hours service is open for all commercial, automotive and residential homes. In order to protect your self and properties, you need to keep one step ahead and that is M&D locksmith services. A high security access control locks will be a good investment and will be protecting homes for a long time.

locksmith Services<

Locksmith Residential Services<

M&D locksmith residential service is the most reliable service for commercial and residential home. With our 24/7 service, you can enjoy the benefits of locksmith when it comes to security of your home.

M&D Locksmith offers the best possible solution to any kind of problem you may have at home and commercial place like, High Security Locks, File cabinet locks, Access Control Systems, Alarm system repair & Installation, Intercom system installation, Lock re-key / Master re-key, GM VAT keys duplication, Peephole Installation and ignition transponder key. We also replace locks that are out dated with new locks and re-key them. M&D Locksmith is one of the residential and commercial security service providers that ensues you have a true maximum home security.

We have the best customer relations ever. M&D Locksmith is very efficient and trustworthy. We deliver it as you want it when ever and where ever. M&D Locksmith grants the most generous service you can not get else where. We are satisfied only when our customers are satisfied because, your satisfaction is always our pride. Our deals are affordable and we deliver on time.

M&D Locksmith is the ultimate security service provider for homes. Customers who live in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan can now enjoy full security. What ever the problem is, M&D locksmith is always ready to handle all your security needs. Our stocks are being upgraded regularly to ensure a maximum security protection for your home and family. We also have in stock new modern locks, File cabinet locks, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control Systems, Intercom system and access cards that are suitable for your security needs.

Meet Our Goals

M&D Locksmith professional technicians are always ready to help you with possible solutions and advices on the security of your homes and properties. M&D Locksmith helps customers to make the right decision regarding the type of security they need for their homes and office. No other locksmith will be able to do this except us. We are the best locksmith residential and commercial service provider in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

When it comes to professional locksmith residential and commercial services, we are the number one. With many years of experience in locksmith industry, we have been able to find the best and affordable possible solution to residential and commercial security. Our locks and accessories are cheap and will save you a lot of money. M&D Locksmith will save you from a lot of stress and energy. People who live in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan now have peace of mind when they are in or out.

We are fully prepared to help you with any residential security problem involving changing locks, lockouts, Lock re-key / Master re-keying your doors or gates, or even removing them and unlock your safes that you have problem with. No matter what your security problems may be, do not hesitate to give us a call 24/7.

Locksmith Commercial Services<

High Security

Entrust all your security needs to the most reliable commercial locksmith for maximum protection. M&D Locksmith offers a comprehensive security system in residential and commercial places. We have in stock, high quality security devices that are suitable for your business and homes. We also have various locks, Intercom system, Access Control Systems, File cabinet locks and keys for shops, offices and other security gargets. Our safes are made with modern technology so as to enhance the level of security. It can not be easily broken by any burglar. M&D Commercial locksmith service is the best of its kind. You can not afford to miss this opportunity that is waiting for you.

M&D Locksmith services understand the security needs of every business. We have devised a possible means of solution to those problems. You will no longer be afraid of your business place being burgled by a burglar. We have ultra modern locks, keys, File cabinet locks, Alarm system, Access Control Systems, Intercom system and safes for super markets, departmental stores, homes, schools and offices. M&D Locksmith residential and commercial services have brought peace and joy to customers.

Your Business Security Is Our Business

Today, people can go about their business without any fear of their homes or business being burgled. M&D locksmith also handles Lock re-key / Master re-key, Lock Repair, Intercom system installation and repair, Peephole Installation, Alarm system repair & Installation, Emergency vehicle opening, GM VAT keys duplication, New Ignition Key change and Extraction of broken keys.

We are the only commercial locksmith security service providers that have been able to prove to the world that security is wealth. With M&D commercial locksmith, customers have now made security their number one priority. We have various services of which you will be required to choose from so that you can meet your needs. M&D Locksmith is a professional security service provider in places like NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

M&D Commercial Locksmith carries out periodic maintenance and upgrade of locks of various types so that you can get full security. We educate our customers on upgrade before we have their locks upgraded so that they can be able to select the best upgrade that will be suitable for their security needs. M&D Locksmith tries as much as possible to minimize your cost by repairing your damaged locks instead of you buying a new lock. We use modern technology and high quality materials in repairing these damaged locks and this ensures that the locks are in a secure condition.

We have the best affordable price ever. You can be able to meet your budgets with our competitive prices. Our service is open to every customer and with this; you will be able to get a clear picture of the security services you will receive. Our professional and quality service has distinguished us from other security providers. We are still the best.

