Nexus Magic Store : The online resource for all of your magical needs. A solid direction to master or perfect the craft of Magic.

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The online resource for all of your magical needs. A solid direction to master or perfect the craft of Magic.
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Nexus Magic Store
2108, 27th Street
Sacramento, California 95818
United States
Phone: (916) 759-4398
38° 33' 42.0732" N, 121° 28' 34.59" W
Book David Copperfield Biography
Complete Street Magic Kits, Chriss Angel Kits
Magic Posters: Kellar - David Blaine - Houdini
Bicycle Cards in multiple colors and designs
Reel Magic Magazine tours the Magic castle in Episode 20 - Available now
Thurston Magician
Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit - By Criss Angel
Rizer by Eric Ross | Paul Harris Presents
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Business and Society, Circus, Kids and Teens, Arts and Entertainment

Nexus Online Magic Store< opened for business in early 2009. The company name Nexus first began in 2000 as a promotional company in Northern California. Promoting, and hosting themed nightclub events. In some cases having Magicians roam the events displaying feats of magic.

Nexus Magic Store vows to provide an ultimate online source for magic news, books, instructional DVDs, and supplies. Everyday, we will strive to add exciting new content in and around the world of Magic.

Nexus Magic Store provides anyone with the desire to learn the remarkable art of magic. We carry more then 2000 magic tricks<, Stage magic< illusions and media to assist you all with your direction. The true art of magic is beauty behind the techniques learned. Yes a flawless performance can be beautiful to the spectator, although the true beauty is behind the art that is never scene by the laymen. Magic is also one of the best gifts to a child or the child in all of us. Magic builds confidence and creativity in all that perform and improves delivery and public speaking. It's really one of the few art forms that gives so much back to the performer while he gives to the spectator. Please enjoy the many pages and wonderments that lie behind every click of your mouse. It's not just about magic tricks, it's about a magical life.

Nexus carries a wide selection of beginner magic kits, and tricks for all ages. Magic kits assist Children in learning much faster and advance there levels of creativity. Magic for children is one of the best gifts one can give. Our Kid magic section offers beginners of all ages of magic to learn the art of magic from the ground floor. And develop skills and confidence in themselves that help advance them beyond the challenges that they may face in daily life.

Nexus Magic has brought together a section of easy to do Magic and perfect gift ideas for children and adults. We have Magic tricks, Magic kits, artwork, and more. Learn to be a real magician with Instruction magic DVDS, Books on Magic, Magic Gimmicks, Magic Props and More. And all this knowledge from the masters of there field of magic like, David Blaine, Chriss Angel, David Copperfield, Dave Buck, Dan Buck.

We clearly understand that tricks are not just for kids! This is why we offer a wide selection of products to cater to every age. Learn with us as we showcase the top magic products from around the world. At Nexus Magic you will find Current magic as well as the classic magic illusions of the past. Featuring the best tricks and Illusion. We also carry magic gimmicks and astonishing utility devices to help enhance your routines.

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