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Create and customise premium Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and Stickers for your business. Designed online and printed in London, UK. We ship worldwide. We love to print.
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Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd.)


MOO Print Limited
32-38 Scrutton Street (REAR)
London, London City of EC2A 4RQ
United Kingdom
51° 31' 22.2024" N, 0° 4' 54.5268" W
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Binding and Finishing, Printing, Publishing and Printing

At MOO we love to print! Whether its our unique MiniCards, business cards<, Postcards, Stickerbooks or greeting cards! We're a new kind of online printing business.

MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print. Printing has been around for centuries, and we're certainly not the first printer on the web. But, whilst many other printers have chosen to use new technologies to simply reduce the costs of printing (and often the quality), we strive to make print not only cost-effective but better than ever before.

We want to set a new standard for print, with remarkable new products that bring great design and uncompromising, high standards to the web. We're only young, but when we grow up we want to be the best printer on the internet.

We believe in the power of great design

Design is key to everything MOO does. Design helps us stand out: from the clothes we wear, to the homes we live in, to the business cards we use. Design tells a story about us and what we stand for.

But professional-quality design has traditionally been expensive or out of reach for most people; we want to change this. We're passionate about helping people of all abilities design the best looking and highest quality print products: products that will help them or their business look great.

Our company vision is simple but ambitious: "great design for everyone".

Looking for something more corporate?

MOO is an award-winning online print business. Founded in 2004, MOO aims to disrupt the $100 billion global print industry by combining the values of professional design with the accessibility and reach of the web.

MOO prints millions of cards a month and has hundreds of thousands of customers in over 180 countries. MOO has also become a much-loved brand, with a 75% NetPromoter rating.

The company has won 3 Webby awards (the web's Oscars), has been profiled in the Financial Times, and was ranked in the top 10 UK start-up companies by the Guardian Newspaper. MOO currently employs 60 full-time staff and has offices in London, UK and Rhode Island, USA.

MOO has also raised over $5m in venture capital from the Accelerator Group, Index Ventures and Atlas Venture, the investors behind Skype, Betfair, Lovefilm, and MySQ.


MOO is a values-led business. Our work is driven by a strong set of core values which define our culture, how we work and everything we produce. Our values pretty much sum up what we’re all about, so listen up.

  • Design
    • Design is key to the MOO business and our customers. We believe that everything we produce should look good, work well and make the customer feel great about the things they’ve made with us. Good design runs through everything here, from the workings of the website, to our products, packaging, marketing and events.
  • Innovation
    • MOO was founded on innovation. From the revolutionary MiniCard to our user-friendly interface and ‘Printfinity’ technology, innovation is – and always will be – at the heart of everything we do. As creative thinkers we like to be first with new things, to be a leader in our market with the confidence that we’ve invented things that weren’t there before. MOO doesn’t do ‘me too.’
  • Community
    • Unlike many traditional retail businesses we enjoy active conversations with our customers. Being a good communicator and participant in online communities strengthens the bond between us and our customers, helping us to understand their needs – and create better products for them.
  • Excellence!
    • Not just an empty corporate word - MOO strives for excellence in everything we do. But excellence with an exclamation mark - excellence that brings with it a sense of infectious excitement, for the products we make, and the way we make them.