The reputation we have built for our company is still evident till today. Our name is synonymous with high quality and efficient service delivery. Customers who know the importance of security make sure that M&D locksmith handles it. You can now carry out your business activities in cities like NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan without fear.

Locksmith Automotive Services<

For Your Car Security

M&D Locksmith Automotive service has brought solutions to all your security and lock needs. We provide keys, locks, New Ignition Key change, High security vehicle key duplication Emergency vehicle opening, and ignition transponder key and also repair the defected locks of cars of any type of automobile.

Our locksmith automotive service is one of the best. We also carry out constant maintenance services on car locks, Alarm system repair & Installation and all security systems in your vehicles. With automotive locksmith, you will not be tense up in environments where there is insecurity. We have high quality materials for your security needs.

We also have verities of locks for cars and motorcycles. Our keys and lock section is easy to access. There are a lot of available keys and locks for different brands of cars and motorcycles. Locksmith automotive service offers the most reliable service that you can trust. We have a world class customer service relation that you can not get else where. When an individual mistakenly locks his or her car key in the car, M&D locksmith renders an immediate help in other to rescue you because, leaving your key in the car may raise high concern for security.

Our services are open 24 hours every day of the week. Entrust all your automobile keys, locks, File cabinet locks, Alarm system repair & Installation, Access Control Systems, Intercom system installation, Intercom system repair and auto security system to us for maximum satisfaction. All our keys and locks are made with high quality materials for durability and for your comfort.

We are specialized in making and replacing lost key for different cars and motorcycles. M&D Automotive Locksmith keys and locks can not be broken by thieves. M&D Automotive locksmith is now a household name when it comes to professional services and security system.

We are always punctual when ever we are called by our customers for emergency services. Punctuality is the soul of our business. Our teams of experts are always ready to give you some professional advice on auto locks and security systems for your cars. Always make M&D automotive locksmith your number one choice when finding an auto locks and keys for your vehicles and motorcycles. We have complex instruments and tools which we use to open locked doors within minutes and also re-install them with new locks.

Professional Automotive Services<

If you desire a good and professional automotive locksmith services like, New Ignition Key, Emergency vehicle opening, Extraction of broken keys change, Car lockout / opening, High security vehicle key duplication, Change/install/repair/ any type of lock then, M&D locksmith auto service and security system is the right way to go.

You will experience peace of mind. Automotive locksmith car tracking system can also be installed in your cars so that your car can be monitored. This auto security device can track your car at any point and this will help you to secure your cars.

Locksmith Emergency Services<

20 Minutes Response Time

We at M&D have the best and reliable Emergency Lockout Auto service that is always ready when ever you call. Our professionals are highly trained for this purpose so that they can deliver an efficient service to you. We have the knowledge to recover passwords for complicated password-protected locks, File cabinet locks, High security locks and Lock change.

Our experts can also fix all your keyless entry system, Access Control Systems, Alarm system, Intercom system and the Extraction of broken keys in a short time. We have the knowledge and skills when it comes to rendering of emergency services like Emergency trunk opening, Emergency vehicle opening and the replacement of your entire security systems. Our emergency vehicles are sound and are always ready for your rescue when ever you call.

We provide the most reliable 24 hours locksmith emergency service every day for any type of Car lockout and opening. We respond as quickly as possible when ever our customer needs help in their home or offices. No other locksmith company can beat our emergency response. We have the fastest emergency in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. To be able to give you quality service, we decided to put our offices in strategic locations so that we can be able to meet your emergency calls.

At Any Situation

M&D Locksmith emergency services have the capability and the tools that are needed to change the locks in residential and commercial home. We duplicate keys; change Locks, Lock installation, Intercom system repair, Peephole Installation, Alarm system repair & Installation, Change/install/repair all door accessories and hardware, retrieve your passwords that you might have forgotten completely. When there is an emergency, we quickly dispatch our professionals to quickly help you to open either your car door or home locks, Extract broken keys and get you back safely on the road.

M&D Locksmith emergency service has experienced professionals that can replace keyless entry system that works on transponder chips and ignition transponder keys at a fraction of a lower cost other than that of a manufacturer will charge. M&D Locksmith emergency service is truly a service you can count on any time any day. We have a good reputation in locksmith industry. Our efficient services have booked up a top position in locksmith emergency service industry.

What ever your emergency problem may be, just dial our number and we will be there in a short time to help you. Even if your key is broken in the process of opening your lock, just contact us immediately so that we can extract the broken keys and replace the locks and keys for you.

M&D Locksmith emergency service can help you out with what ever the problem may be. Even if you have problem with your ignition lock we will help you to repair or replace them with new ignition transponder key locks. We respond to emergency calls at night without delays.

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