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Leading Los Angeles law firm with top Los Angeles personal injury and car accident attorneys, best Los Angeles employment lawyers, and California disability lawyers.
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Mesriani Law Group - Los Angeles
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Spoken Language: English, Farsi, Spanish

Business: Business and Society, Lawyers and Law Firms

The Mesriani Law Group began in 2001 as an outgrowth of the existing legal practice of Rodney Mesriani. As a solo practitioner, Rodney Mesriani was already a seasoned trial attorney and had been chosen to be a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an organization that only the very best trial attorneys are invited to join. With such a successful practice on his own, when Mr. Mesriani chose to form the Mesriani Law Group, he brought in other talented and successful attorneys and formed a top notch team of litigators and advocates.

Each of the attorneys at the Mesriani Law Group has been acknowledged as one of the very best in their field. Whether your case deals with Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, Social Security representation or Corporate/Business law, you can be assured that your case will be handled by an expert who specializes in that form of litigation. It is this diversity that makes us unique. We are not a firm with one specialty, but several.

But it is not the accomplishments of its attorneys or its stellar business plan that makes Mesriani Law Group the best law firm in Los Angeles. It is the people working at Mesriani Law Group that truly drive our success. Every employee at Mesriani Law Group is dedicated to delivering the best service possible. Not only that, but Mesriani Law Group prides itself on giving the same level of attention to each and every client, be it a small personal injury matter or a multi-million dollar litigation. Mesriani Law Group is dedicated to giving its clients the very best representation and remains committed to having only the very best attorneys handling their cases.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Victims of accidents
    • Victims of accidents may be entitled to compensation depending on the gravity of the injury sustained. However, the difficulty lies on evaluating the real value of the case. For this purpose, it is good to consult Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who are experienced in handling affairs of this kind.
  • Compensation award, special damages, factors determining the value of a claim
    • The compensation award will depend on how serious are the injuries you have sustained and what losses the accident may have caused you. For a victim to receive adequate compensation, he must have suffered from what insurance companies call as special damages. These special damages include medical bills, lost wages and all expenses incurred for your recovery. Additional factors that are also considered in determining the value of a claim include physical and emotional pain and suffering and economic losses.
  • Compensation awards and Punitive damages
    • Compensation awards are given with the intention of restoring a victims situation as it was before the accident. Punitive damages may also be awarded to serve as a punishment for the offending party and to serve as a lesson for others who might be driving recklessly. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can provide the victim much needed legal assistance with regards to this issue.
  • Settlement
    • There may be situations when an amount will be agreed upon by the victim and the insurance company. If such is the case, then a settlement is underway. However, if the two parties cannot agree, the case will have to be brought to a court for a jury to decide the appropriate amount of compensation for the victim through the representation of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers.
  • Seeking for assistance
    • Seeking the help of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers would be a good idea at this point. They can provide you important information regarding the processes involved in evaluating the right amount of compensation for you.
  • The value of a case
    • The value of a case can only be determined once the victim has finished medical treatment with all records having been reviewed. The physicians evaluation of the victims injuries is also an important factor that has to be taken into consideration. Also, liability for the accident should have been established pointing to the other party.
  • Making an evaluation
    • There are many things that are considered in making an evaluation of your cases worth. It would be to your advantage to have Los Angeles personal injury lawyers guide you through the process and give you important pointers for you to be given the most suited compensation for your injuries.