  • MOO loves Ambitious
    • Here at MOO, we like a challenge: big and small. We always think there is room for improvement. You’ll have some great accomplishments under your belt, but still have the potential for so much more. You will need to take smart risks, and be comfortable challenging the status-quo to make us (and yourself) better.
  • MOO loves Clever
    • We’ll be honest: start-up isn’t the easiest environment. No one’s job is a piece of cake, after all, if it were easy everyone would be changing the world. We look for people who thrive in the kind of fast and complex environments that can produce real step-changes in thinking. Clever is more than just intelligent: it’s about finding solutions, not just discovering problems. It’s about being an expert, but also adapting quickly to every new challenge. You may even be asked to do tasks that aren’t part of your existing skill set, focus on things that may be out of your comfort zone. Whatever the challenge everyone here at MOO pulls together to create something collaborative and great, after all, none of us is as smart as all of us.
  • MOO loves Resourceful
    • MOO turns lemons into lemonade. As a startup, we don’t have the luxury of endless time and resource. We move quickly, and cost-effectively. We need you to be creative, and scrappy: quickly find things that work and then build successfully on them. You’ll use your experience to find new ways to make existing things work better, or turning epic failures into a fist full of win.
  • MOO loves Nice
    • Take your cue from Little MOO: always professional, yet honest and nice. Startups are stressful, but we learn how to excel in that stress. We want people who balance listening with talking. Teamwork and good relationships are a critical part of our success, and if you can’t act with integrity, you won’t be able to help us all reach our goals. There are a million and one ways to get to the top, we’d like to be friends with everyone who joins us there. So kick butt, but play nice.
  • MOO loves Passionate
    • We love what we do. Hearing from our customers, and learning how our products make a difference in their lives really makes it all worthwhile. We want you to be excited to come to work every day. We want you to dream up new ideas to help us change the world, one card at a time. Anyone can just hit ‘print’: but a passionate team will inspire amazing things in one another, and create products that customers will adore. We don’t just like to print, we love to print, and we hope you do too.

More about MOO and what we do

When we say 'we love to print', we really mean it. In this section you'll find out more about MOO and the work that goes on behind the scenes. From the paper to the packaging, the people and the press. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

Printfinity, what's that?

As you become more familiar with MOO, you'll spot us using the word 'Printfinity' when we describe our products. It's one of the things that makes MOO different, a unique touch to help our customers stand out from the networking crowd. Printfinity is a conversation starter, a promotional tool, and the ideal way to showcase your design or photography.

'Printfinity' is MOO's option of printing a different image on every card in the pack. Use it to show off your portfolio, your products or your range of skills. It's a great conversation starter helping people to remember you, and your business.

How does Printfinity work?

Printfinity is free, easy and fast! There are two ways to print multiple images in one pack - and both of them are easy.

  • Option one: Upload your own artwork based on our guidelines. Design or photography works equally well.
  • Option two:Choose a Ready Made pack featuring a collection of designs. Personalise the reverse with your details using our online tools.

And that’s it! There's no extra cost for this option - we offer it because we think promoting your business is worth the extra effort. Upload your own designs/artwork or use one of our many professional templates to create your own double sided color cards!

Premium products need premium paper

As you might expect from a company that 'loves to print', we're rather fond of our paper and print finishes too. But there's a small problem. Looking at more photos of our smooth matte laminate or thick 100% recycled stock wont help you understand what it feels like in your hand. So, we've asked some of our customers to help.

We love paper as much we love print. We never settle for second best and we don’t see why you should either. There’s no sneaky hidden charges for ‘better’ paper, because 'better paper' is MOO’s standard paper.

  • MOO Classic Paper
    • It’s premium, and it’s err... How would you describe it? We asked our customers to share their thoughts on MOO Classic.
  • MOO Green Paper
    • Our Product Designer, Paul Thorogood, talks you through our ecofriendly, 100% recycled, Green Paper.

Wrapped up and Packaging

We think receiving products from MOO should be something special. After all, it's your artwork, your photography, your event or your business you're promoting. Something to be proud of and something to be shared. So we custom design our packaging for re-use, resale and recycling. If it's worth packing, it's worth packing well.

When we started printing MiniCards and Business Cards, we looked at the standard packages from other companies and nothing got us really excited ...

So, we made a decision to design our own packaging from scratch. We've stroked a million different paper coatings, 'road tested' boxes in our pockets and bags, lifted lids to feel the ease of the draw.

Until finally, we got there. Now we're excited about every package that heads out of the door - and we hope you're as excited to receive them. Printing the things you make and getting them to you in perfect condition is what we do best.

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