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Worldwide Consulting Services on all Aspects of Recombinant Protein Expression. Protein Consulting can help you with all the technical areas involved in the expression of recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
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Max Keller
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Business: Bio-informatics, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Protein Consulting< provides consulting services on all aspects of recombinant protein expression for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries worldwide.

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Building on our extensive research and protein consultant experience, Protein Consulting offers an unparalleled level of technical expertise for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, venture capital and nonprofit industries, and biomedical research institutions in all research areas involved in the expression of recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.

  • a) Analysis and manipulation of protein sequences;
  • b) Review and oversight of recombinant protein expression projects;
  • c) Planning and designing of protein expression projects;
  • d) Designing and cloning strategies for recombinant expression vectors;
  • e) Data collection and analysis;
  • f) Vendor and supplier location and selection; and
  • g) Critical evaluation-content review of proposals, projects, manuscripts, reports, plans-strategies and patents related to our areas of expertise.

Analysis and manipulation of protein sequences

For recombinant protein expression projects, including but not restricted to primary/secundary structures, sequence comparisons, subsequences, post-translational modifications, sorting signals, processing, amino acid substitutions, polymorphic forms, isoforms, designing of functional chimera and multimodular recombinant proteins, etc. Using bioinformatic tools and software, we identify key information for your target protein.

Recombinant Protein Expression Project Review and Oversight

If your team need the experience on recombinant protein expression, you can count on our expertise at any stage of the process, including protein and expression construct design, expression vectors, cell expression systems, recombinant protein and glycoprotein analysis and purification protocols. We can guide you to the right path.

Designing and Cloning Strategies for Recombinant Protein Expression Vectors

Protein Consulting can design your (bacterial, yeast, insect, mamalian, etc) expression plasmid or viral expression vector (retroviral, lentiviral, etc), provide you with effective cloning strategies or identify a suitable third-party cloning company.

Planning and designing of protein expression projects

Such as choosing the expression systems, methods and procedures that best suit your needs, optimizing of experimental procedures, followup on project progress, evaluation of experimental data, identification of potential issues, taking corrective actions, etc.

Data Collection and Analysis

Protein Consulting makes literature and database searches on proteins, their genes, technologies, approaches, etc. Through effective search strategies, we identify and organize the relevant information, and present it in the manner that best meets your needs, including reports and slide presentations.

Vendor and Supplier Location and Selection

Protein consulting will find suitable vendors and suppliers for technologies used in the expression of recombinant proteins ranging from expression vectors (plasmid and viral), DNA cloning and manipulation, site-directed mutagenesis, cell (bacteria-yeast-insect-mammalian) expression systems, cell culture, and protein analysis (biochemical - cellular biology - microscopy), purification and production.

Critical Evaluation

Content Review of proposals projects, manuscripts, reports, plans-strategies and patents related to our areas of expertise. The review summary may include a list of minor and serious concerns regarding (if applicable) hypothesis, experimental design, conclusions and writing style, and suggestions for lessening them, alternative approaches, protocols, etc.

With a strong technical and theoretical knowledge in studies involving recombinant protein expression, our recombinant protein experts can address both basic and complex, technical issues related to the expression of recombinant proteins and glycoproteins. Our aim as recombinant protein experts is to understand the whole problem, and develop a solution that meets your unique needs.

  • Designing and construction of (bacterial/yeast/animal) vectors suitable for the expression of recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
  • Protein sequence analyses and optimization, rational substitution of amino acid residues, design of recombinant multimodular proteins.
  • Protein processing and post-translational modifications as related to the expression of recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
  • Protein and glycoprotein sorting and secretion in recombinant protein expression projects.
  • Detection, analysis and purification of recombinant glycoproteins and proteins.
  • Recombinant protein expression using plasmid-, viral- or cell free-based systems.
  • Cell expression systems (bacteria, yeast, insect cells, mammalian cells -CHO, etc-), cell cloning.
  • And more (GFP technology, microscopy, live-cell imaging, etc).

With nearly two decades of research experience, mostly at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Duke University Medical Center, both as scientists and faculty members, we have extensive experience in all aspects of recombinant protein expression applied to the study of cutting edge medical questions.

Supported by NIH and private research grants, we published our studies in high-impact journals, invited reviews, and books. For more than twelve years, we have been established reviewers for leading biomedical journals and grant funding organizations. As recombinant protein experts, we can evaluate facts, deliver authoritative opinions, make recommendations, suggest a mode of action, or implement a strategy.

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