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Diamond certified jeweler. huge varity of certified diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands. Design your own custom engagement ring.
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1.00 carat princess cut diamond shape
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My Diamond Jeweler specializes in diamond jewelry and are a respected and well trusted brand specializing in jewelries for every occasion, budget and taste. Our mission is to help you choose the perfect jewelry to help you express your feelings to a loved one or simply choose something for yourself to make your life more beautiful.

The company offers a broad selection of diamond jewelry and strives to provide a range of options for buyers. We understand the needs of the buyers and we are sure every buyer can find pieces from our collection that are perfect for the occasion and reflect their personality and their taste.

My Diamond Jeweler is a customer oriented company and has a great customer service team to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Every jewelry piece of My Diamond Jeweler comes with a special certificate of authenticity guaranteeing both diamond and gold content of the piece.

And you can also create your own unique wedding ring< by selecting a style and diamond piece. If you need any help with selections, you can call our customer service who would be pleased to help you.

Pave engagement rings<

Pave engagement rings are very fascinating, as they contain diamonds that are held very closely together. These rings are designed in such a way that it shimmer when light hits the stones, as there are many facets for the light to reflect off. Sometimes so many diamonds placed collectively in a little area which reflects the appearance of lots of bling and glitter.

Beautiful Pave engagement rings style has made it the most accepted style all over the world for a quite long time. For Those who loves to show more diamonds and less metal appearance in their engagement ring, pave engagement rings can be the excellent option.

These types of rings are inlaid and adorned with minor diamonds and studded normally around a centre of either diamonds or gems, So that it appears like a hard diamond surface. As its surface being paved with diamonds, the setting is named as pave for its appearance.

Pave engagement rings cost ranges from very affordable to very expensive. Ring’s price is determined by the quality of the stones used in making of it. If you want to keep the cost minimum, you may select a cubic zirconium as a centre stone.

For those who prefer to show more diamonds and less metal in their ring, pave engagement ring is the best option. Pave diamonds in full paved ring can also be visible from open palm of your hand. On the other hand some people prefer ease of a half pave ring, as the pave diamond ring is less likely to rub against other fingers

Rings with pave setting can be presented in several ways; one choice is to have the band on either side of the centre stone place with what appears to be an only row of diamonds on the peak of the band. Another option is to have the pave set diamonds on the top of the band as well as running around the sides of the band; this option would require more diamonds as compared to previous option, but it will add to the overall appearance of the engagement ring.

The demand of Micro pave engagement rings are also significantly increasing, they are made with tiny diamonds or other stones in complex concentration in order to provide the band a look of uniform sparkle. Moreover, they run off less metal visible than a standard pave ring, as the tiny stones fit more closely together.

Engagement ring<

As we know that, for couples engagement is a very precious moment of life. A stunning engagement ring setting is quite essential to make it extra special, so while choosing your engagement ring setting you should consider the process as well as the piece of jewellery in order to make the right choice of ring.

Antique engagement ring setting is considered as one of the most preferred and traditional aspect of ring setting that couples feel affection for. There are many setting which present a passionate and attractive ring style of reproduction vintage style setting made from white gold and platinum.

If you want to go with solitaire engagement ring setting you would found three different styles options that is prong, bevel and pave. You need to consider every aspect of these styles as some of them may cost you higher.

In Prong setting the diamonds seems to be larger and more stunning, as reflected lights from all directions hits the diamonds in equal amount. Hooks are slender and discreet this is why it is hard to notice them. The major disadvantage of prone setting is that sometimes the hooks get snagged on clothing.

Another ring setting that you should consider is the bevel setting. This setting has its own benefit as gem stone in the ring will be held in very securely. Metal rims keep the diamond securely in place as it also surrounds the diamond. Moreover the rim above the diamond extends slightly in order to protect the edges. This setting is not as popular as the prong setting but still in fashion for long.

Pave setting is renowned for its charm and fascination. It is a cluster of small diamonds that are coated along the surface of the ring. It looks gorgeous when light hits the diamond because it is designed in such a manner that its facets force light to reflect off. These setting rings are inlaid and decorated with minor diamonds.

In order to choose the best setting, now you need to compare the price of this engagement ring setting according to your budget.

Solitaire diamond rings<

No doubt, solitaire diamond ring is a supreme gift. Everyone is familiar with its unique sparkling shine. Moreover, there is no sentimental gift alternative to this. One can use this in rings made especially for wedding purposes. In addition, you can also incorporate these diamonds to a jewelry article in order to gift to your loved ones.

These diamonds are simply unbeatable. This is the hardest substance on earth and still has a soft corner for it in the hearts of everyone. It was believed strongly in the past that if a patient is injured or ill, then by making a sign of cross in his hand by using diamond, he could cure his illness.

If you are going to marry or being engaged, then one thing that will surely comes to your mind is the decision regarding selection of engagement or wedding ring. It is very much important as everyone wants to make his day memorable. Solitaire diamond ring is the best option for this. You can approach a lot of variety of these from any of the jewelry store.

You can gift either a small or a large solitaire diamond ring to a lady in your life depending upon the fact that which is going to suit the most on her hand. It is such a gift, which, can also be used to cherish an angry girlfriend.

