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Cloud based purchase management software for all levels of enterprise, control your purchasing from anywhere in the world.
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You can select from a wizard to guide you, start a full blank requisition order or even duplicate a requisition.
You can make sure that whats been ordered has actually arrived.
PurchaseControl is cloud based purchase management software
Final step is to make sure that the invoice sent through from the supplier matches exactly with what you have.
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PurchaseControl.com is a company that specializes in SAAS, and our flagship product is an on demand purchase order system and purchase management software< that was devised and created to help manage the purchasing process.

At its core is the ability to control what employees buy and how much they can spend. Of course, this is not all the product can do but, controlling this kind of "maverick" purchasing is the key to its success because of its importance for any company. This control aspect of the product alone means our clients see a rapid and continuing return on investment even without considering all the other features that PurchaseControl.com offers. Control your purchasing with purchase order software< for up to 1000 users over hundreds of sites:

  • Cloud based with no installation
  • Ideal for multiple locations
  • Has multiple approval limits
  • Comprehensive budgeting
  • No capital costs

PurchaseControl.com provides business management solutions which help companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. PurchaseControl.com saves your business money by moving traditional paper-based processes online.

PurchaseControl features:<

To purchase something within PurchaseControl.com its easy; you can select from a wizard to guide you, start a full blank requisition order or even duplicate a requisition from an already completed purchase order.

If you start a new requisition (depending on the permissions assigned to you by your administrator) you can select pre approved suppliers or add your own, you can also select pre approved items or even enter once off purchases.

Select where you want the purchase to be delivered to, who its for and what department to be charged for the purchase. You can add additional notes for your internal use or give additional instructions to the supplier who will receive the purchase order.

Once youre happy you can either approve the purchase order if you have the correct authority, or forward it to a senior colleague for their consideration and eventual approval. Once its been approved, an E mail will be sent to you, your supplier and the person who authorised the transaction. Your budgets will also be deducted and a record of your purchase kept in the system.

Not only can you generate purchase orders and control expenditure, you can also make sure that whats been ordered has actually arrived.

Once the purchase order has been sent out to your supplier, the next step will be to reconcile the order when it arrives. The data is taken straight from the original purchase order so there are no errors introduced by data entry. You can enter the amount of items received in the delivery, keep track of any discrepancies and know at any time whats outstanding and what youre missing. If the order is incorrect, you can see instantly what the mistake is before accepting it.

If your happy that everything has been delivered as requested and the orders been completed, you can close the purchase order and get ready to put your suppliers invoice into the system for reconciliation by your accounts team.

Once the purchase order has been approved and then the goods received, the final step is to make sure that the invoice sent through from the supplier matches exactly with what you have.

You can reconcile a supplier invoice in a few mouse clicks, find our original purchase order and then select the button that creates a supplier invoice from the items ordered. If it’s a large purchase order and there will be a number of invoices, that’s no problem; the system can handle invoices down to the separate individual line items. Its then either approved by the user, or forwarded to a more senior staff member to sign off for payment.

Attach an electronic version of your invoice for future reference and that’s it! From purchase to payment, PurchaseControl.com keeps track of everything and makes sure that you never pay for items you haven’t ordered, or order items you don’t need.

Set up everything through the PurchaseControl.com admin panel. Create additional users and specifiy exactly what they can spend and what they can see, update and add supplier details, assign additional currencies that people can purchase in and customise your purchase orders. You can see exactly how much your departments have spent to date and how this compares with their set limits.

At a glance from the control panel you can see exactly what is going on in the system, how much money has been spent this month and to date, who and what department the spend was assigned to and what your running totals are.

You can also set limits on who can spend what, from an individual user transaction level to a monthly department level. Purchase management software highlight futures:

  • Create, forward and approve purchase orders
  • Full or partial goods inwards reconciliation
  • Supplier invoice reconciliation
  • Multiple user authorisation of purchase orders
  • Attach, upload and manage documents relating to purchase orders and invoices
  • Powerful search functionality with export to Excel feature
  • Full audit trail for purchase orders and invoices
  • Revision tracking on changes to purchase orders
  • Customisable budget limits for users and departments
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Create different user roles with comprehensive user security
  • E mail alerts
  • Multi-currency purchasing
  • Accessible from any major web browser
  • Creates revisions of edited purchase orders to track document changes
  • Opera II compatible
  • Sage line 50 compatible
  • Twinfield compatible
  • Optional real time Twitter feed

With all the functionality available in PurchaseControl.com, the best way to see exactly how it can control your expenditure would be to get a demo from one of our experienced sales people. All you need is a phone, a computer and 20 minutes.

PurchaseControl Benefits<

  • Quick and easy to roll out even for multiple locations
  • Gives companies centralised and real-time control of all purchase activity
  • Provides management with meaningful, comprehensive information
  • Increases awareness of purchasing policy through the organisation and ensures its compliance
  • Delegates the administration/responsibility to those making the purchase while retaining control by management
  • Eliminates wasteful purchasing
  • Saves money on financial audits
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Free upgrades
  • Free training
  • No support costs

PurchaseControl.com was founded in 2009 and specialises in creating SAAS applications for purchase control in any sized business. We have over 100 clients in the UK, USA, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Egypt, Africa and increasingly we have found success in the multi-national and semi-state sectors. The SAAS application PurchaseControl.com is the flag ship product of the company.

All of our applications including PurchaseControl.com are delivered as hosted services, which means they are accessed easily from any operating system using a standard web browser. PurchaseControl.com has offices in Dublin and Boston.

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