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Web Directory for Jewelry. Naroka is a Fashion jewelry and costume jewelry wholesale directory and resource portal.
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Naroka LLC
4581 Weston Road Suite 232
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33331
United States
Phone: 954.889.4522
Fax: 954.302.2759
26° 6' 23.094" N, 80° 21' 50.1012" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Directories, Niche Directory

Naroka is a fashion jewelry and costume jewelry wholesale directory and resource portal. We specialize in helping fashion jewelry companies grow their businesses and their bottom line by offering them wholesale fashion jewelry resources. Our costume jewelry directory offers endless networking opportunities with jewelry manufacturers, suppliers and costume jewelry wholesalers.

Our network and jewelry portal works with retail businesses in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. We dedicate ourselves as an international fashion jewelry directory, industry research organization and consulting firm with further focus on website development for fashion jewelry retailers and manufacturers, wholesale fashion and costume jewelry product sourcing and product development.

The Naroka web directory is a free directory primarily organized by jewelry and fashion accessory categories. We are a human edited free web directory and offer speedy directory submissions.

Naroka Niche Directory Categories:

  • Beaded Jewelry
  • Bridal Jewelry<
  • Cheap Fashion Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Coral Jewelry
  • Crystal Jewelry
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry Rings
  • Fashion Jewelry Watches
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Gemstone Jewelry Rings Gold Fashion Jewelry
  • Handcrafted Jewelry<
  • Jade Jewelry
  • Jewelry Designers Jewelry Supplies
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Rhinestone Jewelry
  • Silver Fashion Jewelry
  • Vintage Jewelry<
  • Jewelry Blog
  • Major Jewelry Retailers
  • Buy Wholesale Jewelry<

In addition to market research and wholesale of fashion jewelry, our team of costume jewelry consultants can help you in retail operations, internet strategy and management consulting. Whether you are a jewelry store, jewelry wholesaler, manufacturer or someone that just wants to start your own costume jewelry business, we are here to help. Thinking about importing?

Price is the major factor that can turn your fashion jewelry business into a competitive advantage. Let us help you find the right fashion jewelry wholesale companies, inspect the jewelry through our quality control, and provide total delivery dependability.

Whether you are looking to grow your Fashion Jewelry Business, increase profits by utilizing our Global Buying Service, for Wholesale Fashion Jewelry or need assistance in building a Jewelry Website or E-commerce Solution, Naroka is the jewelry expert consulting company you need to contact.

Why Naroka

Our expertise descends from the enriched careers of each associate in their extensive practices in various positions in the fashion jewelry industry. Our foundation is made up of vast experience in several business areas.

  • Retail Fashion Jewelry Business Commencement & Expansion
  • Website Development for Fashion Jewelry Retailers, Ecommerce Services and SEO Services specifically designed for Fashion Jewelry Websites
  • Import and Distribution Services of Fashion Jewelry Product Design, Development & Sourcing
  • In-depth Knowledge of U.S., European, Latin America and Chinese Furniture Market, and now the India Fashion Jewelry Market as well.
  • We focus on providing consulting services to help companies expand their current business, start up a new business, or support product development.

Our approach is personable, hands-on and dedicated. When you decide to hire our services, we will conclude the project when you feel that the time is appropriate. Our relationship focus is to build alliances throughout the world. The depth and concentration is up to you.

Services by Naroka Consulting - Global Fashion Jewelry Opportunities

Fashion Jewelry Website Design & e-commerce Solutions for you online Jewelry Store
As a fashion jewelry specialist, fashion jewelry store website design and ecommerce for your fashion jewelry website is a specialty that we master. Our website design services provide all the necessary features to deliver a striking and professional fashion jewelry website for your fashion jewelry store, either as a fashion jewelry design or fashion jewelry ecommerce website. Our services also include SEO services for your fashion jewelry website, including the appropriate keywords and marketing channels for your fashion jewelry website, so that you can position your fashion jewelry website as a high ranking site in Google and Yahoo. Please contact us to discuss your ideas for a great fashion jewelry website.

Domestic & International Jewelry Buying Agents & Product Sourcing

Naroka LLC can act as your China and India fashion jewelry buying agents by organizing procurement and sourcing trips to visit fashion jewelry manufacturers in China and in India. Our buying trips include interpreter service, translation service, negotiations on your behalf, and meeting all your sourcing requirements from fashion jewelry manufacturers by fashion jewelry product and style.

