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Spoken Language: English

Business: Moving Services, Transportation and Logistics

Moving Guardian is a public service organization dedicated to providing businesses and consumers free tools and resources needed to ensure a safe, transparent and cost effective relocation experience. Free tools and resources include: moving tips<, moving guide<, moving planner<, moving blog<, moving calculator, moving reviews<, moving companies< and more.

Moving Guardian Missions:

  • To give consumers the tools and resources needed to ensure a safe, transparent, and cost-effective relocation experience.
  • To spotlight moving companies who meet or exceed our consumer protection guidelines.
  • To inform visitors of rampant moving scams.
  • To run shady moving industry operators out of business by informing consumers of their shoddy practices.
  • To spearhead a grassroots campaign that will compel Congress to act to protect people and businesses during their relocation process by better regulating movers’ practices and enforcing those regulations with an iron fist.

Moving Guardian is an organization founded by relocation experts who share the vision and goal of reforming a tarnished industry, and making companies accountable to the people who hire them.

Moving Guardian doesn’t take it’s task lightly, and has included the consumer as a vital part of the process, so that together we can instill a new era of accountability and confidence to the American people.

Moving Guardian’s formula for success is trust building from the ground up with complete transparency in how we and the industry does business. As a start we have created an “ America’s Best Movers Directory” which only advertises the highest rated movers with the specific better business bureau’s in your area. We do not recommend nor advertise companies with less than an A rating. Additionally we have created specific advertising requirements to ensure integrity, professionalism and transparency.

Moving Guardian has also taken additional measures to ensure transparency by integrating a “Moving Reviews” feature which relies on consumers and companies to leave feed back on the companies they hire. The ‘moving review” system features unique anti-fraud measures which root out fraudulent reviews. By offering dual referencing tools to research specific companies, businesses and consumers can have complete confidence in the providers they hire.

Other key tools and resources provided by Moving Guardian include an on site moving calculator program which visitors can use to create an inventory and calculate the volume and weight of a shipment to attain an accurate estimate. In the event a consumer or business prefers a go it alone strategy, the calculator can detail the storage and transportation needs to accomplish the task.

Other innovative tools which Moving Guardian is proud to offer is a comprehensive moving guide, moving planner, simple language contracts, high visibility moving labels, moving supplies and more.

Moving Guardian looks forward to continually innovate and provide additional tools, resources and relocation alternatives so that businesses and consumers can opt for the most cost efficient solution from providers which offer transparency, integrity, professionalism and overall value.

Simple Language Contracts

Moving Guardian's simple language contract is a necessity for businesses and consumers who are planning a move. It’s the equivalent of attaining a car fax report and warranty before buying a used car. Moving Guardian’s simple language contracts will insure your wallet and sanity and protect your valuable items.

Moving Guardian’s simple language contracts provide unique fraud protection and ironclad provisions for consumers. These unique contracts do away with the complicated terminology commonly found in standard contracts (which mostly protect the moving companies, not consumers). With our contracts, consumers and businesses alike will have a complete, easily understood awareness of the contracts they sign.

Moving Guardian’s simple language contract is perhaps the most valuable asset you can have prior to your relocation. Our contracts use the simplest terminology to clarify the terms and conditions of your move. The fraud protection alone will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It’s akin to a blanketed insurance policy, should the unimaginable happen.

All contracts are provided with an “Order Of Service form” which needs to be filled out prior to any service being performed by a professional moving company. Moving Guardian’s “Order Of Service form” will provide unique fraud protection as well.

Moving Guardian is always pleased to serve you. We provide the best services in the industry, with customer service, legal and sales personnel always ready to serve you. We look forward to offering you the best reliability and the wisdom in the moving industry whenever you need us.

Moving Facts

  • Most moves end up costing more than double of the original amount quoted.
  • When it comes to claims, most companies are unavailable and mislead consumers to the point where the customer drops the claim.
  • Federal law mandates standard moving insurance at 60 cents a pound. This means that if your vase breaks, you will be reimbursed at a rate of 60 cents per pound (about $2.40 if a check ever does come).
  • Most companies that boast good standings with the BBB aren’t registered with the BBB or are in poor standing.
  • The foreman will always shift the blame of undisclosed fees on the salesperson that secured the job.
  • Almost all moves involve hidden fees, which are disclosed on the day of the move.
  • Moving foremen (lead mover at the actual move) are almost always sales people who make a percentage on the money charged above the original quote. Beware of the “ its company policy pitch” or “It’s not me, it’s the boss,” etc.
  • Most long distance moves in the United States and Canada are subcontracted to third party trailer companies for delivery who piggyback multiple moving jobs. (Stipulated in the fine print in the back of most if not all moving contracts.)
  • Because of multiple jobs loaded into trailers, nearly all moves involve lost boxes because of small standard-sized moving inventory stickers. (See our products to help ensure you’ll never lose a box.)
  • Consumers are vulnerable because of a lack of familiarity with moving company practices and because of the lack of recourse available to them.
  • Federal law prohibits the practice of holding goods hostage to extort inflated payments from consumers.
  • Two consumer complaints that deserve special attention are
    • Moving companies holding goods hostage.
    • Moving companies resolving claims for loss or damage in bad faith.

In May 2004, the Senate found that the Federal government lacks the resources to adequately police or deter a growing number of interstate moving companies that willfully violate federal regulations.

The FMCSA’s lack of attention to its responsibility has created a vacuum that has allowed unscrupulous carriers to prey on consumers. Moving companies have been able to exploit the lack of enforcement.

Consumers who take the time to read the FMCSA’s handbook, Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, will have a powerful tool for avoiding predatory moving companies. The goal of this handbook, which is posted on the FMCSA web site, is to equip “consumers with information adequate to make informed decisions about moving their household goods.”

In 2004, the FMCSA received over 16,000 complaints about household goods movers. But only a fraction of these cases could be investigated because of limited resources, and rarely are there any resulting criminal charges.

Fraud and abuse of consumers has increased, not because federal criminal fines and imprisonment are insufficient to deter, but because federal resources are too limited.

Moving companies’ busiest times are summertime and at the beginning and end of every month. If you absolutely must move during these times, be sure to reserve your move dates with your mover at least two months in advance.

Your movers may ask you to choose several consecutive loading days and several consecutive unloading days during which your needs can be met. They do this to confirm the flexibility in your schedule in case of unforeseen circumstances (foul weather, road closures, and other travel- or schedule- related matters).

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