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We recycle aluminium and collect nonferrous scrap from the metal-working industry, metal service centers and other sources by providing in-plant accumulation and retrieval bins and/or truck containers at their facilities.
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Planet Metals
375 Fairfield Avenue. Building 2
Stamford, Connecticut 06902
United States
Phone: +1-203-504-8009
Fax: +1-203-504-8011
44° 35' 25.6812" N, 63° 37' 58.1268" W
Recycle aluminium scrap
Cast Aluminium T1
Cast Aluminum T8
Recycle Aluminium

Spoken Language: English

Business: Materials, Metals

Planet Metals is a recycler of aluminium scrap. We provide all major smelters with their requirements of cast aluminium< (TENSE), Old Sheets< (TAINT TABOR), we also produce different grades of ZORBA. Planet Metals has a friendly, knowledgeable, fast service and pays the highest prices for purchases, by cash! are some of the great reasons to partner with us. We purchase nonferrous scrap from several primary sources:

  • Industrial scrap: from manufacturers, service centers and other nonferrous scrap sources who generate new metal scrap as a by-product of their production processes, such as scrap aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, high temperature alloys and other metals.
  • Obsolete scrap: from telecommunications, aerospace, defense, demolition and recycling companies< that generate obsolete scrap consisting primarily of copper wire and exotic metal alloys; and smaller scrap dealers and peddlers who deliver their scrap directly to our facilities.

We collect nonferrous scrap from the metal-working industry, metal service centers and other sources by providing in-plant accumulation and retrieval bins and/or truck containers at their facilities. When full, the bins and containers are transported to our processing facilities all over the country.

Once received, the material is sorted, graded, properly prepared and packaged for sale. Planet Metals sells its nonferrous scrap products to end-users, such consumers as refineries, smelters, specialty steel makers, foundries, and specialty ingot makers throughout the world. Prices for some nonferrous scrap metals change daily based on the COMEX or London Metals Exchange spot and future prices.

Copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, die cast, stainless steel, titanium and high-temperature alloys are among the significant nonferrous metals we buy, process and sell. Our innovative aggressive buying program has been specifically designed for multi-site scrap generators. These national or regional metal working firms, and companies who generate obsolete scrap from multiple locations, will substantially benefit from single sourcing the implementation of a viable national scrap management program. Planet Metals , with facilities in several states , has the ability to coordinate all scrap activity for large producers of scrap and improve their net scrap revenue.

Planet Metals is simultaneously working on several demolition projects which are a major source of our raw materials. With state of the art crews that work around the clock, salvaging, sorting and baling the different materials to be transported directly to overseas mills and end users around the world.

What makes us the ultimate resource for metals from the United States to the world! Scrap generators are vital to the entire process of scrap recycling. We prepare the nonferrous scrap metal, we purchase from you for resale to our customers for remelting into new metallic products. Your scrap is processed through a variety of methods including sorting, shredding, shearing or cutting, baling, briquetting or chopping.

With sophisticated equipment and highly trained employees, our nonferrous metal processing capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry. We produce a number of different sized and shaped products to each customer's specifications and market demand. Our expertise and capabilities also include Special Foundry Preparation (Shot Blasting, Sizing Alloy and special Packaging), Custom Blending Programs and Certified Parts Destruction Programs. Here is a brief overview of some the processes we offer to meet the needs of our consumer customers. This will also give you, the scrap generator, an understanding of what happens to the nonferrous metal scrap you buy from us.

  • Sorting
    • After purchasing nonferrous scrap metal, the material is inspected to determine how it should be processed to maximize its value. In some cases, scrap may be sorted and sold without further processing to consumers for remelting. Most metal scrap, however, is separated for further processing according to its form, size and composition.
    • The company's sorting operations separate different types of nonferrous metal scrap, out of mixed loads of material received, by using conveyor systems, magnets, sorting tables and/or eddy current separation systems. In addition, many nonferrous metals are sorted and identified by using grinders, hand torches, and spectrometers. We have the ability to identify metallurgical composition, which is critical to maintaining high quality.
  • Baling
    • Planet Metals processes light-gauge, bulky nonferrous metals, such as clippings from industrial manufacturing processes, aluminum beverage cans and obsolete scrap, by baling these materials into various sized blocks, called "bales". Front-end loaders and conveyors are used to feed the bulky metal into different types of large hydraulic presses or "balers". One type compresses the bulky materials at high pressure, into dense, uniformly sized bales, able to be efficiently remelted by our customers.
    • Another type of baler compresses bulky material at lower pressure into bigger, less dense, uniformly sized bales, able to be more efficiently stored and transported to consumers who require certain material delivered in this form. Metal Management possesses the quality assurance capabilities and technology to control the metallurgical content of its bales and briquettes to meet customer melt specifications.
  • Shredding
    • Some industrial aluminum turnings and obsolete scrap, such as automobile radiators, or heavily mixed scrap "breakage" may be best processed in our crushing/shredding operations. These items are fed into massive crushers or shredders that quickly break the bulky, mixed quality scrap down into very small pieces, or fragments.
    • The shredding production process then uses magnets and other equipment to separate the nonferrous fragments from ferrous and non-metallic materials. The metals are then shipped to our customers for remelting. The non-metallic by-product of the shredding operations is properly disposed of in qualified third-party landfills.

Metal Scrap Recycling

In the United States, the metal scrap industry throws out millions of tones of metals as waste because of the “impracticality” of recovering the scraps by other means. In the recent years however, efforts have been made to gather these scraps and ship them overseas to locations such as China, India, Korea, and other countries for recycling.

Metal Recycling is an important environmental as well as economical aspect to any metal business. Metals can be recycled and re-used an infinite amount of times, and because every metal has a specific metal point, pure metals can be derived from alloys. Recycling metals is a pivotal waste management process, as far less energy is used in recycling metals, than it is in mining them. For example, recycling ferrous metals like steel saves on average 74% of its energy, while recycling non ferrous metals like aluminum and copper save around 80-95% of their energy. The positive impact that recycling can have to our environment is immeasurably valuable for future generations to come. However, today’s recycling rates of non-ferrous and ferrous metals are at a disturbing 33% and 26%, respectively.

Scrap metal must be separated into two classifications before recycling:

  1. Ferrous scraps:
    • By definition ferrous scraps are any scrap metal or alloy that is primarily made up of to iron or steel. Ferrous scrap metal usually comes from sources like disposed household appliances, old cars, old railroads tracks, decommissioned ships, and construction debris.
  2. Nonferrous scrap
    • Non – Ferrous scraps are simply defined as any scrap metal other than iron or steel. Examples include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, and precious metals. Volume wise, the processing and recycling of non -ferrous material is significantly less than ferrous processing, although the value of non – ferrous metals far exceeds those of ferrous materials.

Scrap metal recycling plays a vital role in the manufacturing supply chain, as it contributes to the United States balance of trade, as well as playing a pivotal role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The important aim to realize when evaluating the importance of scrap metal recycling is that scrap metal is not “waste”, nor is recycling of it, discarding. Recognizing this difference is essential in trying to balance the world’s metal resources and promoting sustainability in our environment and communities.

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