Now one can have an idea about its importance in our daily matters. Therefore, you must be careful while buying this. You should ponder over three of the main characteristics by which a quality solitaire diamond can be distinguished from the rest. This includes color, cut and clarity of the diamond. These are also known as the three C’s of the solitaire diamond. These are the parameters that define the quality of a diamond.

Color is one of those characters of a diamond which, first of all, comes in the mind of a buyer. A quality diamond should be clear and colorless. Diamonds are available in seven colors. These are the colors, which make up rainbow:

  • Violet diamonds
  • Indigo diamonds
  • Blue diamonds
  • Green diamonds
  • Yellow diamonds
  • Orange diamonds
  • Red diamonds

Yellow and brown are most common shades. There is a proper grading of diamonds that is according to the color point of view. This system includes alphabets starting from D-Z.

DEF includes those diamonds, which are colorless. The diamonds which come under the category of GHIJ are just colorless.

KLM includes the diamonds usually in yellowish shade.

NOPQR comprises of such gems, which are normally yellow and visible with the naked eye. Last but not the least is the category of STUVWXYZ, it ranges from yellow and move to brown color.

Clarity is the second “C” in this regard. A quality diamond is clear in all respects. It should be free from all kind of adulterations like mineral traces. Apart from it, it must be free from any kind of scratches.

The brilliance of a diamond is characterized by its cut, which is the third “C” in this category. These cuts should be of proper shape and depth. The reflection of light is also determined by its cuts. If a diamond is unable to reflect most of light falling on it, then it is not considered a good class solitaire diamond.

Princess cut engagement rings<

An engagement is always a special day for many people, but for couples it is the day when a part of their dream comes true. Although the special attraction of the day is the engagement rings, as they are the excellent symbol of expressing your emotions for the one you love the most.

If you are also looking for an ideal engagement ring to express your love, princess cut engagement rings may be the best choice available. Princess cut is a gorgeous shape of diamonds with sparkling cutting. Its inimitable cut and good looking brightness makes it a choice of many fiancé. It can be rectangular or square in shape with pointed corners, which offers sharp contrast in appearance from other styles.

One of the popular settings for princess cut diamonds is a nice three piece arrangement which includes middle diamond with surface stones used to divide an accent. It is used to highlight its overall beauty without loss of individual characteristics.

Princess cut engagement rings fits completely on the hand of a woman with long fingers as well as it also offers a stylish and classy look. Princess cut ring looks best when high quality diamonds are used; else you will have to compromise slightly with its uniqueness.

While selecting the best princess cut engagement ring for your fiance, you must take care of its quality. There is a great range of carat weights, cuts and colors are available and if you are not aware of them you would find it difficult to shop. Lower quality diamonds are common and are available at cheaper rate; on the other hand high quality original diamonds are not too common and can be highly expensive.

Buying princess cut engagement rings can be a tricky task because of various options. And the most complicating thing is buying at an affordable price that suits your budget. You may find beautiful princess cuts with plenty of verities at your nearest jewelry store but it may cost expensive, therefore searching an online store is certainly a better idea. These sites are rich source of engagement rings as they offer almost every kind of rings at much cheaper prices, with an option of customizing your ring.

Loose Diamonds<

Loose diamonds are such type of diamonds that are not connected to any article of jewelry. Their fame is increasing dramatically day by day. They are liked by women specially. Therefore, if someone wants to impress his girlfriend then loose diamonds are a good option. You can merge them in any of the jewelry item. In this regard, you can consult hundreds of thousand designs and patterns available in the market. Apart from it, you can also use your own creative abilities to incorporate or unify them to jewelry items to make it in your own unique fashion.

These are available in many shapes and cuts around the world. You can get them in emerald cut, oval shape, round shape and radiant shape. These are called as the basic shapes and most of the jewelers use them. You can integrate them in rings, necklaces and earrings. Moreover, these are also available in many latest shapes. Heart shape and princess cut are some of these.

As these are expensive, so one must be careful while buying them. One must also be careful about their quality. It is determined and described completely by Diamond grading certificate. By using this, one can easily have an idea about its weight, color and clarity. You can avail this particular certificate from the dealer.

The shape of a loose diamond is a symbol of its value. If the diamond is of simple shape then it will be a bit cheaper than those of fancy and modern shapes. The cut of a diamond is also of great importance. It must be shallow, fine and deep. More deeper is the cut, more brilliant is the diamond. You can check this by a simple physical test.

If the diamond is reflecting a major portion of the light falling on it, then no doubt it is a gem with ideal cuts. Such diamonds are considered as the best ones and are found rarely in the market.

You can also standardize these on the parameter of color. Lesser is the color within it, better is its grade. It means a diamond which is colorless, will be of highest grade according to color standard. The diamonds of this grade are called as D-class gems.

E-class gems are not found mostly in the market. The most superior class of diamonds in this respect is F-class.

One should also be able to differentiate between a clear diamond and an inclusion. An inclusion is such a diamond that is adulterated with some mineral salts. A clear diamond is that which is free of such type of impurities. It should also be scratch less.

If you are going to buy these, so all the points given above should be kept in mind. In addition to it, you should also visit as more places as you can. In this way, you will be able to compare these in a better way. As a result, you will be making the best possible deal. One can also adopt loose diamond market as a mean to earn money. You can make an investment here, as this is a quite safer market. One can buy and sell them according to one’s own choice.

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