Naroka LLC services are simple and straight forward; upon initial contact with us, we request that you inform us of your specific requirements and we will customize a trip to visit the appropriate fashion jewelry manufacturer for you. For further inquiries, please submit some basic information to us.

Type of Fashion jewelry you are seeking. (Example: Rhinestone Jewelry, Sterling Silver, etc.)

  • Style. (Modern, Design, Vintage)
  • Price Category. (High, Medium, Promotional)
  • Annual Volume in Containers

Our initial service includes a basic fee to organize the trip to visit fashion jewelry manufacturers that are capable of producing your fashion jewelry requirements, meet stringent export guidelines, have an international customer base, and deal in licensed furniture products according to standards of the importing country. Once a business relationship has been formed with you and the fashion jewelry manufacturer, Naroka LLC can act as your trading company, or assist you in a number of additional ways:

  • Procurement survey
  • Product Development
  • Costume Jewelry Samples & Services
  • Factory Evaluation
  • Contract and Legal Assistance
  • Order Follow-up and Follow-through
  • Quality Control & Inspection on all Jewelry
  • Container Loading Supervision
  • Shipment Arrangement

Fashion Accessory Trade Show Services

Fashion Accessory trade shows are an important source to find new fashion jewelry products and styles. While fashion jewelry shows still remain as an important buying source in the United States, furniture exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular and important in the Far East, primarily in China; visiting these shows, requires travel and substantial expenses. Even if contact is made with a fashion jewelry manufacturer, it is often difficult to follow through with purchase orders and further communication.

Naroka provides a service that fulfills all of these requirements. At Naroka LLC, our fashion jewelry experts visit each and every fashion jewelry show and fashion jewelry exhibition, thus being intimately familiar with the fashion jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, as well as show layouts and exhibition grounds. We can provide you with a complete service according to you needs.

  • Specifically shopping for your Jewelry Style & Product Category
  • Supplying you with Reports, detailing all Product Information, Pricing, Lead Times, Factory Information, Payment Terms, and Product Specifications
  • Cross – Shopping and Comparable Product Analysis

You can save thousands of Dollars by contracting us to do your leg work. Naroka LLC will provide you with confidential information and exclusively represent your company as a buying agent. All our transactions on your behalf are secure by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Please contact Naroka for more information.

New Market Exploration

Exploring new market opportunities for furniture products can be a risky and costly endeavor. Naroka Consulting specializes in new market research and will do all of the legwork for you. Please inquire within, to discuss the endless possibilities of exploring new markets for your fashion jewelry products.

Fashion Jewelry Reports

Market Reports of Global Retail & Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing Industry.

Naroka Consulting offers a variety of research data of the fashion jewelry manufacturing sector in China and India, providing trends in furniture production and consumption, fashion jewelry imports and exports.

Also available are material analysis such as raw materials in direct correlation to the Chinese fashion jewelry manufacturing industry; assessments in technology and the overall future of the Chinese fashion jewelry industry and supply structure.

A complete report of the Chinese Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing Industry can be obtained by contacting Naroka via email. Includes Manufacturing, Production & Exports Analysis of the Chinese Fashion Jewelry Industry, Chinese Fashion Jewelry Industry Analysis and Production Output by China, the U.S. Furniture Market in Correlation to China, and China’s Role in Global Trade for Fashion Jewelry.

Latin America Fashion Jewelry Industry

Naroka also offer market analysis of several Latin American Fashion Jewelry Industries. These reports summarize the general business climate in Latin America and offer guide to the size and shape of the fashion jewelry market in the specified countries. Each report briefly analyzes the fashion jewelry manufacturing sector, retail segment a Trade Directory of Importers, Distributors and Wholesalers of Fashion Jewelry. Trade tariffs and import duties for fashion jewelry from China are mentioned as well. Some of the reports also include Chinese fashion jewelry imports and its impact to the local Fashion Industry.

Consulting services, sourcing and further research is available upon request. For inquires such as fees or additional information please contact Naroka.

Whether you are a fashion jewelry manufacturer, retailer, or a supplier to the fashion jewelry industry, chances are that you will find these reports useful and informative.

We can also conduct fashion jewelry market studies on fashion jewelry manufacturers and fashion jewelry stores in many countries like: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Please contact Naroka for your fashion jewelry consulting or fashion jewelry research requirements.