Los Angeles Vehicle Accidents Lawyers

  • The grave threat
    • Accidents on the road are a grave threat to the traveling sector. Statistics show that it is a leading cause of death among Americans below the age of 35. A sad fact is that during a person’s lifetime, there is a likelihood of being involved in at least one auto accident.
  • The common causes of vehicle accident
    • Each vehicle accident in Los Angeles is different and every set of damages, injuries, and looses is unique. But commonly, vehicle accidents are caused by negligence and momentary lack of attention. Some accidents are caused by seriously wanton and reckless behavior such as driving while drunk, and high speed reckless driving. Reckless, as an irresponsible behavior or conduct is not merely negligent but also criminal.
  • Who can help you?
    • If you have been involved in a Los Angeles accident, and fear of financing your medical treatment and other related expenses resulting from the accident, consulting your accident attorney must be made immediately. Your Los Angeles accident lawyer can assist you with your case. It is a must that you should be able to recap the accident to feed your lawyer necessary details from which he will base the analysis of your case.
  • The first thing you must do in the event of vehicle accident
    • In the event of a vehicular accident, call the police immediately, even if no one was injured and file an accident report. Vehicle accident reports are for insurance purposes to determine fault, so make sure that the report is thorough. The accident report should include interviews with all involved parties and any witnesses.
  • The important ingredient in filing your compensation claim
    • Photographs and/or diagrams of the accident scenes are often supplied by the police as well. You can also take pictures of the accident, and gather as much information as possible. Get the names and phone numbers of all the witnesses, as well as anyone involved in the accident itself. This is an important ingredient in filing your compensation claim. You will need to seek the assistance of Los Angeles vehicle accidents lawyers regarding this matter.
  • The important role of a physician
    • With regards to injuries, you must seek medical assistance as soon as you can for reasons that your claim might be jeopardized by the delay. The defendant may use this fact as an argument to cite that you have not been injured because of the accident but rather by some other reasons that took place between the period of the accident and your visit to the doctor. Consult Los Angeles vehicle accidents lawyers to explain how important the role of a physician in establishing a credible claim is.
  • Accident Lawyers<
    • If you are involved in a vehicular accident and is seriously injured, consulting Los Angeles vehicle accidents lawyers specializing in vehicle accidents would be wise. Experienced Los Angeles vehicle accidents lawyers can help familiarize you with the workings of vehicle accidents law and can help protect your rights. They can also give you further instructions on what you will need to have a successful litigation. And again, time is of the essence here.
  • Distinguishing who is at fault
    • As with other types of accidents, figuring out who is at fault in a vehicle accident is a matter of deciding who was careless or "negligent" in legalese. In many cases your instincts will tell you that a driver, cyclist or pedestrian acted carelessly, but not what rule or rules that person violated. Having the needed backup documents and the assistance of Los Angeles vehicle accidents lawyers is very important in the success of your cause.

Los Angeles Corporate Business Lawyers

The Los Angeles corporate business lawyers are at length knowledgeable and have a methodical understanding of the laws and business that influences business and entrepreneur. Los Angeles corporate business lawyers do not only concentrate with its corporate business cases but are also particular and experienced in handling cases regarding:

  •  Real estate purchase and sale disputes
  • Enforcement judges
  • Specific performance actions
  • Debt collection
  • Real estate finance and related litigation
  • Business fraud and other business torts
  • Real estate commission claims
  • Interference with contract claims
  • Foreclosures
  • Receiverships and injunctions
  • Wrongful termination
  • Complex landlord/tenant litigation
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Sexual harassment and employment law claims
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Class actions
  • Corporate dissolution, and
  • Consumer fraud

In addition, they can also handle any business related cases and can regularly represent clients in a variety of transactional and litigation matters such as:

  • Formation
  • Management and sales of business
  • Asset dispositions
  • Debtor/creditor selections and
  • Broad variety of business related issues

They can also represent management, such as:

  • Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Real state business firms, and
  • Even government contractors

Business lawyers are good source of advice and guidance

Business as their field of interest, they can be a good source of advice and guidance when structuring business organization agreements of all kinds, drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements. They are also knowledgeable in advising financially troubled companies and serving as counsel in connection with traditional and non-traditional borrowings from commercial lenders.

Los Angeles corporate business lawyers had prosecuted and defended hundreds of corporate business cases and real estate litigation matters throughout California and had devoted a reputation for excellence as a business and real state trial attorney. Los Angeles corporate business lawyers make every proceeding to be short of trial, they have a lawyer that has the ability to present complex business disputes in a straight manner and has proven it to be successful.

Los Angeles corporate business lawyers had been known for their winning passion and devotion of the clients cases, with long stay in the industry they had been demonstrating excellence with corporate business cases. Los Angeles corporate business lawyers comprise the best lawyers that are knowledgeable in handling cases like these. Their every goal is to help every client to win their cases and be able to obtain what are due with them.

Los Angeles corporate business lawyers do a rigid study and research of the cases they are handling and had been remarkably known in obtaining fair judgment with their specific performances that they represent. They hold numerous shareholder disagreements and aggressively protect the rights of the minority shareholders from small business to multi-national corporations and provided their clients with excellent results on cases big and small.

Searching for the best Lawyers

In today’s viable industry, searching for the best lawyers that will represent your case is never difficult to search for. With the fast paced technology and innovative changes industries were able to find solutions in order to keep in touch with their clients. Online services were offered so that every neither victim nor client will easily find their lawyers. Los Angeles corporate business lawyers’ online services are designed for your easy reference.

Los Angeles Social Security Disability Lawyers

  • Social Security Disability
    • Social security disability was formed to give old age, survivors and disability insurance benefits to workers and their families. Social security disability paybacks are remunerated to individuals and families at any rate on the basis of the person’s employment law record and previous contributions to the system.
    • Social security disability, as the name implies provides security to individuals from unpredicted catastrophes. Hence, the government spreads certain lawful measures among all members of society so that no family bears the negative effects and burden of such occurrences. Your understanding of your case is an important thing to know as this will be discussed in litigation. Your lawyer will help with you this and will give you representation to arrive at the desired case output.
    • The benefits offered include:
      • Health insurance under the Medicare program
      • Federally subsidized by welfare programs
      • Unemployment law compensation within the scope
      • Current usage associates the phrase with the old age
      • Survivors, and
      • Disability insurance
    • The Los Angeles social security disability lawyers protect every employer’s rights in claiming these benefits.
    • Individuals who are presently seeking for an experienced and effective lawyers to claim for benefits, they should have to get in touch with Los Angeles social security disability lawyers. These lawyers have earned reputation in claiming disputes for the reasons that they are knowledgeable in this specialized field area.
    • Los Angeles social security disability lawyers help every disabled people to claim disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Laws, involving:
    • Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for disabled person that encompasses a work history
    • Supplemental Security Income for those who are deficient in work history
    • In some cases, the benefits entitled for the family members are also handled by these lawyers. Because your anticipation for your case is positive, you definitely look for a well reputed
  • The Social Security Disability lawyers in Los Angeles
    • Los Angeles social security disability lawyers, who has proven experience and their expertise in dealing with all legal issues involving social security disability law, is likewise committed to provide you the highest quality of competent legal representation.
    • The Los Angeles social security disability lawyers do not only try to win cases like this but they also try to reach out for their clients. Los Angeles social security disability lawyers see to it that every client understands the legalities and the proceedings of the case.
    • With the Los Angeles social security disability lawyers thorough research and investigation they try to seek for evidences that will help their clients to win and claim the benefits that they are entitled to. As a team of respected and notable lawyers Los Angeles social security disability lawyers try their very best to give every client the benefits they are claiming for.
    • Los Angeles social security disability lawyers long stay in the industry made them more knowledgeable in handling social security disability cases. In every case that they win brings glory to their clients. They are not just ordinary lawyers that help clients but they are unique for the reasons that they have trained themselves well in the area of their practice. Thorough studies and winning cases made them more competent and confident handling cases like these. Los Angeles lawyers see to it that every case they handle will bring victory.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