Opening a Fashion Jewelry Store

Every year, millions of Americans dream about starting their own business. And every year, a percentage of potential small business owners make their dream a reality. Unfortunately, as many as 50 percent of them find that dream turning into a nightmare as the business fails within the first year. There isn't much you can do to guarantee success but there are some measures you can take to improve the probabilities of success.

Making the decision to start your own furniture business is not something to be taken lightly. There is always some risk involved, and it’s usually a significant amount. Owning your own fashion jewelry store requires complete dedication and commitment – it will change your lifestyle. There are positive and negative aspects to owing your own furniture store, but if you are ready to start being your own boss, make sure you have the basics.
Identify Your Business Opportunity - Know exactly what kind of fashion jewelry store you will start, and what the fashion jewelry entails.

Name Your Jewelry Store

The right name can make your company the talk of the town; the wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. The name and the logo are of vital importance, here are some tips when considering a name.

  • Reflect your target niche.
  • Clarify what sort of furniture your business will sell.
  • Keep the name simple.
  • Try to utilize the same business name as your domain name for your web site.
  • Make the name meaningful.
  • Make sure the name is easy to understand and pronounce.
  • Make it unique.
  • Turn to designers for a professional-looking logo.

Don't rush the final decision. "Try on" each choice for a few days. See which names your friends and colleagues like.

Get Started Now

Call our Business Specialists at Naroka to assist you with a name registration today. Naroka LLC can also help you search federal, state, and common law records to determine potential conflicts with your perspective business name.

Choose a Business Structure

Find the best ownership structure for your small business. The most basic of all business legal structures is the sole proprietorship. Other possible structures include the popular limited liability company, a partnership, or an S corporation. You may even use Alternate/Fictitious Names but must register to do so.

Determine Your Business Location

Depending on the business, the best location for your furniture store is one where customers will want to shop, whether it is retail, wholesale or service oriented, a convenient, accessible location is extremely important. Whatever location you choose, you will be required to have a location and submit a Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit when applying for your business license.

Register Your Fashion Jewelry Store

If you are starting a new business you must register it with several different federal and local authorities, depending what state your business is located in. At the minimum, almost every state requires the following:

  • Federal Identification Number
  • Resale Tax Certificate – Sales & Use Tax
  • Occupational Permits
  • Business License
  • Unemployment Insurance Number

Build a Business Plan

Having made the thoughtful decision to convert your dream into a real business is an important step. At this point, you have convinced yourself that there is business to be done and that you want to do it. A business plan will help you firm up the details of how that will work. And, it will help you convince others that your dream can and should become a reality.

The importance of developing the business plan cannot be over emphasized. The document is valuable. It will permit you to communicate your ideas with potential investors, creditors, vendors, employees, and others. But, the process is at least as important as the document itself. If you need help in constructing your business plan, please contact us for a quote.

Create an Accounting System

Finances are a part of any business, and maintaining accounting records and financial transactions in a systematic manner that will ensure that the business objectives are fully accounted for, are of extreme importance. Business record keeping and accounting records should be in compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS) and also laws and statutes that govern the organization.

We always recommend you speak to an accountant or bookkeeper, especially when initially setting up your accounting system. This way, they can help you setup your accounting system properly the first time so you don't make mistakes that will need to be corrected later in the year when filing taxes or other government forms. There are many software programs available, some of the more common small business software programs are QuickBooks, Peachtree and MYOB.

Recruiting Employees

If you plan to have employees, you should take the time to think through and carefully define the job descriptions for each position. It would be well if you were to write these out. You can contact the local Chamber of Commerce to determine the probable pay scales for the jobs you have defined. You will probably want to place help-wanted ads in local newspapers; place those ads 30 to 45 days before you anticipate the actual employment. You will want time to perform background checks on some, if not all, employees.

Obtaining the Product

There are several fashion trade shows and exhibitons around the United States. It is a good idea to visit these shows to establish relationships with fashion jewelry manufacturers and to obtain your products.

Being in business for yourself is a wonderful, gratifying experience. Or, at least it can be. But, there are literally thousands of details that must be handled. To improve your probability of success and to minimize the headaches, get all the help you can. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Resources and Web Directories

Naroka Consulting has compiled user friendly information for resources in different categories of fashion jewelry to create a supportable level of allowing links on our web site, with related issues and products to the jewelry sector. Explore our carefully selected jewelry resources, which we believe are of great benefit to you. Particularly in the jewelry industry, we believe business referrals are of great value, as trade professionals and consumers alike, seek a multitude of information.

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