  • Work of Employment Lawyers
    • The Los Angeles employment lawyers deal with cases in which individuals had suffered from illegal termination or was forced to resign. Los Angeles employment lawyers handle cases pertaining to:
      • Wrongful termination
      • Family medical leave act
      • California family rights act
      • Retaliatory termination
      • Pregnancy discrimination
      • Sexual harassment, and also
      • Overtime pay claims
  • The right choice
    • The Los Angeles employment lawyers follow every rules and regulations set by the employment law. This is the reason why it is not possible to seek lawyers that are capable in handling cases and are knowledgeable with the case they are holding. With these reason Los Angeles employment lawyers are capable of answering your needs pertaining to problems of your employment law. They are aware of how you value employment law and your right as employee.
    • Further, when they sensed that you are being unlawfully treated and deprived of your privileges within the company, they will find legal ways to help you. Their expertise in this field can surely get you to positive outcome. Hence, if you have problems regarding employment law, seeking their advice can give you solutions.
    • In addition with handling cases, the Los Angeles employment lawyers were able to accept federal court employment law cases. Lawyers of Los Angeles are knowledgeable and are experienced in handling employment law claims. Los Angeles employment lawyers are more focused with employment law cases pertaining to harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination.
  • Harassment in workplace
    • Harassment in the workplace can be considered to be sexual in nature in a form of a:
      • Physical contact
      • Unwelcome advances or other comments
      • Offers employment law benefits in exchange for sexual favors
      • Exhibit of sexually explicit materials
  • Harassment can also be based on the:
    • Disability
    • Age,
    • Race, and
    • National origin which can be in a form of a;
    • Derogatory or degrading words and gestures
    • Soubriquet
    • Jokes, and
    • Slurs
  • Discrimination
    • Discrimination is explained as bias in hiring, promotion, termination, job assignment, compensation and different forms of harassment.
  • Wrongful termination
    • Wrongful termination of employment laws is a termination that violates a particular state or federal law, regulation or constitutional provision.
  • Legal Aid
    • If one of these situations is violated there is a need for seeking a legal advice from experienced lawyers. Los Angeles employment lawyers see to it that whatever complains aired to them is immediately given an action.
    • Los Angeles employment lawyers are team of competent and highly knowledgeable lawyers. In the years of existence in the industry the cases that they handle had brought victory and glory to the claiming victims. They assure every client for every case they handle is justifiable and ensure them of winning. They don’t only act as legal lawyers but they are also a friend where you can rely on. Clients winning and satisfaction are their main goals the reason why more clients of employment law victim keeps on clinging with them.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Automobile accidents are considered as one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths in Los Angeles. They continue to claim the lives of people, despite of the government’s efforts to raise people’s awareness regarding their danger.

If you were injured due the negligent actions of another driver, you are entitled to sue him in order to recover monetary damages for your injuries. Mesriani Law Group’s auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles are willing to help you pursue a case against him.

It is advisable that you acquire legal help from our Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys in order for you to increase your chances of winning the case and obtaining maximum compensation from the defendant.

We will make sure that vital evidence and documents like medical reports and statements of credible witnesses are carefully assessed before we file them with the insurance company or the court. It is also our job represent your during court hearings in the aim of voicing out your allegations against the defendant.

Having no enough resources should not stop you fighting for your rights. Our expert auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to provide you with legal help without being paid right away.

We handle personal injury cases on a no win no fee basis. If we win the case, you may be required to give us a percentage of the money that you will be entitled to receive from the defendant. You do not need to pay for our services if we were not able to prove your claims in court.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim Attorney

Our firm specializes in serious automobile accident claims in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout California. We represent seriously injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury claims resulting from automobile accidents. Our attorneys closely monitor our personal injury claims from beginning to the end.

A personal injury may include injury at work or in a traffic accident. Some are received as a result of faulty goods or services as well as by tripping over paving stones. Some happen in a hospital due to error in treatment. An injury can be physical or physiological. But typically, it is caused by negligence or faulty act. If you have suffered from any form of personal injury, things to bother you are medical bill, time lost from work, medical cost for ongoing injury, pain and suffering and other possible burdens.

Now, this is why a personal injury claim attorney exists. He will help you go on with your life while he finds the legal means to get your claim. He absolutely knows what you need in order to get back to normal life. You can do this as early as you get your damage paid. Your personal injury claim attorney will serve you as you go with litigation.

Auto Accident Attorney And Personal Injury Claim Attorney

Our firm specializes in serious automobile accident claims throughout California. We represent seriously injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury claims resulting from automobile accidents. Our attorneys closely monitor the claims from their inception through the end.

California Personal Injury Cases

We are a California personal injury law firm. Our firm specializes in serious automobile accident cases throughout California. We represent seriously injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases resulting from automobile accidents. Our attorneys closely monitor the cases from their inception through the end.

California Personal Injury Law Firm

We are a California personal injury law firm. Our law firm specializes in serious personal injury cases throughout California. We represent seriously injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases causing serious and permanent injuries. Our law firm closely monitor the case from its inception through the end.

California Car Accident Law Firm

In the United States where most people cannot live without their cars, statistics turn out that motor vehicle accidents happen almost every 10 seconds. According to survey, 60% of the people who are implicated in car accidents fail to wear safety seat belts. Moreover, based on statistics, teenagers or under aged drivers usually take the toll in injuries and demise during automobile accidents.

The State of California also has its share of injuries and fatalities caused by car accidents. For California residents who are involved in car accidents, it is best to consult with a reputable California Car Accident Law Firm as soon as an automobile accident occurs.

A California car accident law firm with a long-standing reputation in handling traffic accidents involving motor vehicles can provide experienced car accident that are well-versed in the state’s particular driving and traffic rules and ordinances. They are also aware of the “law of negligence” that is applicable to the person or persons involved that are clearly liable for the accident that occurred.

The California car accident law firm advices car accident victims the following important guidelines:

  • Notify the police as soon as possible
  • The persons involved in the accident must never leave the scene of the accident
  • The scene of the accident must be secured and traffic need to be redirected.
  • The victim must remember to write down the name, residence address, plate number, phone number and insurance papers of the guilty drivers’ name.
  • Likewise, names, addresses and phone numbers of the witnesses should be written down
  • In case of injuries, whether superficial or clearly severe, it is important to seek medical attention right away. The police can be requested for assistance regarding this matter.
  • The victim must inform the insurance company handling insurance for his or her vehicle either directly or through his or her car accident lawyer. He or she must also refrain from giving further details about the liable party’s insurance company until he meet up with a car accident attorney.

A reliable California car accident law firm work to protect the rights of its clients. Their excellent roster of car accident lawyers know share their expertise in charging the liable person or persons of the accident and getting fair and just compensation for the clients.

California Serious Injury Auto Accident

A great deal of cases from California comes from a serious auto accident injury. Every year there are countless cases of incidents of car accidents happening on the roads of California, mainly due to negligence of the drivers. The culprits here can range from DUI to cell phone usage to aggressive driving, and other distractions on the road. While other causes are dangerous relative to one another, drunken driving is the biggest preventable but prevailing problem in California today.

Research shows that almost 17,000 people have died on the roads of California in 2004 due to drunken driving - two-fifths of all road-related fatalities reported on that same year. What's worse is that a relatively big percentage of people who die from drunken driving are not the drunk drivers themselves, but the pedestrians, other drivers who have been collided by the drunken driver's vehicle, and its passengers.

Think about it. Every 31 minutes there's someone killed in California from a serious auto accident injury. The next victim might be you, if you're not careful enough.

Every driver in California is ought to comply traffic rules and regulations, aside from exercising the duty to be reasonably careful when driving to avoid serious car accident injuries. But if you or your relative has been a victim of driver negligence, you can file a claim for damages sustained, which includes medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and punitive damages whenever applicable.

If you are in California suffering from a serious auto accident injury, Mesriani & Associates can help you. Our personal injury lawyers are devoted to their practice in representing clients who have been injures all over the state of California. For over 30 years now our clients have won huge settlements and favorable verdicts, gaining respect from large insurance companies who have been unfair in giving compensation for their policyholders.

California Personal Injury Slip And Fall Case

We specialize in personal injury cases caused by a slip & fall or trip & fall. Our law firm specializes in serious personal injury cases caused by such slip & falls accidents throughout California. We represent seriously injured customers at supermarkets and other business establishments in California. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases causing serious and permanent injuries. Our attorneys closely monitor the cases from their inception through the end.

California Personal Injury Lawyer Insurance Settlement

We specialize in personal injury cases caused by sudden accidents against various insurance companies in California. Our law firm specializes in serious personal injury cases caused by such accidents throughout California. We have been very successful in obtaining high settlements against the insurance companies in order to compensate our clients for their injuries. We represent seriously injured victims against large insurance companies in California. Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases causing serious and permanent injuries. Our attorneys closely monitor the cases from their inception through the end.

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